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Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl ProjectComment InformationProjectComment has been an active comment group for 9+ years to give you the constructive comments you deserve!
We have many projects that encourage our awesome members to give and get comments. These projects involve workshops, features, contests, and, more importantly, systems that rely on interchange, inclusion and interaction.
It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.
If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Our Values
Our amazing admins and members give comments and get comments with the following values in mind:
…to restore balance – comment for comment, positive and negative, give and take.
…to accept all – every commenter, every art, regardless of skill or artist.

Make Mistakes! We're Happy to Help!

It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us! :la:

December : Golden Words Award!

ProjectComment's Award: Golden Words
~ For December ~

Congratulations mute-me!

mute-me's consistent and committed efforts in supporting others through constructive comments is demonstrated through her participation in the Weekly Commenting Project, Truth or Dare and other happenings in this group and DeviantArt overall. It is amazing to see her progress in both her artworks and comments.

Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.

Random from Featured

x by mute-me x :iconmute-me:mute-me 60 11 Cells At Work by mute-me Cells At Work :iconmute-me:mute-me 351 55 Worn out by mute-me Worn out :iconmute-me:mute-me 141 25 captain by mute-me captain :iconmute-me:mute-me 264 50 Mara [ contest ] by mute-me Mara [ contest ] :iconmute-me:mute-me 197 36

More Exposure!

More Exposure #80

Consider commenting on these pieces as you may discover new favorite artists!

unknown dream by kyoyane
H2hoe by chookiesaur
Bottle tag for Monlouis proposition 2 by WILLIFINK
Nom Nom by ReesieRoo
Mab's Drawlloween Club 2018 - Day One: Witch by RuinousRapture
Hands Off! Original Clay Art by kerobyx

Mature Content

Infected by Jennyliino

Creepy eyes by Blaria95
Improved Frederick by BrendanRizzo
#Inktober day 2:tranquil by JosephRuano857
Day 1 Pumpkin Head by mizunotama
[Video] Fei | Contest prize by Aiiga
Spike The Hunter - con fondo by Tocachi-Green-Pencil
SHLR I1 Son of A Hero by Sir-Duke01
Over the garden wall by Teafling
Famine- Commission by TescoEdge
Arttrade by liduqil
[YCH]  Blair by SdoisChan
Pikachu OS Bio!Phew! Welp, it's finally here! I hope you enjoy the bio I wrote for the OC!
Universe This OC Is In (Universe Summary): An alternate universe of Spongebob Squarepants where:
-Bikini Bottom is allied and is getting some imported items from the United Kingdom.
-Mr Krabs and Squidward are more abusive.
-Violent and dark subjects are involved.
-Involves an OC x Canon relationship between this OC and Spongebob
-Both this OC and Spongebob have insane sides and can "snap" in certain situations.
-Patrick is more of an outcast but still retains his playful personality.
-Futuristic technology does exist to operating system enthusiasts Knoppix Electronics who created this OC in the AU.
-This OC exists in Biki

Assistant - Welcome to the Clinic by Redherochild

Submit your deviations to our More Exposure folder for more exposure on our front page and a featured news article!
:pointr: Submission limit: 1 deviation/week

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Gallery Folders

Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl
Give and Get 1 Comment, 6-7 Lines

Mature Content

Die for You [WIP] by xDonnervogelx
Vegeta 2009 version 2017 by ruks12
[Eternal Summer OC] Study session by Kiyopan
Raccoon viking by EvilTreant
Give and Get 2 Comments, 6-7 Lines
Fire Emblem - Corrin sketch by Reybon
Kaede Akamatsu Portrait by GemiNight
Lance and kids 3 by Kansas-spy
Online class results- 6 by Peace-In-Violence
Give and Get 1 Comment, 7+ Lines
Improved Rufus by BrendanRizzo
Snow Miku 2017 by 39rin
Aikotoba III by 39rin
Kaito + Len Snowman by 39rin
Give and Get 2 Comments, 7+ Lines
X - The Harvesting - X by Pseudo-Clyde
Fabula: Sister of the Dark Issue 1 by DoubleDandE
Floaty feeling by CuriousCucumber
Flowers of May by CuriousCucumber
:constructive: by a-kid-at-heart
Lil'comment by Amarantheans
Constructivecomment by Amarantheans
:Constructive: by stuck-in-suburbia
Other Submissions
Danny x Sam Love Quote by ShadowxKukiku
Ryu-sei by Dracocanust
Gerbera Street by FruitTartz
Past Longer, 1 Comment
The Forest Calls by Jorgipie
Page 1 by the-long-road-home
Tribal Sword and Shield by raichmann
Good news, everyone by MEME---QUEEN
Past Shorter, 2 Comments
Florence Walker by JessaNather
Helianthus by Kansas-spy
Pike Favor by fatherpriest
The Rose by CuriousCucumber
Past Longer, 2 Comments
BD - Set free - EN page 1/3 by SpaceLorenz
Past Shorter, 1 Comment - Old
Rainy Season by Kintsukuroi3
Past Submissions - 2016
Crossbow Taser by Charlene-Art
Past Submissions - Prior 2016
FREE dA logo Avatar by SirCassie


x by mute-me
Cells At Work by mute-me
Worn out by mute-me
captain by mute-me
No Constructive Comments
Fursona - Ana by MartAnaCompany
Largemouth Bass by Slauer
Updated Undyne by PepsiDrawer
More Exposure
Benson - Regular Show - Clay Figure (Tutorial) by kerobyx
[Art Trade] Witch by WolfieDonnell
Half Orc Ranger by Caenglahetalia
Melting Dark by TheLightsOfLondon
Comment Guides
Questions Answered
Comment Memes
Past No Constructive Comments
The Star Theater by AkiComics
Unexpected Cargo, a Home Made Audiobook on YouTube by CherokeeGal1975
Digital Canvas Artwork # 003 by hamidkashif11
The Ice King And Gunther! by kerobyx
Comment and Art Contest - dAhub and PComment
Plum Blossom Bells by lDestiny
Lotuseaters by MoonFey
OC: Alexander Asmaroth [Dark Angel] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
A Sea of Canvas by ZtheSOI
Create for Comments Contest Entries
.: The calm before the storm :. (CE) by SweetElectricity

No Constructive Comments Feature!

Sun Dec 9, 2018, 3:30 PM
ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community.

In order to support those efforts, we encourage dedicated users to give comments too. As part of our No Constructive Comments Project, here is a feature for all those who have given comments to others! Many thanks to everyone featured below! :la:

Ancient-Meme, Bigmix505, CandiedSnakes, CuriousCucumber, DeerElva, Doberlady, EvaMissTopia, frankly-art, FriezaReturns00001, Giganotosaur314, Jennyliino, Jmyth, Julichi-chan, Napaie, NathaAmore, Pastel-Bean, RasheruSuzie, Seeeks, ThanArtos, theflotinghead, xaandiir, xblackxbloodxcellx, White-Chocoalate, Winchiefbexon

Kimono Girl by Ancient-Meme
Robert Boi by Bigmix505
Anguish by CandiedSnakes
Inktober #3 by CuriousCucumber
Hug the water elemental! by DeerElva
Tarot: The Fool by Doberlady
Halloween  ZEEARIA by EvaMissTopia
Final Fantasy XV: Not-So-Royal Raiments by frankly-art
Inktober 10-31-2018 Its justa forest by FriezaReturns00001
The Deal by Giganotosaur314
fantasy gun 2 by Jennyliino
The Awakening: Dancing with fireflies by Jmyth
Wrong door by Julichi-chan
Self-portrait by Napaie
I can't believe you've done this. by NathaAmore
(GYO) Awkward boi by Pastel-Bean
Arianna's Tales [C] by RasheruSuzie
Drawing dynamic poses from a challenging angle by Seeeks
Portrait Study - Final by ThanArtos
Eight Lives Left Cover by theflotinghead
Regret - Manga Experiment by xaandiir
So much autumn by xblackxbloodxcellx
Baby Yoshi (RebelTaxi) by White-Chocoalate
Concept Art by Winchiefbexon

Thanks for reading! :love:

3wyl, on behalf of ProjectComment

More Journal Entries

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185 deviants said Truth or Dare? (involving comments)
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47 deviants said Race to Comment (comment as many pieces as possible)
42 deviants said ProjectComment BINGO! (series of feedback challenges on bingo card)
38 deviants said Critiques for Critiques (crtiqiuing your critique)
22 deviants said Quality in Quantity! (in comments, e.g. 20+ line comment)
20 deviants said Feedback Tournament (compete in round after round of comment challenges)
15 deviants said Suggest your own idea here today!


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Reybon Featured By Owner Edited 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello, commented on these pieces!

Kaede Akamatsu Portrait by GemiNight Florence Walker by JessaNather

Would like to add this to this folder:
Fire Emblem - Corrin sketch by Reybon…
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ProtoTEnterprise Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! =D

I´m commented:
Before and After: An Ever-Changing Style by LonelySheepStudios Kaede Akamatsu Portrait by GemiNight Watching Your Back - Ana Stippling Art by Redtailed22 My home is full of spirits: Val d'Mel (Criptana) by Osoni-newyorker123 Horn Drill Baby ! by raichmann

Thank you! <D
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ProtoTEnterprise Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! im commented =D :

Anger Issues by armakan-art Chibi Cat Forces by Rosempai Helianthus by Kansas-spy A Saturday Afternoon by DemonFall

Mature Content

Sally Face - no choice by MewieBee

Thank you! =D
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