This Commenting Thread is a new initiative that's being started by ProjectComment. Anyone is free to participate and feedback is guaranteed for all participants! :w00t:

How does this work?
  1. Find the last post on this blog.
  2. Comment on a piece by that artist.
  3. Post on the blog linking your comment.

Jump directly to the [Last Page].
This only works for users who view comments from Oldest First to newest.
Do not use if you view comments from Newest First to oldest.

Got all of that? Good! :la:

A couple of quick guidelines and rules.
  • When commenting in this thread make sure to include a link to the comment you left. If you do not include this link, your comment will be hidden and you will be skipped.
  • Try to leave a useful and constructive comment. Don’t just say you like it. Say why you like it, how it makes you feel, etc. As a rule of thumb, try to make your comment at least 30 words long.
  • If you receive more than one comment through the chain, we will request that you comment on the skipped artists. We will keep track and notify if needed so everyone is guaranteed to get some feedback.

    With the time it takes to write a comment, it is inevitable that delayed and simultaneous posts will cause the thread to split from time to time. We try to monitor this so as to keep a single continuous thread and ensure that a comment is given for every comment received.
  • Only leave a comment, don't reply to other comments on this blog.

    If a reply is required (for a skipped user) we will inform you where to respond with a link to your comment.
  • Stay friendly and respectful.
  • ... And have fun with it, since that’s mostly what it’s all about!

If the thread gets interrupted, a moderator from Project Comment will post on the blog giving the name of the current user in the thread (the person to be commented upon next).

This is the kick-start of Comment Thread #1, so with that : let's begin! :eager:

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