Thematic Commenting #5: Perspective CLOSED

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Welcome to ProjectComment's Thematic Commenting! Below are all the participating artworks for this edition of Thematic Commenting on Perspective. Leave a perspective-related constructive comment on any of the pieces below today for a chance to be featured in our Monthly Newsletter!

:star: Make sure to leave a link to your comment below! It helps us keep track of which pieces have received feedback. =D

Possible Discussion Points:

  • Does the perspective create a believable space?
  • Is there a smooth transition from the foreground to the background/horizon?
  • Do all subjects successfully converge towards the vantage point(s)? Do all overhead items slope downwards to reveal the bottom? Do all underneath items slope upwards to reveal the top? (Example)
  • Likewise, is scale communicated effectively? Do further objects appear smaller and paler, while closer objects appear larger and more detailed?
  • Do angles or subjects clash with each other?
  • Do you, as the viewer, feel "drawn/sucked into" the artwork?
Get going now! :eager:

Deadline: Friday June 29th

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