The aim of this project is to comment on deviations from categories you are unfamiliar with. It's ongoing, so there is no time frame for completion.

There are two parts to this project, but everyone wins! :la:

Receive Comments!

Sign up to receive comments on your pieces! You are not guaranteed comments, as such, but you have a chance to have deviations commented on.

Just reply to this blog with the category of art that your deviations belong in that you would want more comments on.

Example: Your gallery consists of literature and photography, but you want more comments on literature, so...

3wyl - Literature

...would be your reply to this blog.

Give Comments!

Below is a list of deviants whose gallery you can go to to give comments.

After you have commented constructively on three deviations from categories that you are unfamiliar with, paste the links here and you will receive:

1. 2 :points: for the first three deviations.
2. 2 :points: and 2 constructive comments from the Admins of ProjectComment for the next three deviations posted after #1.
3. Mystery gift. (This does not mean that you will get the gift if you post another three deviations that you have commented on. If you carry on with this project, however, you are guaranteed this)

Galleries of the Deviants

alvaromero324 -> Anime/Manga
aque-mizuhara -> Anime/Manga
BleedElectricity -> Anime/Manga
BobaLuva -> Anime/Manga
Ryouhi -> Anime/Manga

Mr-Pika -> Anthro
RedSnowFox -> Anthro
Itti -> Calligraphy
FeenaTheCute -> Cartoons/Comics
Generation-Facade -> Cartoons/Comics
MyLifeAsATree -> Cartoons/Comics
TheBlendies -> Cartoons/Comics
Sirieht -> Chibi

ConvictionArt -> Digital Art
BlueYellowRed -> Digital Art
doodlescribble -> Digital Art
Fhalei -> Digital Art, Drawings
kamy-ska -> Digital Art, Photomanipulation
kristencavanaugh -> Digital Art
LostThyme -> Digital Art
Miki-miki-chan -> Digital Art
Minteh-Mutt -> Digital Art
ozzla -> Digital Art
RedSteam -> Digital Art, Illustrations
RickPeril -> Digital Art
SneakyPolkaDotz -> Digital Art
UnknownJS -> Digital Art
happyjoeismyfriend -> Diverse
Ni3nk3 -> Fractal Art
piethein21 -> Fractal Art

angelStained -> Literature
austinblan -> Literature, Fantasy Stories
BeaBae -> Literature, Prose
Wolvesmaycry -> Literature
DazzledByNorrington -> Literature
dragon-sigma -> Literature, Poetry
Gryphyn-Bloodheart -> Literature, Prose
lonealphawolf -> Literature
CarolineCherry -> Literature
NothingHere94 -> Literature
Opus-T -> Literature, Prose
Qara -> Literature
rtwill722 -> Literature
SilverInkblot -> Literature, Prosetry
Storyteller2010 Literature
Veniae -> Literature

amuse13 -> Photography
ahoofbeataway -> Equine Photography
BrokenLuv99 -> Photography
HypnotiCCosmos -> Photography
kpep -> Photography
luckydesigns -> Photography
morrent -> Photography, Self-Portraits
Nonatwilight -> Photography
ourkizuna -> Photography
SaraJ3an -> Photography
AngelaMontgomry -> Photography
TheRedLightning -> Photography
lfg2000 -> Photography, Macros
TenaciousDee -> Photography, Landscapes
TPun -> Photography, Landscapes
wingedlight Photography, Cosplay
xblackxbloodxcellx -> Photography, Abstract & Surreal

BlueRaven022 -> Traditional Art
glasscoloredsnow -> Traditional Art
Lawenta -> Traditional Art, Drawings, Surreal
LeoAnnaRs -> Traditional Art, Drawings
Maarel -> Traditional Art
Morpheusdream -> Traditional Art, Drawings
Sgt-Duckie -> Traditional Art
T-Elmiya -> Traditional Art
ToxicMango -> Traditional Art, Portraits
Tritonorsy -> Traditional Art
VirtualManifest -> Traditional Art
cfmarckx -> Traditional Art

:heart: We would just like to encourage you to explore the categories of art that you are not familiar with and to build confidence by commenting on those that have specifically signed up for this project!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us! :dalove:

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