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projecteducate Founder Kaz-D
Interviewed by JamminJo

Q ~ Hello Kaz-D Thank you for taking the time to represent projecteducate today. Please tell us how you found deviantART and what is your artistic medium?

A ~ I can't even remember how I found deviantart it was that long ago! I think a friend in the USA introduced me, her school was actually using it as part of art classes. My main artistic mediums are Photography and writing - I love both equally.

Q ~ What is your roll as an Admin of projecteducate

A ~ I'm a community volunteer and along with ikazon shuttermonkey & kinipelahh we've sort of taken on the roles of looking after projecteducate since september last year. It just means that we help out other volunteers when it comes to their week and just in general moderate the group and make sure everything is ticking over nicely.

Q ~ Tell us about projecteducate’s Admins., and what makes each Admin special?

A ~ We're all special in our own ways :lol: It's a tough question that's for sure. I think mostly what's special about the others is that when I start getting confused with things like html, they take over and sort it all out for me :D They're awesome like that. And I think in general there's something special about each community volunteer for stepping forward and taking on the role, so there's that too.

Q ~ Recently projecteducate became a group; tell us how Project Educate grew from the original “project idea” to the new Super-Group Status?

A ~ Project Educate was becoming big and the weeks were going on for longer so moonbeam13 helped us turn it into a group - especially to involve the community more, which seems to be working out great!

Q ~ Please give us a description and/or timeline of the positive changes you have witnessed within projecteducate and the deviantART Community.

A ~ I think the biggest one would have to be the recent introduction of Community Weeks - a chance for the community to use the group as a platform to launch their knowledge from, whether that be about photography, polymer clay, devianART in general or you know, anything.

Q ~ What deviantART groups do you affiliate with and how do you complement and/or support each other? (feel free to add as many as you like)

A ~ At this time I don't think we are affiliated with many groups other than our sort of 'parent' group communityrelations We all support each other promoting the upcoming weeks and articles that have been written. :)

Q ~ Tell us what are the greatest challenges in providing educational tools and skill enhancements for the deviantART Community? and how does projecteducate address challenges in a positive manner?

A ~ The challenge is to keep it fresh and new. Project Educate has been going for a few years now and everyone who runs a week or two knows the dangers of repeating themselves. I don't think that's happened, which is fantastic. Everybody brings their own twist to the education.

Q ~ Does projecteducate have any new idea’s or goals to accomplish for this year?

A ~ We want to keep going as we are! We'd like more members, more interaction with the community and more weeks of education!

Q ~ What advice does projecteducate have for fellow groups?

A ~ Well we're by no means an exemplar group - we just run it how we see fit. I think you need to keep your administrators and contributors up to date, make sure they're happy - and don't overload the members with updates and blogs!

Thank you Kaz-D for your valuable time and participation, I wish projecteducate and you continued success within the deviantART Community.


Note: this interview can also be viewed at SolutionsSanctuary
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