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Welcome to ProjectEducate!

Welcome to Project Educate on DeviantArt!

Project Educate (lovingly referred to as "PE") was launched in 2008 to promote and support artistic and community growth and knowledge throughout DeviantArt.

PE is a joint venture between DA Community Relations (communityrelations) and the community. During each themed week, the project brings you a new set of articles with information, tips, and tricks about one of the many galleries on DeviantArt. We also regularly host a Community Week where anyone in the community has a chance to submit an article to share!

We pride ourselves on being a fun and educational group, and we are happy that you have chosen to join us on this adventure. :heart: Happy deviating!

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Art Medium Weeks

We regularly run Art Medium Related weeks and if you feel like you could help out either by co-leading a week or by contributing to one then check out the schedule here to see what's coming up and send us a note with your idea(s)!

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Community Weeks are designed to get the Community involved in Project Educate. We want YOUR articles, whatever the topic, as long as the focus is educational. We also want YOUR leadership, you could apply to lead a Community Week for us! Find out more, here.

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Art History weeks are all about the history of art! You can pick the topic you want to write about and post it during one of our Art History Weeks, or you could even co-lead an Art History Week! Send us a note if you're interested!

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Want to Get Involved?

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Hi guys,
As most of you probably remember, in November we hosted our 2nd daily challenge here at projecteducate. It was called 30 days of art, and you can find out all about it in this journal.
It was exciting to see that while many participants from August's challenge joined again, we also had many many new participants!
39 people participated in this challenge, submitting around 600 entries, contributing art from a wide variety of mediums: traditional, digital, video, photography, literature, pixel, fractals, crafts, etc etc.
I want to thank all participants for making this challenge so fun to host. I loved logging in to see everyone's daily entries. You guys have beautifully creative minds and are inspiring artists.
Before I announce the winners of each prize, I'd like to take the time to highlight a few participants and their entries.

Challenge highlights

As you can imagine, since there were 39 participants, and 30 challenge days, I cannot feature everyone's entries, that'd make this journal unbearably long. But I do want to highlight some entries! If you want to see more, all participants in the challenge are listed/linked in the winners section of this journal
Day 2: Orange
Day 5: Disney
Out of the Window
Day 7: Night Time
20211107 - Night Time
Day 11: You Decide
30 Days of art: Day 11
Mom, why?
Day 14: Ocean
Foaming Skirts
Day 20: Witchcraft
Day 23: Windows
Witchey Windows
Window encounter
Day 24: Softness
Zart und weich
Day 26: Family

The Winners

Here are the winner categories, and who was competing in each section!
:star: A random person who submitted an entry for 26 to 31 days will receive a one-year core+ membership OR the equivalent in points

Winner: @DangerouslySlowCat

:star: A random person who submitted an entry for 16 to 25 days will receive 3,000 points

Winner: @ceystel

:star: A random person who submitted an entry for 6 to 15 days will receive 1 month core+ and 500 points

Winner: @Pixlhaufen

:star: A random person who submitted an entry for 1 to 5 days will receive 250 points

Winner: @BrightsWanderings

:star: A random person who submitted at least 1 literature entry will receive 100 points from MysticSparkleWings

Winner: @1spatzinderhand

:star: Please keep in mind that I'm not the one to fulfil the prizing, I send off the information and it can take a few weeks for prizes to be given out. Be patient please! :heart:

The winner of $20

As you might remember, to incentivise everyone to focus on quality as much as quantity, I said I'd be offering $20 via PayPal to a participant who submitted consistently high-quality entries!
The person I chose for this is...
I found the entries they submitted to be ones that clearly took some thought and time. Their entry for the theme Ocean is one of my favourite submissions for the entire challenge!
Out of the Window
Overcoming the SAD
I Dislike Orange
They Took Me Flying
Foaming Skirts

Congratulations and thank you again to everyone!

Let me know if you'd like us to host another monthly challenge, and if you have any suggestions/requests!
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lightlessart Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
Appreciate the invite. Thanks.
WhollyJeff Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the invitation to participate.

I'll need to see what is offered in order to not be repetitive.
LuckyNumber113 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for inviting me! 
authorJDTailor Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2021  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the invite!
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