Comment Support Group #5.2 - Finding Confidence

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Check out Part One right here if you haven't yet!

Finding Self-Confidence - The Value of Everyone's Opinion

3. I feel too intimidated by the artist to comment.

Feeling intimidated by an artist is quite normal. After all, if you perceive your own art or level as 'low' or 'beginner', what right do you have to comment on someone's gorgeous art with but your humble skills to guide you, right?

Wrong. The reality is that everyone's opinion can, and does, hold value. Even the greatest artists make mistakes; if you notice the mistake when they didn't, and you point it out, you may just have helped them forward with their art by making them aware that something's not quite right.

Alternatively, you may be helping them forward by telling them what, about their art, is great. Gorgeous art is intimidating when we can't produce it, which in turn, makes the artist that produces such work intimidating. Often, these are friendly people – people like you and I, who have worked to improve themselves further. So, don't let someone's current level frighten you: instead, look up the many before/after or evolution memes on DeviantArt and realize that every intimidating artist was once a beginner/amateur like so many of us. :)

4. I'm too self-conscious of my comments; I can't write them!

Not all of us are gifted with the written word. That's understandable. Would you believe me if I told you English is actually my third language, and that I learned the majority of the language through movies, video games, and (roleplay) chatting? I could show you old stuff and you would laugh at me (well, I laugh at me!) – but I kept at it. The same goes with writing comments. I made mistakes, I learned from them, and I keep learning every day.

Perhaps that's the most important aspect of finding self-confidence: being open to learning. When you keep wanting to learn, to improve, when you are interested in something, chances are higher that you won't give up even if you hit a figurative wall. Being self-conscious of your own shortcomings is natural – once you turn that around and become conscious of your own strengths, you will naturally develop self-confidence. A good example of that is found in the many 'awesome people' videos on Youtube: people who kept doing what they loved, and achieved amazing results.

So perhaps you're good at finding flaws and pointing them out – perhaps you're better at understanding colours and values, even though you struggle to use that knowledge for your own art – or perhaps you just have a keen eye for composition. Whatever it is: share your vision with the world. And keep in mind that, if you persevere, you may experience new and possibly amazing things along the way, and improve in a way you never expected to.

Once you realize others are just as self-conscious as you sometimes, it may help you find a way to word your thoughts respectfully and, who knows, make a few great friends along the way :)

With all that said, now it's time for you to practice those commenting skills.

Practice Time!

Of the artworks below, choose one which you think surpasses your own skill level. You will provide one constructive comment about the artwork in this journal.

1. :iconiamnohere: 2. :iconado-mi: 3. 4.

Take your time in analyzing the piece, observing the details, taking everything in... Really let the artwork sink in.

Done that? Good.

Onto the challenge, in your constructive comment:
You will provide a partial critique of the artwork in question. This session, it means pointing out...

1.      One aspect that you think is especially well done
2.      How you think the picture could be enhanced further

Bonus points if you make this a full constructive comment by also pointing out an aspect you think is somewhat lacking, and explaining why – regardless of your own personal level.

There is no defined length to your comment - short or long - what matters is that you try. Try to find out what you are capable of as this first step to improving both your art and your comment.

Ready to take up the challenge? You have one week to post your constructive comment in a reply to this journal! :la:

Go, go, go! :eager:

...and what happens next?

After you have posted your comment in this journal, it is on to discussion! A response is guaranteed, as we address your concerns, provide guidance and suggestions and, more importantly, support you and your commenting.

Next week, we will mention you with a follow-up, coupled with some insights from fellow ProjectComment admins.

So, don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any! We are all here to improve, whether it's on our art or comments. You never know, you may have some advice or experiences you would like to share with your fellow artists!

Many thanks to IamNoHere and ado-mi for providing artwork for this week’s session.
Would you like your artwork featured here? Then take up the challenge and score those bonus points! :eager:
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Yay! practice! I'm gonna do #2.

My first impression was that I could totally see this as an illustration for a children's story book. The shapes of the character have been simplified and the choice of warm colors make the illustration look warm and cheery.

The qualities that I think are executed the best is the the stylization and the line work. Up close I can see that this image was colored in a traditional painting style. This style gives the image an organic looking texture, which helps make the image look homely. In addition, the simple line art used is very effective in describing texture such as the folds in her skirt or the wreath in her hat. 

I had a really hard time thinking about what could be improved. Since the style is so illustrative I had several questions run in my head: who is she? where is she going? what is she doing? why is she with ghosts? So to take it a step further it would be interesting to see a background included to add some narrative to the illustration.

Overall I really like this piece, it looks like this artist is very confident with their style.