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Welcome to Project Educate on DeviantArt!

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Countdown to 31 days of art: an all-mediums challenge!

Countdown ended
Monday, August 30th @ 11:00pm

The deadline has passed!
Hi guys,
As most of you probably remember, in August we hosted a daily challenge here at @projecteducate. It was called 31 days of art, and you can find out all about it in this journal.
Well, the challenge did extremely well. I was genuinely afraid we'd get close to no participation, but wow was I surprised!

40 deviants participated in the challenge! The majority of these 40 people participated very frequently, if not every single day. Indeed several people made 31 entries! There were so many entries, I stopped counting when I started to get close to 600. We had a huge variety of art mediums: literature, photography, videography, gifs, traditional art, digital art, artisan crafts, etc.

I want to thank all participants for making this challenge so fun to host. I loved logging in to see everyone's daily entries. You guys have beautifully creative minds and are inspiring artists.
Before I announce the winners of each prize, I'd like to take the time to highlight a few participants and their entries.

Challenge highlights

As you can imagine, since there were 40 participants, and 31 challenge days, I cannot feature everyone's entries, that'd make this journal unbearably long. But I do want to highlight some entries! If you want to see more, all participants in the challenge are listed/linked in the winners section of this journal :)
Cold Sun
It was always a pleasure to see @BlackCloverCreations' entries, and for some reason I particularly enjoyed this entry for the theme "weather"
Sweet Temptation
I was highly amused by @Pixlhaufen's entry for the theme "temptation"
@Mouselemur found ways to make each prompt work with small figurines - this one I thought was pretty darn awesome
20210810 - Inside
I really liked this trippy and futuristic photo for the theme "inside" - who know a dryer could look so cool ;)
Toast and egg
I really enjoyed the amount of detail in @Subhojit2du's entry for the "breakfast" theme
I found @psto1464's entry for the "water" theme pretty darn unique!
Fierce little fox
I love foxes, so @MeinFragezeichen's entry for the theme "fierce" really stood out to me :)
Cutest Little Murder Machine
This entry for the theme "fierce" is probably one of my favs of the entire challenge :XD:
31 Days of Art - #26 Hidden
All entries from @Ejderha-Arts were great, but I found this entry for the theme "hidden" especially cute :3
I found @TheKikkaKibaz's entry for the theme "galaxy" so beautiful to look at!
I found this entry for the theme "routine" quite amusing ;)
Words that Kiss Day 22: Garden
Every day I wondered what today's mouth would look like, and what it would say. @MysticSparkleWings certainly kept things interesting!

Ok I gotta stop otherwise I'll keep going forever, I couldn't include everyone in the highlights, but please know I adored ALL of your entries :love:


The Winners

Here are the winner categories, and who was competing in each section!
:star: Please note that although it was rare, a couple of times I could not accept an entry, because it was posted on the wrong day (later in time).
A random person who submitted an entry for 26 to 31 days will receive a one-year core+ membership OR the equivalent in points
Winner: @Phodorizi
A random person who submitted an entry for 16 to 25 days will receive 3,000 points
A random person who submitted an entry for 6 to 15 days will receive 1 month core+ and 500 points
Winner: @Lotus105
A random person who submitted an entry for 1 to 5 days will receive 250 points
Winner: @psto1464
:star: Please keep in mind that I'm not the one to fulfil the prizing, I send off the information and it can take a few weeks for prizes to be given out. Be patient please! :heart:

The winner of $20

As you might remember, to incentivise everyone to focus on quality as much as quantity, I said I'd be offering $20 via PayPal to a participant who submitted consistently high-quality entries!
The person I chose for this is...
I really just was in love every day when I saw one of those mouth entries, so much thought and creativity went into them, and the execution was always stellar!
Words that Kiss Day 27: Reptiles
Words that Kiss Day 20: Weather
Words that Kiss Day 11: Atmosphere
Words that Kiss Day 14: The Future
Words that Kiss Day 30: Netflix
Words that Kiss Day 6: Astrology

Congratulations and thank you again to everyone!

I think we'll be doing another daily challenge for the month of November, with lots of surprises in how it's going to work :eager: (days that win you double points, for example!)
Much love,
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FTSArts Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi everyone, I tried looking through the MANY pages of journals to see if there has been one made on painting on fabric, im trying to figure out how I can paint my own cloak for a medieval fair and there are no good tutorials online for what type of fabric and paint I should use. So maybe there has been an article written on it, or someone passing by this will know and throw me some reference links, pls and ty :) 
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Thank you very much for the invitation, but I had to decline it. I'm super overloaded with work so can't participate in challanges. It's a really good idea though :3
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I want to practice my drawing
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