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By 3wyl
Weekly Commenting aims to bring the commenting to you, consistently, so that you can submit unlimited deviations into our Gallery! As you know, we guarantee constructive comments for every piece that is in our Gallery.

Advantages of Weekly Commenting

  • No need to submit your deviations into the group or go through our submission process, because we do it for you!
  • No need to go into the Gallery to find deviations to comment on, because we send you notes of a great selection of deviations!
  • Easier and faster recognition of your efforts, which ensures more possibility of exposure through our Double-Edged feature series and Nominate a Commenter + Win 100 Points!

Please Note

:bulletred: We submit your deviations into the group once every four weeks. If you would like to submit more frequently, please let 3wyl know.

:bulletred: We will personally note you for the deviations you would like to submit. Please do not submit to the Gallery if you have made comments as a result of this project. If you would like to submit, please let 3wyl know.

:bulletred: We require two comments a month for you to remain in the project. As this project sends notes on a weekly basis, if you cannot comment on a specific week, please let us know.

Sign Up Today!

  • Reply to this journal to sign up today.
  • Receive weekly notes from us with deviations for you to comment on. Comment on as many as you like, because the more comments you make, the more pieces you can submit into our Gallery - there is no limit!

Awesome Commenters

These awesome commenters are already taking part!


Will you be the next awesome commenter to take part in
Weekly Commenting? :la:

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ThePinster's avatar

I'd like to join, please!

jacy-eli's avatar

hello! i'd love to join, but i'm kinda new and english isn't my first language

SnailyDude's avatar

I'd love to join! :D

GraceKino's avatar

I'd like to join! I'll try my best!

Lunawoman's avatar

Hi, i want to sign up for the weekly commenting;)

can i join, Plzzzz?

PhantasselArt's avatar

Hello! I've been invited to join this lovely group and accepted! May I be apart of this "commenting tier" and give and get comments? ^^

Hello, I would like to join this. To confirm - to stay in this, I must do at least 2 200 minimum word comments every month?

3wyl's avatar

Yes, that is correct.

Starbonsai's avatar

I'd love to join! But question, can I choose to leave at any time if I need to?

3wyl's avatar

Of course!

Starbonsai's avatar
alright, sign me up then!
3wyl's avatar

I have, thank you!

Starbonsai's avatar
zvita's avatar

Hello there! I'd like to join in with this.

3wyl's avatar
Hauk111's avatar

Hello, i want to join :)

3wyl's avatar
xRaytheRedx's avatar

I'd like to give it a shot, if that's alright ^u^

3wyl's avatar

Of course, thank you!

WizardVixen's avatar

hi! I'd like to join. I registered yesterday and still don't understand what to do, but I will try

3wyl's avatar

No worries! When I send the note today, it will have directions. :)

ShuY83's avatar

Hi I'd like to join! But I still do not know much about Deviant art and also communicate in English through a translator

3wyl's avatar

No worries!

Gabmageart's avatar

I would like to join please

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