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Do you ever feel like people are only commenting on the first piece they see? Would you like more people to actually look through your gallery? Are you willing to take a look at another member's gallery? Then, join us for a round (or two) of Comment Tag! :la:

Comment Tag is for visual art only. For constructive comments on literature, please visit one of our other projects.

Sign Up Now!

1. Sign up by replying to this journal! Kaotic-Cass will sort you into a tagline of 3 players and update this journal within 48 hours.

2. Wait for your requirement.
  • Player 1 will be notified of the requirement by Kaotic-Cass, thus beginning the tagline.
  • Player 2, 3 will be notified of the requirement by the previous Player.

3. Go back to this journal to find the next Player's gallery (the one that comes after you), find the most recent deviation that has the requirement in it, and post your constructive comment within three days of being prompted!
  • You must leave a comment that is, at least, 100 words of deviation-related content (this does not include start/end phrases about tag words), otherwise your comment will not be accepted.
  • Don't forget to leave a new tag word! The tag word must be broadly applied to most kinds of art and must only be one word (e.g. just "blue", not "blue waves").
  • If you are Player 3, you do not need to set a tag word for Player 1.

4. Once you have commented, reply to this journal with...
  • The New Requirement/Tag Word
  • Link to Your Comment

Take Note

If you cannot comment within three days, and you require an extension, please note Kaotic-Cass immediately.

If you get a comment, but do not give one, you will not be allowed to join future taglines until you give a comment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't find the requirement/tag word? Comment on a random piece and proceed as normal. The main thing is putting some effort into looking for the requirement.
  • I've been waiting for a long time? We ask that you be patient, hold tight and post your comment when it is your turn. If you are Player 5, it may take 2 weeks until you receive a comment.
  • I want to sign up for more taglines! Please comment every time you would like to play again.
  • I am Player 3 and I am confused... Find the requirement in Player 1's gallery and post a constructive comment. Don't leave a new requirement or tag word in the comment. Instead, do #4 (above).

So, what are you waiting for? Just reply to this blog to sign up! :eager:


Please ensure all comments are as constructive as possible.

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How can I join here? what am I suppose to do?