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A quick and simple guide to Project Educate! by Mrs-Durden, journal

How to write an article for Project Educate by Mrs-Durden, journal

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Como subir videos
Can I suggest a tutorial about using profile skins you've bought?
How to use Profile Skins [TUTORIAL] by ElytronOnline
How to submit? Is art allowed?


This is a group for educational articles. If you want to know how to contribute, check out the "Welcome to Project Educate" portion of the group's homepage.

Just to be sure, this is not a normal art group so submitting art will not be allowed.

Hope this helps!

The group is on hiatus at the moment, and it is dedicated to sharing tutorials/articles rather than "just" art. You are therefore not able to/allowed to submit anything at the moment.
Appreciate the invite. Thanks.
Thank you for the invitation to participate.

I'll need to see what is offered in order to not be repetitive.