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As the 'mother' of our Comment Support Group, this project aims to provide you individual feedback regarding your comments and commenting, with helpful resources and guides for ultimate comment support.

Feel free to explore by clicking the below links:
:note: We now have a specific Channel on ProjectComment's discord server! Check it out if you would like to receive real-time help or if you would like to have a little chat about commenting : discord.gg/khk4wZ9

I have a quick question about commenting!

Ask your question about commenting by replying to this journal!

For example:
  • Should I mention an artwork's weaknesses if I don't really know what to suggest as an improvement?
  • What can I add more to make this comment as constructive as possible?
  • Is how I phrased this comment rude or not?
Feel free to link to specific comments if you would like to receive feedback on it
FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?

:note: If you would like to work one-on-one with someone, or you would like to get in-depth feedback on your comment or commenting, or you have a long list of questions, please contact a comment mentor.

I am looking for resources and guides!

ProjectComment has many resources and guides to help you with your comments and commenting!
Additionally, check out these helpful resources!

I would like individual and in-depth help from a comment mentor!

Do not hesitate to note me (Tuntalm) about anything related to comments and commenting if you would like to work with someone a person privately!

Do you have this weird friend who always talks and talks and talks to explain things, detailing everything ? Yes ? Well I am this friend. It could be a bad thing, but as a commenter, I end up creating very detailed and structured comments, which can be very helpful ! If you want to improve on that, feel free to contact me and we'll chat about it. :la:

For quick feedback on your deviations, please use
Quick Comments!

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I have still doubts commenting on someone's "art."