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  • I know something is wrong with the chin of the person I'm painting, but I don't know what it is exactly and how to fix it. Help please!
  • I finished this piece, but now I'm not sure about the colours. Can someone tell me if they work together?
  • I don’t think the composition of my photograph is quite right. Is there a way I can crop it to improve it?


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  • Specific questions about clarity, e.g. "Is what I'm trying to say with my poem clear?"
  • Specific questions about flow, e.g. "Is the reading flow disrupted anywhere?"
Can I ask for visual corrections or literary edits? Please do not ask for visual corrections or literary edits here.
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Venicequeen1011's avatar

How do I put a picture in a comment.

3wyl's avatar

You can just copy/paste the URL of the artwork you'd like to link to.

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Would do you think about this drawing? :doh: The background is drawn too :heart:

Autumn vibes
TigRaidoXXX's avatar

In general it looks very cool and the details are quite realistic. The blurry bg makes it look like a photo stylization, which probably was the intention? :) Did you use a photo reference?

What does not look fully realistic is the palette you use now. Much of the horse is made in same, warm and saturated brown hue. Values on your image work great, hues - less so. Adding tints and making the light and the shadows differ in "color temperature", as well as adding some reflexes from surroundings, and slight color variation of the horse fur itself - such details in coloring will make this look more balanced and even more believable, like a real photo :)

TwilightTheRainbow's avatar
Pmmim fanart~

Would like a general feedback on this piece ^^

Really love this one :DDD

Tocachi-Green-Pencil's avatar


I take my time to make this picture but something about the lighting and shadowing don´t fit as well with the position of the elements. Have any suggestion to improve it!

El Heredero de Star Swirl Portada Fanfic
Abnix19's avatar

i just started making artwork

Tips is appreciated on how to improve my illustrations

TyphlosionprimeX's avatar

Yo, I wanted to try something else other than usual sketches. I am trying to go for a more pastely pink background in affinity designer, but whenever I try to play with the brightness and contrast of the piece, I still can't get the result I am looking for. Any help would be nice. You are also free to give any other quick comments if you would like

Miku Picture
TigRaidoXXX's avatar

This example doesn't look like a pastel pink, so I can't advice on how to make it work with that, or what goes wrong. Perhaps you could make a series of versions put together for comparison?

A general advice I would give when people ask about coloring:

a) always keep track of values and contrast: turn the image into grayscale at times and make sure that things are visible (for example if you pick light-cyan for the hair and light-pink for bg, it will look non-contrasting and muddled, unless you fix it with strong lineart. But you can choose one color to be darker and/or more saturated, to make the values more distinct).

b) give more thought to the palette you work with, if you have a feeling that the image looks dull/muddy/gives an off feeling. Read about "color circle" theory, how to match colors better, or just look up photo palettes like these here to pick hues that work well together in your opinion: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e2/0e/5a/e20e5a4bc703b4026e6e9161ff52dd74.png https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b4/4a/13/b44a137927ba4c8b2a1e206050f96925.png

But feel free to drop your other versions if you want to discuss them specifically :) On this version over here I'd say the contrast is fine, but the palette could probably be altered for a better effect. The back looks kinda dark and heavy, being red with this purple undertone, and gives a feeling of some dramatic scene, while the girl (Miku, right? *checks the title. Yep. Miku :) *) looks bright and happy. So it doesn't seem to work well together, unless you wanted to give this double-layer impression on purpose.

P.S. The eyes look cute here, and the coloring is accurate, so once you make the palette work for you, it will look great, I'm sure :thumbsup:

P.P.S. I see that you uploaded the version with brighter background ^^; And yes, it does match much better! You can experiment some more with it if you feel like it and see if you can improve it further, but seems that you found a way to make it work.

TyphlosionprimeX's avatar

Yeah I did, Thank you for your input regardless. I definitely need a refresher on color theory, been so rusty with art lately so been trying new things here and there.

TigRaidoXXX's avatar

I see! And you're welcome, hope this gave some ideas :) good luck!

starshart's avatar

do you think its good? im slowly getting better at drawing

rest in piece brother
GlitchedOcelot's avatar

I really like the textures and sharp lines that you used, only thing I'd do is remove that airbrush highlight. Maybe use the same brush you used for the hair for highlights.

Also because your piece is so vibrant I suggest shading with a color, and making it darker as contrast tends to please the eyes.

stevebolado's avatar

it's very charming! keep strong!

You know any ways to improve this bulbasaur art i made. https://www.deviantart.com/aneesh1729/art/An-artwork-of-bulbasaur-using-Bezier-curves-872878803 . I know it may be hard to give my artwork feedback since i used only desmos and a lot of mathematical curves to produce this art(which isnt the most conventional way of producing art) but please try anyways. Also any tips for making this artwork a little more original

TigRaidoXXX's avatar

If you add a link - the link shows. If you insert the image - the image shows. It's about how the mechanisms of the site and comments on it works, this group has no special magic to transform links into images.

As for the drawing - is this medium convenient to you? You can try a different medium and compare the results to see if it's a good tool for you to draw. If you use vector software, you ought to use some unique vector perks to make your works stand out (transformations, line width variety, gradient fills, smooth curves, etc - I am not familiar with it so I can't tell what). Find inspiring works and see what you like about them and what you can learn from them. Keep in mind that your strength will also be in higher quality reproductions of your work in any size, so to impress your public you may print it on your t-shirt, and it will look no worse than on the screen (which can rarely be done with rasterized works without losing quality) :)

Current picture looks kinda disproportionate, as if it's squished a bit horizontally. If you stretch it sideways it might look more like the original. The heart-shaped vines are cute.

P.S. It will be nice if you take time and comment on other people's works here - feedback is appreciated by everyone :)

Ok i changed the image, so its no longer as bad. Also i’ll comment on someone else’s work once i find a good comment to say about it. So i took it that aside from the bad photography i did a good job on my art

Heres the problem though, i have no idea what to comment on specifically when looking at other people’s art. I mean i’m fairly new to drawing myself so its hard to know what to look for in other peoples drawings.

TigRaidoXXX's avatar

Oh, as long as you're willing to try it out, it will be just fine!

You can look for ideas how to write a good comment here: https://www.deviantart.com/projectcomment/favourites/66872929/comment-guides

And as much as I can tell, it's okay to comment as a viewer, not as an artist. It's useful to hear what impression the work gives, what is beautiful or unusual about it, what stands out, what kind of emotions it causes - that kind of feedback can be appreciated too (and if you start to pay attention to other people's art it will actually help you grow as an artist too, because you will learn to analyze artworks :)) So if you want to become more involved with art, it's really a good activity.

And good luck with your own art :) Pi-letter character looks amusing.. Haven't thought of trying to make your original design now, not just fanarts? You could try :)

I have been thinking about how to make an original design, but i have yet to find a way to do it decently.

TigRaidoXXX's avatar

I see! Hope you'll figure it out. Maybe you can sketch the ideas roughly on paper until you find a good shape, and then make your vector design while looking at it :) try to think with big shapes at first, and then add smaller details later. Also, when you do complex designs it looks better with varying line width (bigger shapes with thickest lines, smaller elements with thinner lines).

And if it's hard to find ideas, you can make yourself a mood board with inspiring images first. For example if you were a designer who was asked to design a new grass pokemon, you could start with gathering pictires of plants and animals, and also fabrics with floral patterns, and maybe even photos of gardening tools :) And then let yourself scribble what comes to mind after you look at all those images. That's just an example, to give you the idea how moodboards can help you to design stuff :)

Uh, one problem with doing a rough sketch on paper is that i have dyspraxia which is a condition that impairs fine motor coordination thus resulting in incredibly messy sketches, there is a reason i have taken to making art this way, not only do i happen to be quite good at math myself, but my fine motor coordination impairment shouldn’t affect making art this way. perhaps i could use a polygonal approximation instead or something. By the way about that other question “ i take it i did an otherwise good job with my art besides that photography” ?

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Also why didnt my drawing show up here? they said i could post a link to my deviation which i did, but my deviation isnt showing up here. So what gives?

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