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1. What is DFC?

DFC is a poetic form challenge called the December Form Challenge that runs annually for the entirety of December. It features one poetic form for each day of December. They are weird and difficult and fun.

2. Do you run other challenges, apart from DFC?

Yes we do. They are:

January: DFC 2.0 (Previous DFC for those who couldn't participate/complete in December)
February: February Form Fiesta (our annual contest)
March: Middle Eastern March
April: Amazing Alphabetic April
May: May Mixup Madness
June: Jubilant Japanese June
July: Rondeaux in Juillet
August: Another Refrain August
September: Send A Sonnet September
October: Octacula
November: Nonsensical November
December: December Form Challenge (DFC)


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DFC Queen


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DFC Paraphenalia - Stamps
Send a Sonnet September Stamp by HugQueen
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ISurvivedDFC by copper9lives
Epic Love Sonnet Challenge
FFF February Form Fiesta 2012
FFF February Form Fiesta 2014
February Form Fiesta 2015
FFF February Form Fiesta 2017
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February Form Fiesta 2019
Send A Sonnet September SASS
Nonsensical November

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All the amazing groups we affiliate with. You should definitely look into joining them!
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Cross-group Events!

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If you're looking for monthly prose development challenges, check out our prose group, Prose-ject. :squee:
Hello everyone! :wave: OneWithTheStars here for @ProjectDFC and welcome to the 2020 edition of Rondeaux in Juillet!
(I am stunned speechless that group journals FINALLY have a "save as draft" feature so you don't have to spend hours in one shot at the time to post to craft it! The best part is, I tried it just now and went back in and it WORKS. One step back toward the functionality we once had... :faint: )

Rondeaux in Juillet (RIJ)

(OMG, center alignment is back! :squee: )
(Ahem, too many personal excitement bursts there... Eclipse has a long way to go, but hooray for some covertly implemented, much-needed reinstatements of function to journals at least with the hopes of many more to come...)
ProjectDFC was defined by its love for poetic forms. And not just the forms that many of us are accustomed to seeing, but trying to grasp various forms from around the world for the exposure to the many different ones various regions have to offer as well as try our hands at them, even when our native languages/structures may not flow as well as the traditional languages they herald from. The goal is a literary adventure across the planet and I hope everyone can enjoy that spirit. :heart:
One of the regions that made it into the monthly collection of challenges we hold annually is what is before you all today—Rondeaux in Julliet. The Rondeau originated in France and in that spirit, we have selected various forms of the rondeau family for your hand to try. The basic elements that are usually found throughout any form in the rondeau family are repetition of phrases/lines and a specific rhyme scheme.

Rondeau Family Poetic Forms:

:bulletred: Rondeau
:bulletorange: Rondeau Prime
:bulletyellow: Rondeau Redoublé
:bulletgreen: Rondel
:bulletblue: Rondelet
:bulletpurple: Rondine

The Forms in Detail Rondeau

The Rondeau is a repetitive form that consists of fifteen lines separated into a quintain, a quatrain, and concluded with a sixain. All lines consist of eight syllables save the ninth and fifteenth lines which are a four-syllable refrain of the first four syllables in the first line. The English version is generally written in iambic (u S) meter. Only two end rhyming sounds are used throughout the poem while the refrain does not rhyme with either, creating a structure of aabba | aabR | aabbaR, where R is the four-syllable refrain. The modern Rondeau is generally used for more serious verse compared to other poetic forms derived from the Rondeau family.
Some great examples written by our members from previous RIJs:

Rondeau Prime

The Rondeau Prime, part of the Rondeau family, is a repetitive form that is twelve lines in length separated into a septet followed by a quintet. Written in iambic (u S) meter, the lines are isosyllabic with no defined syllable length other than the refrained line is half the syllable count of a full line. The overall rhyme scheme is abbccbR | abbaR, where R is the first phrase from the first line.
Some lovely examples written by our members from previous RIJs:

Rondeau Redoublé

The Rondeau Redoublé, part of the Rondeau family, is a repetitive form consisting of twenty-five lines separated into five quatrains and concluded with a quintain and written in iambic (u S) pentameter with the exception of the last line. Two rhymes are seen throughout with a repetitive theme as the fourth line of the first four subsequent stanzas from the lines of the first stanza (A1, A2, B1, and B2). The final sixth stanza consists of a quintain with the refrain from the first phrase of the first line as the final line. The overall stanza scheme is A1B1A2B2 | babA1 | abaB1 | babA2 | abaB2 | babaR, where R is the aforementioned first phrase of the first line.
Some wonderful examples written by our members from previous RIJs:


The Rondel, part of the Rondeau family, is a repetitive form that is usually written in iambic (u S) tetrameter, but the lines can be written in any other length of even syllables in iambic meter as long as it remains isosyllabic overall. The overall rhyme scheme is ABba | abAB | abbaA, where A and B are refrained lines. The French form generally has one of the rhymes as a masculine rhyme (stressed, long, or hard syllables) and the other as a feminine rhyme (unstressed, short, or soft syllables). To maintain the iambic mater, feminine ending (the addition of a final, unstressed syllable) can be applied.
Some amazing examples written by our members from previous RIJs:


The Rondelet, part of the Rondeau family, is a repetitive form that consists of a single stanza of seven lines with the syllable scheme of 4-8-4-8-8-8-4. It follows an overall rhyme scheme of AbAabbA, where A is a four-syllable refrain repeated in the first, third, and seventh lines.
Some fabulous examples written by our members from previous RIJs:


The Rondine, part of the Rondeau family, is a repetitive form that is twelve lines separated into a quatrain, tercet, and concluding quintet. Written in iambic (u S) tetrameter, the refrained line is iambic dimeter, repeating the first four syllables of the first line. The overall rhyme scheme is abba | abR | abbaR, where R is the refrain.
Some beautiful examples written by our members from previous RIJs:
Much love and credit to Judi Van Gorder, known as Tinker of PoetryMagnumOpus for her extensive encyclopedia of poetic forms and terms from around the world.


:bulletblack: RIJ 2020 will run from July 1st, 2020 until August 1st, 2020 0000 (12AM) GMT.
:bulletblack: New works only.
:bulletblack: Abide by DA’s submission guidelines.
:bulletblack: Mature content is acceptable as long as it is filtered and abides by DA’s and our rules.
:bulletblack: Please submit your entries to our RIJ folder so we can use them for next year's examples. Alternatively, you may note them to @kiwi-damnation, @OneWithTheStars, or the group @ProjectDFC.
:bulletblack: The submission folder is open to members and affiliates only. Consider joining the group; it makes submitting a lot easier! Joy
:bulletblack: In your deviation description, please place the following:
:bulletblack: A clickable link to this journal (for reference and advertising).
:bulletblack: What form you chose to write.
:bulletblack: That it’s for @ProjectDFC’s RIJ 2020.
:bulletblack: Any other pertinent information (i.e. prompts/tutorials used, references, etc).
:bulletblack: HAVE FUN AND PUSH YOURSELF. :shake sword:

And for the shameless plugs:

:bulletblack: Tell other people about this challenge! Challenges are only as good as their participation.
:bulletblack: Participate! Challenge yourself to one (or more) of the forms. There are no limits to how many forms or poems for each form you can write. :)


Ask away! You can ask either @kiwi-damnation, @OneWithTheStars, or @ProjectDFC; someone will answer you!
:heart: @kiwi-damnation, @OneWithTheStars, the team at @ProjectDFC, and our beloved @MagicalJoey F2U || Candle Bullet
We cannot wait to see what you will create!
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