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Welcome to ProjectComment's Gallery at a Glance! If you sometimes feel a little lost on your artistic journey, if you would like a fresh pair of eyes to help you pinpoint where your strengths and weaknesses are, or if you would just like to know the impression that your art leaves on other viewers, come join us for a round (or two)! :la:

Please Note!

:bulletgreen: This is for Visual Art only.
:bulletgreen: You must give two 100 word comments.
:bulletgreen: You will not be receiving comments on specific pieces, but the ENTIRE gallery folder/page.

Sign Up

  1. Choose a folder or page from your gallery that you would like to have evaluated. There should be a minimum of 5 pieces in the folder you choose.
  2. Reply to this journal with a link to your chosen folder or page.
  3. Include any specific questions you would like to have answered - 5 questions maximum.

How This Works

  1. Once you have signed up, KokoKiero will sort you into a group.
  2. Once your group has 3 members signed up, KokoKiero will send you a note prompting you to constructively comment on each of your two group members' galleries. Any questions your group members have for you will be stated in the note. Click on your group members' names in the note to be brought to their gallery or folder and get started! :la:
  3. Comments must be 100 words of constructive deviation-related content, minimum. Group members' questions and your introduction do not count towards this word limit.
    :note: Your comments will not be accepted if they are under 100 words.
  4. Finished commenting? Reply to this journal with a link to your comment. FAQ #14: How do I create a link to a specific comment?

:note: Deadline: Make your comment within 7 days of receiving your note!

If you need an extension, please note KokoKiero as soon as possible. If you do not comment, you will not be signed up again until these comments are made.

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Constructive Commenting?

While we expect these comments to be constructive in order to help artists' growth, we also want to help artists see what their viewers are seeing. Tell your group members your first impressions, thoughts, and feelings. Look for general strengths, weaknesses and themes, and offer your insight on how you see their art evolving and changing. Take note where the artist is heading, and try to help them improve on the areas that they are working within. Feel free to use specific examples, and refer to pieces and tutorials in order to make sure that the artist knows what you're talking about!

Questions to keep in mind when commenting:
  • What overall impression do I get? What themes do I see? What style do they have?
  • What are they good at? Are they good at telling stories? Are they good at experimentation? Are they good at making one piece flow into another?
  • Are there similar issues in several pieces? What are they and how could the artist improve?
  • Are there similar colour schemes or compositions used throughout the gallery? What other similarities and differences do you notice?
  • What strengths do you notice? How has the artist improved? In what areas?
  • Overall, what do the pieces tell me about the artist?

Still confused?

If you need more inspiration and guidance, be sure to check out these comments!



Active Groups

310. :bulletred: Francourecompositor4, Eric-S-Huffman, :bulletred:GhostlyArtz ((Started 06/25)


303.fumstix, AgentLema, jessatriestodoart ((Started 04/11, Ended 04/17)

304.Lindariel-Erulasse, Lilia-DeRosso, :bulletblack:ToddNTheShiningSword ((Started 04/11, Ended 04/23)

:star: 305.Lazy-Lychee, RoleplayDragon2000, Markoos-Gang :star:((Started 04/23/Ended 04/25)

306.Lilia-DeRosso, AStormyBoi, NathaAmore ((Started 04/23, Ended 05/02)

307.:bulletred:ChirpyCreations, :bulletred:RustedAnchorPhotos, momonoartstudio ((Started 05/24, Ended 06/20)

308. TiniestTinsel, RoleplayDragon2000, ToddNTheShiningSword ((Started 05/24, Ended 05/27)

309. FauxxLucck, Oracle-Sphinx, Dj-Edi ((Started 06/04, Ended 06/07)

Archive for older finished groups 1 - 290
Archive for finished groups 290+

Comment helpers: :bulletorange:Vixse, :bulletgreen:EshiSnu:bulletyellow:Dj-Edi, :bulletblue:GiraffeMeow
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White-Chocoalate's avatar

Sup, I'd like to sign up!


1. Do all of the illustrations look good together and gives off a good impression to newcomers? If not, what should I do to improve the presentation?

2. In your opinion, what is considered best from all the other pieces that I have uploaded so far and why?

IronicDigiBiscuit's avatar
Time to sign myself up!

GALLERY:… (I dunno, I prefer variety over specifications, but please do keep from the shtposts folder)

Q1: Which artwork of mine do you like best and why?
Q2: "                                            " dislike most and why?
Q3: What could be improved from my art?
Q4: Are character designs distinct for your view?
Q5: What is your general opinion on all my drawings?
PointyHat's avatar
I'd love to sign up for the next round! 

My gallery:…  Specifically, the digital paintings with humans in them.

Q1: What areas do you think could use some improvement?
Q2: What areas do you think I do well in?
Q3: Do you have any suggestions for ways I could improve?
Q4: Do the characters' faces look like individuals, or do they all look the same?
Q5: What is your overall opinion on these pieces?
KokoKiero's avatar
Hey there! Just a heads up, this project may be making it's way towards retirement. I will let you know if that changes, but at this point in time we won't be making new groups. Sorry about that, and thank you for your interest and participation in :iconprojectcomment:. :heart:
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
Aw. This was my favorite part of Project Comment.
KokoKiero's avatar
Mine too! Unfortunately, participation has been dwindling for several months now and I have several IRL commitments that have been making it difficult to keep up with this, despite it being really slow moving. We would be looking to make this a more active event and I don't have the time anymore. :(
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
At least I got lots of helpful feedback over time from resubmitting the same Folders over and over. Some of the feedback was irritatingly useless, but overall it was great. :meow:
PointyHat's avatar
Aww, okay, thanks!
KokoKiero's avatar
Francourecompositor4, Eric-S-Huffman, and GhostlyArtz, you are group # 310! Please reply to this comment with links to your comments once you are finished.
Eric-S-Huffman's avatar
Comments and answers given.

Francourecompositor4's :…

KokoKiero's avatar
KokoKiero's avatar
GhostlyArtz's avatar
It's been a minute since I've done this so-…

Are the character designs appealing?
For a comic, which art style do you think would be best? (aka should I stick to the style I was originally using?)
Do the characters suffer from same-face syndrome?
Would it be better to just draw scenes of a story with clips of information in the description or to do a (very slowly drawn) comic?
Eric-S-Huffman's avatar
I am more than hesitant to do this all things considered But W.T.F.
Q 1 ~ Is my work visually impacting?
Q 2 ~ Should I continue as a line artist or branch further into color?
Q 3 ~ Should I do more detail or less?
Q 4 ~ Is there any gross deficiencies noticeable.
Q 5 ~ What more should I practice on doing?
Francourecompositor4's avatar
Oh! I want to take part! =3…
That would be my gallery...and for the questions.
1.- The style is good for a comic? 
2.- The characters are interesting? 
3.- Spanish or English for the dialogues? 
4.- Digital or Traditional? 
5.- Any advice? 
Thanks =3 
KokoKiero's avatar
FauxxLucck, Oracle-Sphinx, and Dj-Edi, you are group #309! Please reply to this comment with links to your comments once you are finished.
KokoKiero's avatar
Fantastic, thank you!
KokoKiero's avatar
Great, thank you!
KokoKiero's avatar
Wonderful, thank you!
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