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Blind N Loud: Lynn Jr version, Part 2So, I'm going to thank Seanrudin to have finally end my almost-a-year long Blind N Loud hiatus. Finally, second chapter! She continues to try sports. But with these glasses, it wasn't the same anymore, she thought. Several times the glasses threatened to fall off when moving quickly. Now she was at soccer practice and tried one last time. She wanted to score a goal. She was about to. Then it happened. Her glasses fell off. Lynn tripped and fell to the ground. Margo Robert came to her immediately."Lynn! Has something happened?" Margo asked.Lynn felt the lawn."No. My glasses." said Lynn.Margo picked up Lynn's glasses and gave them to Lynn. She put on the glasses. Lynn sat down on the lawn."Margo, this is so stupid. I can't see without my glasses and they might fall off if I wear them. Plus I look like a geek.""What do you mean by that?" Margo asked."I can no longer do sports.""You're not serious, are you?""Yes. I'm serious. How can we win with someone like me on the team?""You're our best player on the team. We can't lose you."Lynn got up."Margo, now you are the best player." said Lynn, and left the soccer field.Lynn walked to the tram stop and waited for the tram to go to the center of Royal Woods. As she waited, she observed a man wearing glasses similar to hers. He had a rose camera with him and was also waiting for the tram. He must have had an interest in railroading."What a geek." thought Lynn.Lynn thought about it. She wasn't good at sports with glasses, but maybe she was good at geek stuff with them. Lynn took out her cell phone and Googled the term, railroad club. In fact, there was one in Royal Woods. The tram pulled into the station and Lynn drove to Central Station. She reached the main train station. She looked at her cell phone. The website said, second floor in the station building. She entered the building and went up the stairs. Then she ran through one, and reached a door on which was written, Royal Woods Railway Amateurs' Association. Lynn opened the door and looked at a huge model railway system. There were mountains, tunnels and bridges, but she didn't see any trains. Lynn suddenly heard the rush of a train, and out of the tunnel came a red, beefy looking locomotive with a white cross and white arrows on it, and it said SBB CFF FFS. The locomotive pulled nine wagons, and at the end one wagon whose front looked like that of the locomotive."Hello, is anyone here?" exclaimed Lynn."Yes. Walk past the model layout." called a voice that belonged to a man in his early sixties.Lynn walked past the model layout and reached the center of the room. A man in his mid-sixties with short, dark gray hair. He wore thin glasses, a groove, and a collared shirt. He looked kindly at Lynn."Are you lost?" asked the man."No. I was looking for this club." said Lynn."That's unusual. How old are you? Twelve? And you're a girl.""I am thirteen. Is it bad that I'm a girl?""No, of course not. You're the first girl I've known to come in here. What's your Name?""I'm Lynn. And what's your name?""Oh, I am Markus." said the man, offering Lynn his hand.Lynn shook Markus' hand."I want to join your club." said Lynn."And I thought I saw everything. I'll quickly get the document." said Markus.Markus left for a moment and came back after a minute with a document. Lynn took it."You pay an annual fee of 30 dollars, and then you can come to us at any time. If you want, we can drive together today." said Markus.Lynn gave her address and signed. She handed the document back to Markus."Welcome to you on behalf of the Royal Woods Railway Amateurs' Association." said Markus."Thanks.""You are indeed something special in our association. You are the youngest member, and also a girl. The first girl ever in our association.""For real?""Yes. So, now I'll show you the model layout."Lynn and Markus walked across the room."Our model railway system has five kilometers of track installed and consumes more than 3000 watts at peak power. The model system is inspired by the Gotthard railway in the Swiss Alps. All the trains you see here are based on the Swiss model. There, the Re 460 with standard wagon IV , drove through the Gotthard in exactly the same way." Markus said and pointed to the train Lynn saw at the beginning."And who controls the train?" Lynn asked.Markus pointed to a red iMac standing in the corner of the room."At the moment everything is automated. But if we want, we can also switch to manual control.""That sounds difficult." said Lynn."Once you understand the system, it's not difficult. Do you want to drive?""Um, yeah. Why not?""You should install the Z21 app." said Markus."Why?""The model railway can be controlled from the mobile phone."Lynn took her cell phone and looked in the App Store."Roco Z21?" Lynn asked.Markus nodded. Lynn downloaded the app."Now you should give it to me quickly, then I can set up the app for you."Lynn gave Markus her cell phone and he set it up. Then he handed her the cell phone, and Kynn saw a massive database, full of locomotives. Markus pointed to two four-car multiple units that were coupled together."Select the vehicle in the database, FLIRT RABe 521." said Markus.Lynn chose it. Markus took out his cell phone and typed something on it. The points were set on the model railway."Now you can drive."Lynn pressed a speed controller on her cell phone and the train began to move. She left the station and was now driving on the mountain route. Their train disappeared into a tunnel. Lynn ran to the other end and the train reappeared. Lynn drove over bridges, stopped at train stations, drove through tunnels, and kinda had a good time. It was strange. Lynn never thought geek things would be fun for her. She forgot the world around her. She forgot her glasses. And she forgot the sport. Before she knew it, it was evening. Markus packed his things."Lynn, I'll be leaving in ten minutes.""All right. I have to get home too."Lynn went to the door."Bye Markus.""Bye Lynn. See you." Lynn heard Markus call out.Lynn went down the stairs and went home. I don't know what to do. I really don't.All credits goes to Seanrudin to have submitted this chapter, originally to help me with my writer's block.Tell me what you guys think....
Itty Bitty Problems (Chapter 15)Puzzling Panic,Your newest family member is adjusting to house life., You return home after a long day at work. The days tend to drone on eventually becoming a normal part of your daily routine. It feels like background noise if you do not focus on it. Yet, with your mind occupied by the thoughts of your adopted skeleton brothers, the day dragged on longer than expected. When seconds feel like hours you are glad when you are finally able to clock out. As you open the door sighing in relief, you call out for your Bittys. It seems a little too quiet in the house while standing at the door. You figured that the Bittys would be coming to the door to greet you. “Sol, Papyrus I'm home.” You call out while putting the key in its proper place. A distant scrambling sound is heard so you decide to follow the noise. The small skeleton looks at his younger brother. Papyrus is shaking like a leaf, hands clasped together, and is wringing them out. Little dots of sweat form on the top of his skull. It looks like he is having a hard time breathing. Sol turns as you step into the room. You stop to take in the scene. Lego are scattered about on the floor while two skeletons are looking terrified, both for very different reasons. “Oh my god, Are you two okay? Are you hurt? What happened?” “I… I UH…” Tears form pricking in the corner of his eye sockets. Sol jumps up in defense of his brother nearly shouting their blurted-out words. they put distance inbetween you and his brother by standing in the way.I accidentally knocked over the block statue. We were trying to put it back together. You breathe a sigh of relief. poor guys were worried you'd be mad. “At least you both are okay.” Papyrus collapses to his knees. All of the fight seemingly escapes his body leaving him exhausted. “Papyrus?”Bro? Sol asked with a mix of concern and fear as he rushes over to his side. His shoulders shake from his hiccupy breaths as he rubs his eye sockets. A small sad smile pulls at the corners of his mouth. “Nyeh.. heh I'm so dumb…” Paps states his thoughts quieter than he normally does while wiping the tears off on his shirt. “Of course, you wouldn’t do that…” “Do what?” You ask, very concerned, and start to kneel down to get closer to their level. You want to appear as non-threatening as possible. “You aren’t the scientists… You are not going to hurt me…” His quiet voice wavers and he has to steady himself before continuing. “Of course not. Where would you get an idea like that?” It is Solace who decides to speak up first. Their tone is much more serious than you expected.We didn’t escape from there because it was nice.” Sol helps Papyrus up to his feet and rubs small circles into his back while steadying him with the other hand. We didn't grow up. We were made and tested on. Many Bitty are made and just sent off to stores. The not-so-lucky ones like us stay behind.Sol ports them to a tiny chair in the kitchen. You hear them talking while you stand in the bedroom.Hey, buddy it's okay. Just take your time to calm down. Practice deep breathing in for 4 hold for 7 out for 10. Yeah just like that. Papyrus takes in shaky breaths to calm his frayed nerves. Starting down to the kitchen you think it is time to make dinner. You stay silent while fixing a large meal for three. You want to make sure he has time to decompress. Sol seemingly whispers encouragement to his brother. When finished you plate it in the middle and allow them to grab their fill. It is spaghetti with angel hair pasta chunky sauce and chicken as the meat. It is cut up finer than usual and the spaghetti is in sections to make it easier to eat. Everyone takes their fill and the Bittys go in for more until all of the food vanishes. You decide a fun gaming session would lighten the mood and invite them to join. “Let’s play a game.” That night you all play a fun multiplayer game. Something not too hard or dangerously competitive. You don't want to play Mario kart or Monopoly when you are trying to calm someone down. It takes Papyrus a bit of coaxing but you manage to get him to calm down enough to play. In the back of your mind worry claws at the subconscious. There are more of them trapped there. How long can you keep your Bittys safe? It is only a matter of time before they come looking. A pitted knot forms in your midsection tightening as that feeds on your fear. It is a sharp cold, yet, heating up throughout your body feeling like embarrassment but without the shame. It lingers in there for the rest of the night as if your body waiting to escape some kind of invisible threat. The danger is more real than you want it to be. You can't help but feel like each passing day brings you closer to that reality.
Smith Tower by seasidehill
Maid Cat by Servalicus
This is AI generated:Story 1She saw a car right in front of her, moving uncontrollably. She can't even do anything, it was already near them and she could barely see the man behind the wheel before everything goes black. Her head hurts from when she hit it earlier on the floor and now, everything is blurry. There's a lot of shouting in a very familiar voice, but it's not hers that she hears. The sound is gone after some time because everything around her went silent.Then, a sudden wave of nausea hits her, which she thought wasn't possible for her to feel. After taking a few breaths, she opened her eyes again. Everything is still blurry but she knows that her surroundings look familiar like what she's seen countless times. A hospital room, she assumed. But why?The last thing she remembers was winning a race that her friend forced her into, until the car started moving uncontrollably and crashed. How did she get here, anyway? She tried to stand up, but failed. Something just felt off. Then, she realized. She tried to pinch her right leg, but it didn't feel like anything. It is the same on the left one. Is this a dream? She thought, as she pinch her arms, and it hurts. It's not a dream. Her leg is completely paralyzed. Tears welled up inside her eyes. She felt hopelessly, wondering how long she will be in this condition. She started sobbing silently, feeling tears rolling down her cheeks and slowly dripping on her lap. She couldn't stop crying. This isn't happening, it can't be real. How can she do sports now? How can she play baseball again? And what about football? Her dreams have been shattered, crushed. She has lost everything. All hopes, all happiness. Everything that made her Riley Wannerd. She then heard a knock on the door. It was the doctor. "Are you okay?" he asked softly. It's clear that he doesn't believe in Riley's mental state. She nods weakly, wiping her tears."What happened? Why am I in a hospital? And... Who are you?" She pointed at herself with her shaky arm."I'm Dr. Thomas, your doctor." He said."Oh... Okay, um, I don't remember much. What day is it?" she asked timidly."It's Friday, November 24th, 2009." he answered calmly while sitting down next to her bed."That means I've been lying here for almost 2 months." Riley stated in an emotionless tone. She then remembered something and turned towards the doctor."And what's my diagnosis, Doctor? I mean, uh... Doctor Thomas?" she corrected herself. He gave her a small smile and looked back at the clipboard he has in his hand."Well, Ms. Wannerd, you are now confined in wheelchair for life. Your leg is paralyzed and the only way out of this wheelchair is through physical therapy." he said, reading from his paper. Riley nodded absentmindedly, still trying to process the information."So basically I'll never walk again." she said, more to herself than to the doctor. Dr. Thomas nodded sadly. His face held no expression. He knew that it was useless to tell Riley that she's lucky she has survived. If she hadn't had broken both legs when that car crash happened, maybe she would've died, or suffered brain damage, or something along those lines, but she did survive. She survived, and that is the most important part.He stood up and walked toward her bed. "Ms. Wannerd, would you like it if I call your parents and let them visit you?""No!" Riley quickly replied, looking horrified. "No, thank you, sir. They probably won't believe me anyway. They'll think I'm crazy and make fun of me! I want them to believe me! To trust me, that I was strong enough to survive that incident." she begged.Dr. Thomas sighed. "Alright, I'll make sure they come later today. But don't force yourself to talk much. Please try to rest." He said, before leaving the room.Riley sat in silence, contemplating what she should do next. She didn't exactly want anyone coming, although she admitted, she do want her family to be here when she wake up. As much as she loves everyone in her family, it feels lonely to be alone.Her thoughts are interrupted when the door was open again. Her heart jumped in excitement when she saw who entered. Her father, David Wannerd, walks into the room. His hair's grey, his face has wrinkles but he looks very happy to see his daughter, alive and in recovery. He sits beside her and takes both of her hands in his own, squeezing slightly. His wife followed him soon afterwards, with tears running down her face. Her mother, Maya, gives Riley a quick hug and kiss on her forehead before walking away."Riley... How are you feeling?" David asks."Better," Riley lied. She didn't want to bother her dad with that matter, especially since she was supposed to be the one telling him."Do you remember what happened? Do you remember why you were hurt?" David continued."Yeah, I do," Riley mumbled. "There was a car driving erratically on the road and I had to run faster than anyone else, so I was going to overtake it. But it suddenly moved too fast. So I lost control..." Riley trails off. That was the reason why she passed out. She remembered how she tripped over the pavement. She felt pain all over her body when the car stopped in front of her, and how she managed to get to safety, but it was impossible for her legs to move. The last thing she remembers hearing is the driver asking her, "Are you alright?" before darkness consumed her. Now, two months later, she's in a wheelchair, because of that fricking car got her smashed and confined her in a wheelchair for life. Riley shuddered at the memory of the accident."Riley..." David trailed off again, unsure of what to say."Dad, it's fine. You don't need to worry about me anymore. I'll be fine eventually." She assured him. Her father was speechless. His little girl is getting better, even though she can't use her legs anymore. Maya comes closer to her daughter's side, placing her hands gently on top of Riley's. She looked directly in her eyes and smiled. "Of course we're gonna worry about you, baby girl." She said to Riley. "Nothing can be more beautiful than our baby girl, right honey?" Maya said to David. Her husband chuckled at her comment, remembering a different time in his younger days, when his mother had done the exact same act.Riley's mom then took a deep breath and continued. "We came here straight from work, hoping to surprise you. But it seems that we're late." She chuckled again. The family heard another knock from the door, and this time it's their daughter, Riley's twin sister, Maya's daughter, Emily. "Emily!!" Riley exclaimed happily. She hugged her tightly and buried her face in her soft brown curls. She smelled like vanilla."I'm sorry we're late. We had some things to finish up and I guess we couldn't wait until tonight, haha." Emily giggled shyly."That's okay." Riley reassured her with a big smile, showing her dimples. Emily and Maya both smiled, loving how cute her smile was. Riley has always been extremely pretty, but now, without being able to use her legs, she somehow manages to look absolutely radiant. It's really amazing how she has become such a great person since the accident. Both her parents loved her and supported her unconditionally throughout the years they've spent together. Riley said to the doctor "When can I be at home again?...
Hades from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas by VampiresaQueen
OC Bio: Vinyll JestarkVinyll is a Silvambian composed of mostly shadow, standing at 5'2", his growth was stunted by his bones getting slowly decomposed and eaten by bacteria, which also made the black shadow that resonates off his kin's skin take the role of his body mass. Vinyll's only remaining solid body parts are his torso and head, with the virus slowly picking away at them.,Vinyll dons a mask made by his father when he was young, used to conceal his face. He broke away from the hoods that most Silvambians use as he finds hats and hoods outrageously itchy and irritating to deal with. The mask is made of plastic with carved eye holes for him to see out of, with one blonde bang sweeping over his right eye. Strangely, the mask's eye holes can shift expression, albeit rarely, as Vinyll shows no other real emotion than a crazed smile.It is not blood leaking from Vinyll's eyes, for the most part. It is a mixture of foam coming from his mouth, solved with blood leaking from his mouth as the aftermath of the virus eating away at his body.Vinyll is Patient Zero of a bacteria the Siymbalians were working on, he argues otherwise due to his shattered mind, but he did this willingly. However the virus was much more potent than the Siymbalians were working for, and was a lot more violent than helpful. The virus began to eat away at Vinyll's flesh and bone slowly throughout the duration of the tests. Eventually it got so dangerous for him that Vinyll was removed from volunteering out of fear that the virus would outright kill him. Once he was removed from his position as test subject, the virus's effects slowed down greatly, but Vinyll's skeletal structure was severely damaged, and the virus is still eating away at him.The flesh and bone on his body weren't the only thing to get eaten by the virus. His brain started to get picked away at as well towards the end, leaving him with a messed up mental state, leaving him clinically insane. Vinyll was locked away by his father, the King of Silvambage in the dungeon of Heartache Manor in the centre of Silvambage, out of fear that he would end up hurting the kingdom, however his mother would periodically visit him to leave care packages and treat to his wounds, despite her husband's many warnings. One day during these sessions when she got ready to leave, Vinyll started acting stranger than normal and begging her to stay, getting more and more desperate for someone to spend his time with, until he eventually ended up breaking under the crushing pressure of his own desperation for company while being clinically insane and highly impulsive, Vinyll ended up murdering his mother in the cell, keeping and talking to her corpse for as long as he could before the King ended up finding out, and taking the carcass of his mother and burying her somewhere in the forest of Silvambage, and threw away the key to his son's cage.The missing key would not deter Vinyll. After a while his bones and flesh would dwindle to the point where he could slip through the bars and escape to cause more mishap.Vinyll ended up making it to The Prism at some point due to hiding in a Siymbalian spaceship when they came over to Silvambage, a large glass structure in the middle of the galaxy that contains several artifacts. Vinyll ended up stealing the Laserstring from the prison, a bow that can shoot beams of pure light when not given an arrow when drawn, however Vinyll did not intend to use it. He just stole it, because he thought it would be funny. He doesn't even know how to use it.
Demon by Servalicus
Candy witch 2022 by Kawaii-SoupBowl
Watain III by ValeriyaSegal

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Update 3Hello my little DeviantArt friends! I hope all of you are doing fantastic today, but if not.. then I wish you luck and my best wishes. Update:Today is January 29, and recently I turned 23 years old. I wish I could stay 21 or 22 so that I don’t age, but the truth is that.. at 21 I looked like a whale and was in every sense miserable and extremely overweight . I only began living my life and enjoying life; as a normal woman at 22. So therefore , I wish I’d stay 22 forever.:( I wish there wasn’t any more New Years and Birthdays. I wish the days would slow down. Just stay on standby. Forever and ever.:( The only thing that calms me down from our inevitable aging and moving forth with the years , is knowing that EVERYONE is going through this. EVERYONE will get old, EVERYONE is growing older as the days appear and disappear. People who are younger than you and people who are older.Knowing that I’m not alone with this whole GROWING OLD PROCESS. And reaching our END PROCESS. Another thing that puts me at peace from this reality that is life, is My belief in that “re-birth” or “reincarnation” is real. So maybe we all get to live again as a different person or only some of us. But who knows right. WHO KNOWS! We will all perish because we’re not immortal.We either die early or we die of old age but we die bro.None of us chose to be born, so might as well take life like BadAsses. Now “as for so some of the newer things happening in my life”..... other than:-Having had rehomed/ gave away my Leopard Geckos....-Getting Eye Surgery which can come with several complications ... & ruin my life-Aging onto 23...There is 4 new things: Weightloss, Saving Money, Hair Cut, and PCOS ________________________________Umm I’ve been keeping up with my weight loss.. with a little practice called ADF or “Alternate Day Fasting”.And yes I HAVE dropped a few pounds. With ADF you get to eat anything you want during eat days.And you get to lose 10 pound in a month.In my case I add cardio to every day .And even though I did lose the “10 pounds in one month” I’ve ended up hitting a PLATEAU .Which means no matter what.. my body doesn’t want to drop any more pounds.It is at a standstill. Which means I need to ADD more workouts or gym or change “something “.IDK , that made me kind of discouraged lately. But I’m proud of my progress.I’m glad I can finally see some hand bones sticking out and some jaw line,, and my body looking more like a normal human being.Don’t get me wrong I’m still on the overweight range and chunky-looking. BUT GUESS WHAT. I’m not gonna stop .Ever ever ever ...... ever. I’m gonna make it so that I become an Instagram Athlete. ________________________________Another thing that’s been new in my life. Well.. I’ve been saving up money. I don’t have an exact reason as to why I’m saving up money. I guess I just really took an interest in saving money. And just having a lot of money to back myself up with.And in my case; I’m not really the type to “spend money” go on “shopping sprees “ or “buy rags and trinkets” from malls and stores. I basically am the more militant type of person, I just buy simple things that I need. If you wonder what my room and closet look like. It is a very strict/organized looking setting. Don’t own a lot of clothes, shoes, and materials of any kind over all. Very simple.I think health, both mental and physical is the most important thing for me.I see money as more of a support. A lot of people say that I’m money-driven. But I’m not. I don’t exactly wish to be a millionaire or an in any way am looking for ways to make MORE than a decent living. But if chances show up where I can earn more of that support I’ll take them. But that’s all “money” really is to me. “ a support”. And talking about “support” .. You can kinda make a couple bucks from donating plasma.. BUT SHHHH! You didn’t hear it from me ;)But yeah. To me “ health” will be the most important thing.And then Family. But not money. ________________________________Another thing that is new in my life. Well I cut my hair real short. Kinda like that Photomanipulated-TinkerBell Version of me.The story goes that:At first I had gotten highlights on my hair. .. then; Last year, I had dyed my hair to “Red” MULTIPLE TIMES.And finally I had my hair permanently straightened. Which all ended up causing a lot of breakage and was overall a disaster.It caused SO MUCH DAMAGE to my hair... Where I ended up Having to chop my hair real short. And it’s all healthy and growing ;) ________________________________And last but not least:“I was diagnosed with PCOS".Yup. I went to the gynecologist, so that he can see where I’m standing in regards to my reproductive health and female health.. or whatever.The one who checks the health of your HOO-HAA. lolJust saying.. once you become of age and you’re body is capable of reproduction and making babies..You really should check in with a specialist on all that reproductive stuff. It’s necessary.My ignorant self was blind and careless of my well-being for years. I’ve never seen a HOO-HAA Doc until I turned 22 and cared more for my health.Anyway IT WAS SOOO DIFFICULT to set up early appointments to see the results of my Tests and HOO-HAA results. It took months and months to see this Doc at all! >=[I was also missing appointment after appointment. And they would reschedule me for the next month or the month after that.So basically I didn’t get instant results. It took MONTHS until I was finally able to see my HOO-HAA results. >=[Anyway.. When I was finally able to see my results.The Doc said that my health down there was fine and I tested negative for anything bad. That I was healthy and my HOO-HAA had no issues whatsoever.But then he said; the thing that concerns him is that my testosterone levels are too high and that I have got cysts in there. Cysts in my Ovaries!!! :0I wasn’t exactly worried or surprised by this. Another Doc told me the same thing when I was 14 years old. But I was so careless in that time that I disregarded it and Ignored it.This Doc basically said that. I have this condition called “PCOS” or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Which causes extra testosterone (the male) hormone, exes hair growth (like a man), weight gain, obesity, difficulty loosing weight, acne, and in some people “hair loss of the head”like some men. Basically my hormones are all messed up because of these cysts.And it makes me angry. I’ve been mistreated all my life for being overweight, for looking like a whale. For being shy because of it. I’ve been miserable for most of my life because of this issue that I “apparently have no control over!” It makes me upset to my core. I was mistreated by my own Father and Sister for YEARS. I was bullied in school FOR YEARS. I was single and a virgin because of this FOR YEARS. I had a very small amount of friends in school because of this FOR YEARS! I was afraid to talk to boys, up until I turned 21 or 22, because of THIS!I felt that; If I ever looked or liked a boy, I’d scare him off. (Especially because of some of the bullying experiences ) I had when I was in elementary school. —I’ll talk about those another day—ButDuring my time in HighSchool; some decent-looking boys would show interest or try to talk to me; and I would always think that they’re either trying to bully me, or that “it was all in my head”. That “them liking me was all in my head”; Because of how much I was trained to think that “I’m disgusting”.. :’( ... by my own family members more than anything “at that time”. Nowadays “at 22”, I regret not having given these guys a chance. I regret not having given myself a chance at love or what could’ve been beautiful relationships.Because my family during those HighSchool ok years; had my younger sister looking like a skinny Barbie, and me looking more like a chunky girl; I was treated poorly for YEARS ON END. And I understand that people who are fat or overweight, most of the time “it is their own fault”, they’re perceived as messy or careless or inconsiderate. But then there is people like “ME” who are gaining weight and having difficulty loosing weight at all; due to an underlying condition that was there all along! Of which I can do little to nothing about!:’(It took “ SEEING A DOCTOR” for him to say: “Hey, you being fat and gross; is not entirely your fault”.Anyway it’s been YEARS. And it took every little bit of strength that I have, to finally make peace with the people who gave me HELL throughout the years. To make peace with every person that put me THROUGH HELL. :’( THAT PUT ME DOWN.I’ll talk about all those stories of bullying and being single in a YouTube video.-but where getting a little bit off track here, I’ll leave those stories for another time-But back to the PCOS:The Doc then decided to put me on some medication to control the excess Testosterone, & another medication to cause me to loose weight, something that Diabetics take. He said all he cares about ; is that excess Testosterone that my body is producing, to try and get it under control and level my hormones. And I decided to loose some weight first and then follow his protocol. Which I haven’t yet informed him that I chose to go this other route and since then I HAVE been losing weight.But I’ll tell him when I see him again. -.-Idk. That’s what I’m going with ..(Mainly; I hope to get the cysts surgically-removed from my body and later meet with a psychic who can erase the bad memories from my mind) THATS WHAT I WANT (-.-)#1 remove cysts#2 erase memory ________________________________Well, moving on.To update you guys with some other stuff..My Art.I made a post a while back, about how I am no longer gonna be using colors for my Comics and Stories. They’re not gonna look as sophisticated any more. They’re no longer gonna have detail and 3-Dimensions or watever. From here on out they’re gonna be a little bit more Simple. They will be more like Doodles and basic Comic Strip lines. (UNFORTUNATELY).And If I ever add color or more detail and quality; it will be because the art piece is more important, or because it is a character presentation, (where one character is presented). Or basically anything that I want to be colored. Other than that , most things will be black and white, will barely have any life or detail. What can I say. ..(-.-) (all you got is time.) So I hope that you guys don’t mind the dramatic change to my work. The only story or comic that will be colored is the Dragon one. The “Dragons of the Sky” one. Since that story is the most important to me. And fun fact: that story is the most important to me because it contains Real Life experiences of MY real life. I won’t disclose those experiences until I finish the story. But basically that is why it’s very important to me.And that’s pretty much it...YouTube: ( EmyyWolf )Tumblr: (Emyy-wolf )Twitter: ( Emyy_Wolf ) #emyywolf, Previous Entry: Jan 27, 2021,Update 2January 28, 2021Hello Dear Followers! Today is Dec 9 of year 2020.Next Entry: Apr 26, 2021,Update 4April 26, 2021Hello guys. Its been a minute since I’ve logged
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Inekizik sketch dump by Aquiline-Eagle
The Black Candy Circus. Chapter 20 (2e) (Gabriel),“Not much left of him, is there?” The words of the ringleader echoed back to me in the darkness. I still remembered how it had felt when the beast tamer ran from me. The thrill as I gave chase and closed in. Even before then, when he was helpless on the stable floor. I hadn't even tried to fight it. Worse I had tried to convince myself he deserved it. I knew she was right? Had known the truth for a while. Soon there would be nothing left. Soon Gabriel would just be the name of a dumb animal. I emerged from the void gasping for air. One second I couldn’t see, move, or even breathe and the next I was suddenly outside in the light again. For hours, I had struggled to pull myself free. The darkness clung to my skin like writhing tentacles made of tar. Then, finally, without warning it pealed away. Utterly exhausted, I collapsed right there. It took everything in me just to remain conscious. Looking back, I could see nothing remained of the darkness. Only torn tent canvas strewn out between twisted mangled trees and branches. Like a dead animal. I was back in the forest. The scent of crushed pine needles was heavy in the air and the sun had just begun to peak above the trees. A pair of blue jays greeted the morning with a trill of bird song. A soft warm breeze tousled my fur and stung my face. On shaky stiff limbs I forced myself up into a sitting position and tried to remember where I was. My head swam like molasses, and there was a strange taste in my mouth. Like blood. I recoiled from the memory. I still couldn't do it. Couldn't face what I had done. What I was becoming. “Gabriel!,” my ears perked up at the sound of my name. Rachel? Climbing to my feet, I staggered forward, limping with each step. Again, she called to me. Top of the hill. Quickening my pace I made my way up the rise. Near the top, a tall pile of boulders leaned precariously against each other. Then I realized it was the same pile I had noticed earlier. When we were being chased by that thing. I approached from the far side past a thick cropping of trees. Footsteps. A couple of yards away there was a sudden drop-off. Someone was pushing their way noisily through the underbrush below. “Gabriel!” She was close. She sounded scared and out of breath. Almost like something was chasing her. Wincing from the pain I scrambled to the edge. Nothing. Below a thin clearing which betrayed no sign of movement. Where is she? The bushes and foliage scattered about below were too thin to hide in. Even if there was why would she be hiding? I waited and listened for any sign. Nothing. Carefully I moved downward into the clearing, making use of the trees and same scattered foliage as cover. I froze at the edge of the clearing and listened. “There you are!” the ringleader cheered in delight. I turned in time to see her step out from behind one of the larger trees only a few feet away from me. For a strange brief moment of clarity, I noticed her hat and whip were missing and that she was sporting a black eye and a bloody nose. Instantly and without thinking I spun around and braced myself to pounce. Too late. The ringleader raised a hand and, as with her brother, I found I suddenly couldn’t move. Trapped. She glanced once over her shoulder, as if she was worried she might have been followed. She then turned her attention back to me and closed her eyes. “I really am sorry about this Gabriel, but I am afraid I am out of options” she whispered. My head. It was as if she had reached her hand inside my skull and was pressing a finger into my brain. The pressure built and built until I was certain I was going to split in two. Deeper and deeper she dug like a writhing worm, my very being seamed to shudder. “That's it Gabe. Almost there,” she whispered an edge of anxiety creeping into her voice. Deeper still she pressed. “Crack” The ringleader recoiled in pain, taking a few steps back clutching at her hand. Instantly I felt her hold over me release. I turned to find Rachel standing at the base of the drop-off, having apparently climbed down in time to find us. The cursed whip was in her hand. My jaw dropped and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end at the realization of what had just happened. Before I could do anything or say anything however, she dropped the whip and rushed me in a full on bear hug. As much pain as I was in, at that moment, I felt nothing but relief and joy that she was alive. That we where both alive. Reflexively I returned her embrace. “What have you done?” Pulling away we turned to face the Ringleader. For that a small moment I had forgotten she was even there. She stood on her knees, clutching her hand. Only it wasn’t a hand anymore. The thumb was almost completely gone. Her fingers had turned black and pulled together into what looked the paw of a large canine. I knew what was coming. I watched with a strange fascination as the fur spread rapidly across her body. The pain she endured as her face pushed out and contorted, as she was forced onto her hands and knees. I felt no satisfaction, but neither did I feel any pitty. “This isn’t. Over…” She spat, angrily. Then broke down into peels of laughter, which gave way to a splitting shriek of agony. With a cry the ringleader staggered forward. Her limbs twisted and stretched, and her features narrowed. Unlike what happened with me and the kid, the ringleaders clothing remained, for the most part, intact. Rather then grow beyond capacity, the woman's frame diminished until she was not much larger than a dog or perhaps small wolf. Then suddenly, it was over. Her transformation now complete, the ringleader collapsed in a heap on the ground. Her new form mostly concealed by the layers of her clothing. Her breathing was slow and shallow. Out cold. For a while neither of us moved. The reality of the whole situation sinking in slowly. “Is it over?” I asked, unbelieving. In answer Rachel turned her attention from the ringleader back to me. Her eyes where red and it occurred to me she had been crying. She scanned me over carefully, as if to make sure I was all still in one piece. “Your a mess.” Her response was so unexpected I couldn’t help but laugh. “Your not exactly a spring chicken yourself,” I answered, pointing out her own disheveled state. She laughed with me. Fortunately only scrapes and bruises, as far as I could see, but her hair was a tangled briar, her clothing was stained and torn and apparently she was missing a shoe. “Hello!?” A voice rang out of the woods behind us. It sounded like the Veterinarian. Before we could answer another younger voice joined his. “Rachel!? Gabriel!?,” they called. “Over here!,” we answered together. Shortly, both the kid and the veterinarian rode into view, emerging from behind a thick cropping of trees. only then did he catch sight of us. “Thank God,” the veterinarian cheered as he slid off the kids back and bolted for the both of us. As he drew closer, Rachel jumped to her feet and they met in warm embrace. When they pulled away, Steven reached into his pocket and removed something small and silver. “My necklace!” “Found it on Candy’s desk,” he explained. I turned away as my sister reached up and planted a friendly kiss on the veterinarians cheek. The sun peaked through the trees as if to celebrate their reunion. Seeing them together like that. Especially after everything that had happened, it warmed my heart to see them happy like that. She deserved to be happy. Good. I likely didn't have much time left anyway. It's good to see she doesn't need me anymore. As they held each other I noticed the kid circling around toward me when he suddenly stopped. “No way! Is that?...” He started and gapped at the prone form of the ringleader. Rachel managed to pull herself away from her boyfriend and followed everyone's gaze. From where I stood I could see the ringleader was still breathing. Helpless. I flinched at the sight of the exposed area of her throat, and pushed that thought from my mind entirely. “Candy,” she nodded then took a moment to fasten moms necklace around her neck. “Not sure how long she will be out but if its anything like what happened to you two it should be a couple hours before she comes too.” Tony and Steven looked disbelievingly from the ringleader to my sister then back to the ringleader. “How?” the kid asked first. “It’s bit of a long story, and I would rather we get going though. Gabe’s pretty beaten up and the ringleader is not going to stay unconscious forever. “Good point. You can fill us in on the way back.” Steven walked over to where the ringleader lay. He seamed to consider her for a moment then unfastened his belt from his pants. “Speaking of which. Does anyone know which way we came from? I wasn’t really paying attention during the chase.” “Pretty sure its that way,” Tony gestured with his nose off to our left. “Really? How can you tell?,” Steven asked scanning the trees. “Because of the trail of knocked down trees,” he answered in a ‘duh’ sort of way. “Oh, right.” Well then I guess we are following the trees.” Taking the belt he made a loop and fastened it around the Ringleaders muzzle. Then, taking her forelegs firmly in one hand and her hind legs in the other, he hoisted her over his head onto his shoulders. As he did, much of the Ringleaders outfit fell away, revealing silken black fur and a long bushy tail. “Woops,” he exclaimed as he adjusted his hold on her, letting most of her clothes fall the rest of the way to the ground in a pile. Rachel seemed to consider the ringleaders form. It was Tony however who finally asked the question. “So what exactly is she supposed to be? Some kind of wolf? “More like a fox I think,” Rachel suggested. “She’s way too big for a fox,” her boyfriend argued. “What if its like how Gabe and Tony both have the same hair and eye color as when they were human?” “Maybe.” “What's that?” The kid asked, interrupting their conversation. Again we followed his gaze. Lying on top of the ringleaders clothes was an enormous black book, bigger even then one of Rachel's bibles. “Not sure,” Rachel admitted, walked over to the pile. “She was messing with it earlier. I think it might be a spell book. Or something.” The veterinarian shot the thing a nervous glance. “We probably shouldn’t mess with it then. It could be dangerous.” “If it is then we can't exactly just leave it here for someone to find,” she insisted. Her boyfriend hesitated before answering. “Fine. We can take it with us for now. Just be carful.” We all watched with bated breath as she tapped the book with her foot. Nothing happened. Then reaching down she tapped it with a finger. It did not suddenly catch fire or turn her to stone. That alone seamed to be enough for her. Taking the book in both hands she hefted the book under one arm before turning her attention back to me. “Can you walk?” she asked. I nodded then rose to all fours. Instantly my whole body seized up. Limbs trembling I tried to take a step forward but my legs gave out and I would have fallen if Rachel hadn’t caught me. “Well that's embarrassing.” I chuckled, trying to shrug off the attention everyone was giving me. “Thanks for the quick save though.” She looked me over clearly concerned. “You look like you were mauled. Are you sure you are ok?” “Yeah, I think so. Legs are just a little wobbly.” “I could carry you,” Tony offered moving next to me. “Are you sure?” Rachel glanced from me to the kid. “It’s a long way and Gabe’s pretty big.” “Hey!?” I objected. “Pretty sure. I had to carry him around all the time for the show?” Without any further argument the kid stepped over next to me and lowered himself down to the ground then waited for me to climb on. Everyone was watching me expectantly. I let out a defeated sigh. “You sure about this kid?” “Yup” “Fine,” I groaned inwardly, finally giving in. Since he didn’t have a saddle on I made a special point to keep my claws tucked in and placed them on either side of his neck. I then lowered myself down keeping both legs planted on his back for support. “Ready?” he asked. I nodded nervously then braced myself as the kid stood carful not to drop me. Steven nodded. “All ready to go?” he asked. We all nodded in the affirmative and with that, together, we started the long trek back to the circus. Steven with a big black wolf dog thing over his shoulder, Rachel with a big book under her arms and me a tiger riding a horse. It was like something out of an old fairytale. As big and heavy as I was, the kid seamed not to even notice. “You really are incredible kid,” I commented. “Not really. Sorry for leaving you and Rachel behind like that.” “Don’t sweat it Tony. We all made it back in one peace and that's what matters.” I considered telling him that he wasn’t the only one who lost control that night. The tasted blood filled my mouth. Heart pounding and with a shake of my head I forced the memory back down. “But I ran like a scared animal, and almost got everyone killed. You weren't scared at all.” “For the record, I was plenty scarred. Also, I can see in the dark Tony. You on the other hand where running blind while being chased by a monster. Can’t exactly blame you.” I braced myself as the kid stepped over one of the fallen trees. Once clear I continued. “Besides, you are here now aren't you. Which means you did come back.” For a moment the kid seamed to consider my words. “So what happens next?,” he asked. “Good question,” answered the veterinarian. “Well, when I called the police I also called my family. They have some connections with animal control. My parents also co-own a small zoo, so most of the animals will probably end up there. As for you, do you have any family we can call?” “Yeah. My mom and Pa. They raise horses. That's how I got here. One of our horses one first place in a show and the Ringleader wanted to buy her. My parents told the witch off but her brother grabbed me when no one was watching.” “That’s horrible,” Rachel gasped. “So how long have you been at the circus Tony?” The walk back felt like a strange discordant dream. All the while the kid told us his story. Eventually the veterinarian chimed in. He explained how he had removed my collar and how Jager had tried to stop us. Likewise, Rachel shared her own adventures. She even told us about her encounter with the ringleader, and her vision with the crystal ball. As she described the latter, though, I got the distinct impression she was holding something back. With her free hand I watched as she fidgeted with moms necklace as she always did when something was bothering her. I shrugged inwardly. She will tell me when she is ready. For most of the walk back, I road in silence. Rachel of course, noticed this and eventually started pressing me about some of my injuries. I tried to brush her questions off at first but eventually I told her about what happened between me, Jager and the snow leopards. Thankfully she didn’t bring up the other thing. I wasn’t sure I could talk about that. At a walking pace it took us almost an hour before we broke through the tree line. The scene before us was a slew of activity. There had to be at least a dozen squad cars. It would seem animal control was with them. In and about the remaining tent men in a variety of different uniforms rushed about trying to round up all the animals Steven and I had let loose. A pair of men in uniforms seamed to spot us entering the clearing. They waved over one of the officers and pointed in our direction. “Get Gabriel over to my trailer I’ll talk to the officers,” Steven volunteered. “What are you going to tell them,” I asked. “I guess I’ll start with the truth and see what happens?” “Wait really?” “Yeah. Why?” “Nothing. Good luck I guess.” We arrived at the trailer a few minutes later. No one tried to stop us thankfully. “You need me to get any closer?,” he asked, now standing only a few feet from the door. “Nope, this is perfect.” Carful with my claws I shifted my weight and prepared to hop down from his back. I was too slow apparently. In fact I nearly fell off as the kid started lower himself to the ground. Thankfully Rachel kept a hand on my side for balance so nothing happened. “Thanks for the ride kid,” I said gratefully, while stepping down. “Anytime,” he offered cheerfully. “We should only be a minute Tony,” Rachel explained, while holding the door open for me. “If you wait out here, once I get Gabe situated inside, we can call your parents. Ok?” He nodded, “No hurry.” He then stood, moved closer to the the trailer before laying down again. Somehow I managed to make it up the steps without passing out, though I had no clue how I was supposed to get on the operating table. "Hold on, let me get you a stool." Placing the Ringleaders book on the counter Rachel walked over and grabbed one of the smaller chairs next to the opposite window and slid it next to the table. Thankfully it didn't break or give way as I climbed up. Funny enough, as I lay there, It suddenly occurred to me that I wouldn’t have to sleep in a cage tonight. Maybe never again. The thought would have made me smile If I still could. Once I was comfortable, I half expected Rachel to head outside to take care of the kid. Instead she bent over and picked something off the floor. Turning I saw it was my collar. She brushed her hand over the metal tag where my name was inscribed. Her brow was furrowed and her eyes were distant, apparently lost in thought. “Something wrong?” I asked. Turning to me she let the hand which held my collar fall to her side. “You sure you are ok Gabe?” A sinking sensation settled in my stomach. I had a feeling I knew where she was going and I wasn’t ready. “I’m fine,” I lied. Rachel however clearly wasn’t buying it. She hesitated before answering. “You sure? You were pretty quiet on the hike back.” “Just tired is all. Seriously you don’t have to worry,” She looked worried. Taking back her hand, her gaze fixed on the door. We could hear Steven talking with the police outside, and for another brief moment neither of us spoke. Reaching up she placed a free hand on my paw. “She would have killed me, if you hadn’t stopped her Gabe.” The face of the woman flashed before my eyes. Reflexively I jerked my paw away as if I had been burnt. “I. No. I mean. I didn’t. What I did.” My vision went blurry. Pushing myself up to a sitting position I fought with the memory. “Gabriel, You did nothing wrong.” I shook my head refusing to meet her gaze. “I, I can still taste the blood Rachel. I felt her neck break. I…” Placing the collar down, Rachel slid onto the table next to me. Then, taking my head in her hands she pulled me into firm embrace. At first I tried to pull away but she refused to let me go. After a moment, I gave in and just let the tears flow. I pushed my head deeper into her embrace and, for a while, we simply sat together like that. Eventually I managed to take in a shaky breath. “I am loosing my mind Rachel. Becoming a wild animal. I am dangerous!” “Gabe!” She pulled away and placed a hand under my chin. “Look at me!” She demanded. Reluctantly I met her gaze. Mom’s pale blue eyes stared back at me, stern and angry. It amazed me how much she looked like mom in that moment. “You are a man. Do you hear me? Not a monster, not a tiger, a man. A son of the living God, and no one can take that away from you. Not the ringleader or the devil himself.” “Sure, you might be a little tigery after two years of being cooped up in a cage, but no matter which way you spin it, you saved my life. I only hope that if I had been in your shoes I would have done the same thing for you.” “I am proud of you Gabe, and I know Mom and dad would be proud of you too. You know that, right?” I found myself clinging onto her every word like a drowning man to a life raft. It was so strange hearing her talk like that. “Wow,” I managed after several seconds of gawking. Clearly this was not the reaction she was expecting. She waited for me to elaborate further but when I wasn’t forthcoming she finally asking. “Wow what?” “Your all grown up,” I pointed out flatly. Despite not having the ability to see the color red anymore, I was rather amused to discover I could still see the blood as it rushed to my sisters face. I chuckled at the sight “Also Tigery?” I added, poking further fun at her word choice. She rolled her eyes and gave me a playful shove. “You know what I mean,” despite herself she found herself tring not to laugh with me. She failed. “Seriously though,” she added, only just getting herself under control. “Before you and Steven came to my rescue tonight the ringleader said something about her magic. It’s possible she was just trying to deflect responsibility but she seemed to be implying that yours and Tony’s mental transformations are more of a product of your environment.” “So what then? Now that we are leaving the circus me and the kid will start going back to normal?” “It means Gabe, that we have been walking in this dark valley for a long time, and that the evil you are facing only has power over you because you are afraid of it.” “Ok, now you sound like mom.” “Well good then. That means I am right.” “Oh, is that how that works?” “Yup.” “Still, if your right, then how do I do that though? Not be afraid? You have seen first hand the same as me what the, so called, evil of this world can do. What it continues to do. I mean, look at me!” “I am looking Gabe, but I am also listening. Do you know what I hear?” “Me talking?” I guessed. “Exactly! Not to brag, but I just so happen to be an expert on animal physiology. Turns out Horses and Tigers cant talk. Your vocal cords, air way, and mouth configurations just arent capable of producing those types of sounds. And yet, here we are, talking.” “What are you getting at?” “Two things. First, for us, the question of the supernatural has obviously been answered. Sure physically you are a tiger but clearly that is not ‘all’ you are. Second, our time in this world has always been limited Gabe. Life as it so happens, has a one hundred percent fatality rate. However, if mom and dad are to be believed, then death isn’t permanent. Even the time evil has left in this world is numbered.” “You really believe that?” “I do? Especially after everything we have been through.” From outside, I overheard one of the workers comment about the horse curled up next to the trailer. Apparently Rachel heard it too as she glanced from me to the window. “You should go, before someone tries to collect the kid,” I suggested. ”You going to be ok alone in here?” I nodded. She hesitated for a moment. Then, letting out a sigh, she leaned in and planted a kiss on my forehead before retrieving my collar and sliding off the counter. She moved to the door then stopped with her hand on the knob. She shot me a concerned look. “Don’t move ok. I won’t be gone long.” “I’ll be fine,” I promised. This time, strangely, it wasn’t a lie. She gave me one final reassuring smile before finally disappearing out the door. Once she was gone I lowered myself back down onto the counter. It was so strange hearing her talk like that. I wasn’t sure if she realized how much her words had mattered to me. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was right about our parents. What would they think if they could see me right now? Would they really be proud of me? As soon as she was out the door, the weight and pain of everything that I had endured for the past couple days finally started to take its toll. I realized it was just a stainless steel counter, but at that moment it might as well have been a feather bed. I didn’t even try to resist as sleep took me. I am not sure how much time passed while I waited for her return. I had drifted in and out, stirring slightly to the sound of any noise louder than a sneeze outside. I didn’t bother moving when the the door of the trailer finally blew open again. Yet I could tell it was Rachel from the sounds she made as she entered. I also caught the smell of various drugs soap and pine needles. Not to mention her perfume. Judging from the sounds, I gathered she was trying not to wake me, as she rummaged through the cupboards and fridge. I was just starting to drift off again when another strong chemical scent drifted past my nose. I am pretty sure I knew that scent from somewhere. It almost smelt like. Suddenly I was wide awake. “Holy Crap Rachel!” Instantly I jumped up, scooting to the far edge of the table as far away as possible from the enormous syringe that she had just tried to jab me with. Rachel placed the needle down on the counter with her hand against her chest. Apparently I had startled her. “Sorry Gabe. I thought you where asleep.” “Wait, What!?” I asked indignantly. “Gabe, you’re going to need stitches if your wounds are going to heal properly!” she scolded, sounding more amused than agitated. “Maybe, but that’s not an excuse to try and impale me like that! I mean you could have warned me,” I argued. “Also why on earth would you need me tranquilized?” She gave me a look that said ‘Really?’ “Come on Gabe, you know how you are with needles. Its going to take me at least an hour to sew you up. You really think you can manage to hold still for all that?” she offered jokingly. Obviously she was right but that didn’t make it any easier. Either I had to face getting stabbed once with this really, REALY big needle or, I have to sit through getting stabbed over and over again by another tinier needle. In and out. Cutting into and sliding under my skin, again and again. A cold shiver ran down my spine. My ears went back and I gave the syringe an icy glare. “Look, just- try not to think about it. Ok?” she added reassuringly. Easier said then done. I really didn't want that thing under my skin. Shivering I forced myself to comply. “Fine.” I turned reluctantly on my haunches so I was facing the far wall and tried my best to think about anything else other than the giant super prong of death. When my attempts to just push the thought out of my mind failed I settled for stalling the inevitable as a way of potentially distracting myself. “So what happened with the kid?" I asked, remembering the sleeping stallion just outside. "Did you manage to get in touch with his folks?” Staring out the window I could see what looked like a news van showing up. Further off, I also noticed a group of men, wielding what looked like tranq guns. I shuddered again. More needles. At first Rachel didn’t move, so I assumed she was deep in thought. My plan to stall was apparently working. “We did. They should be here late tomorrow.” “You tell them about how he's... you know?" I asked, raising an eyebrow… well, more cocked my head to the side, but same effect. "Not yet.” she answered with a sigh. “We all sort of agreed its best we wait till they get here.” Made sense I guess. It was unlikely his parents would buy much of our story with out seeing the kid first hand. Still, there was no telling how they would react when they did finally see him. “How is the kid doing?” I asked. “Honestly he handled the whole thing pretty well. Still, as happy as he seemed to be talking to them its clear he is a little scared.” I felt movement behind me and tensed. When nothing happened I tried a different topic. “What about Candy? She wake up yet?” I asked. “No, not yet. ” Suddenly I felt a sharp prick right in my left shoulder. I was so caught off guard that I nearly fell off the counter. I found myself biting down on a muffled growl, trying my best to not sound threatening. Thankfully Rachel didn't react. After a moment of extreme discomfort I felt the needle slide out. I shuddered from the sensation as Rachel continued. “Steven ended up sticking her in your old cage. I also think I managed to find a good use for that collar of yours.” The ringleader was wearing my collar? I nearly laughed out loud at the thought of such a poetic fate for her. Turning to face my sister I staggered slightly and was suddenly struck with light headedness. Were the drugs affecting me already? That was weirdly fast. Then again it could have just been exhaustion or a reaction from the stress of getting stabbed. Honestly, it could have been a combination of all three. Either way, my eyelids were already starting to get heavy. I watched her put the now empty syringe on a tray near the edge. “What about Jager?” She shook her head. “We checked. No sign or hair of him.” That news didn’t really surprise me but it was still concerning. I mean, its not like he had been locked in. Pluss he had all night to let himself out and hit the road. It occurred to me, he could be anywhere right now. That thought alone was enough to make me nervous. Somehow I doubted we had seen the last of the beast tamer. “Do you know what’s going to happen to me?” I asked jokingly. “Am I off to the zoo as well?” Rachel rolled her eyes. “Sure, right next to Candy. We'll sell tickets.” Taking a cotton ball soaked in something that smelled like alcohol, I watched as she dabbed the spot on my shoulder were she had stabbed me. “Short term, me and Steven are probably going to stay and help out with clean-up. Long term we are going to be staying with Stevens Sister. Apparently, she has a couple of spare rooms we can take up. “And me?” I asked pressing the issue. “For now, I am going to take care of you. The couch in my trailer folds out into a bed so you can stay there for tonight. Afterword's, well, Steven thinks he has a job lined up for me. Until then I should have enough saved up to feed a full grown tiger for a couple months.” “How long are you planning on taking care of me though? “Until you change back or something else happens I guess.” “I might not be an expert on magic but I doubt this tiger thing is just going to wear off. I mean, yea I might be able to subsist on kibble or something but even an intelligent cat like myself is going to be expensive to keep. I mean, is keeping a tiger around even legal. Pretty sure most states don’t even allow exotic pets like that.” “As it so happens Texas is special that way. And don’t worry about the money. Most of it was yours anyway.” I don’t know Rachel. Its just. Its a little weird having my little sister taking care of me like that.” “This coming from the guy who literally took care of me for eight strait years. Seriously Gabe, get over yourself. Its my turn to be the breadwinner.” Wow, I had no answer to that. On one hand the idea still didn’t feel right even though her logic made sense. On the other, it was nice to know I wasn’t just being abandoned. I mean I guess I knew she wouldn’t but it was still nice to hear. Rachel tossed the first cotton ball in the garbage before soaking a new one. A moment later she began prepping my other injuries. Leaning over, I watched nervously as she removed an electric razor from under the table. Great. Not only was I getting stitches but when I woke up I was going to have a couple bald spots. Silently I hoped I wouldn’t end up looking stupid. Head growing heavy from the effects of the drugs in my system, I gave in and let my body sink the rest of the way down onto the cold surface of the table. It was then Rachel finally decided to ask the unspoken question. “You- you don’t think that it’s really permanent, do you?” she asked, sounding hopeful. Her question caught me a little off guard. “You know, the curse on you and Tony, do you think that it might wear off?” I wasn’t sure how to answer, and I was suddenly reminded of an old movie called The Witches. In it a couple of kids got turned into mice by, well, a coven of witches. Naturally, by the end of the film the witches meet their just deserts and, later on, the main kid just wakes up one night and he is human again. Just like that, a picture perfect happily ever after. “I really don’t know, Rachel. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it, but it seems doubtful.” She looked away and her voice took on somber tone. “Are you ok with that?” she asked, an edge of concern in her voice. I stared down at my paws and tried to imagine hands instead. I tried imagining not having a tail and wearing clothes. Sleeping in a normal bed. It had been so long the idea was more abstract than anything else. And yet, at the same time, I knew in my heart what I wanted. More than anything, I wanted to climb into dads car, switch on the music and go for a drive. I wanted to order an apple pie, all for myself, and pay for it with my own money. I wanted to sit and play a board game with family, or catch a movie at the local theater. I wanted to get a job and go on my own adventures and maybe, finally, start living my life. "More than anything I guess I am just glad we are leaving this awful place. If I can also get a shower and some sleep in a proper bed, I think I'll be content for the night.” She nodded, distractedly. “How about you?” I asked mirroring her own question back at her. “How are you holding out?” “What do you mean?” “A lot's happened the past couple nights. Heck past couple years have been something out of a nightmare.” I strained my neck while trying to look her in the eye. My voice was getting heavy. “It wasn’t as hard on me as you might think. After all, it wasn’t me who was stuck in a cage for two years after getting made into a circus attraction.” “True, but lets stay on topic. Answer the question.” “Better now. Like you, I guess I am just glad its over now.” My vision started to fade, but before it went dark I noticed a faint smile appear on Rachel’s face. Outside I caught the sound of Steve arguing with one of the cops and suddenly I understood exactly where her thoughts where. “You really like him, don’t you?” I asked, slightly amused. She didn’t answer, but before I could press her, I felt her hand under my chin just as she planted a gentle kiss on my brow. Obviously a sinister attempt to deflect the topic of conversation. I don’t know why, but at that moment it was difficult to muster up any semblance of worry for the future. Likely a side effect of the tranquilizer but I didn’t care. That was also likely due to the drugs. Either way, I couldn’t remember the last time I had been this happy. As I drifted into the arms of unconsciousness the world around me began to grow quiet. Straining my voice the best I could, I called out to my sister. “You know I love you… right?” The world grew silent, and the soft gentle voice of my little sister was the last thing I heard. “I love you too, Gabriel…”...
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From the DepthsFrom the Lost Phylactery ChroniclesFar beyond the Known Worlds lies The Earth-Cluster, a group of mirrored universes that are linked by a shared timeline. In one of these universes a rouge planet, named Nibiru by the inhabitants of this Earth, entered the solar system from interstellar space. Before it plunged into the Sun and was consumed, Nibiru passed disastrously close to Earth resulting in titanic upheaval on the planet. The tectonic plates shifted, resulting in earthquakes of a magnitude humans didn’t believe was possible. Tsunamis mercilessly pounded coastlines across the globe, the great caldera of Yellowstone exploded, and the Ring of Fire erupted with a fury of ash and magma that saw the birth of hundreds of volcanos and islands all across the Pacific. Perhaps the most unexpected result was the coming of the gargantua, massive beast that stood anywhere from 50 to 200 feet high. Nobody knew where they came from.Two hundred years have passed since then, and the nations of Earth have begun to rise from the ashes once more. Technology and science has continued to advance even though many societies have chosen to return to a simpler lifestyle. The near-extinction of the Nibiru Cataclysm has united humanity in a way nothing before ever could; it seems as if this Earth may actually achieve the utopia that other Earths only dream about.But there are forces, both within and without, that will do anything to see this utopia never comes about . . .******************************************************************************************Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii Becky emerged slowly from the water, taking a few seconds to make sure her swimsuit was in its proper place before making her way back to the shore; she’d lost her top once to the surf, and Fenrir still hasn’t let her forget that. She was on the second day of what she planned on being a five day vacation on Waikiki Beach. It’s a rare thing for a Seeker to take a vacation, since the forces of darkness never do, but it’s a necessary luxury if one is to maintain their sanity; that’s one thing she’d learned in her seven generations of life. The trick for her was finding a secluded area that neither the Cult nor the demons knew about. That’s why she and her fellow Seekers use this isolated Earth-Cluster world to get a little respite from their never-ending war against the Red Hand. She walked gingerly on the warm sand, shaking her head to let the salt water drain from her auburn hair. The beach was mostly deserted except for a small group of Polynesians preparing for the day’s fishing. Behind them the crumbling ruins of Honolulu gave silent testament to what this beach used to look like before the rouge planet Nibiru wandered into the solar system and wreaked havoc. The Hawaiian Islands were mostly abandoned after that cataclysm, with only a few thousand natives remaining. Less than a hundred yards from the beach the Waikiki volcano slowly belched molten rock, steadily growing as it’s been doing ever since it formed two centuries ago. Fenrir was in his human form, wearing yellow Bermuda shorts with a pineapple motif. He was at the edge of the surf carefully sculpting wet sand into an elaborate medieval fortress. Font hung from his neck, giving him unsolicited suggestions. Ever since he gained the use of human hands Fenrir devoted as much time as he could to using them in artistic endeavors, mostly sculpting. Sand was one of his favorite mediums, despite its temporary nature. The last time the three of them were at this beach the wolf-were spent the whole five days creating an amazing sculpture of Neptune, God of the Seas. Becky retrieved a can of Coke from the cooler and settled down on her beach towel, putting her light cover-up on to protect her overly-sensitive skin from the rays of the Sun. Font soon joined her, materializing around her neck. She could tell by the look on the mimir’s ‘face’ that he was in a dejected mood; Fenrir probably told him to get lost.“How goes the construction?” Becky asked.“Apparently the old fur-ball doesn’t want my valuable, learned advice,” Font huffed. “He threatened to bury me so deep in the sand that Blackbeard wouldn’t be able to find me.”Becky just laughed and pulled the tab on the aluminum can, taking a long draw of the acidic beverage within. One of the unspoken advantages to being a Seeker was that she could eat or drink anything she wanted without worrying about it rotting her teeth, clogging her arteries or going to her hips. She then slipped a pair of sunglasses over her eyes and lay back to enjoy the warm volcanic sand. “Well look at what washed ashore. I thought I would find you here, Angel of Winter.”Becky looked up and saw Alyssa, one of her fellow Seekers. The golden-haired elf looked like she just stepped off the cover of an elven version of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, having traded in her normal blue dragon-scale armor for a rather skimpy bikini. A silver holy symbol of Muriel hung from her neck; Alyssa had been a high priestess of Muriel before the Archangel sacrificed herself, and could still draw upon her holy power when needed. She was accompanied by her familiar Joey. Unlike most animal familiars, Joey was a pixie just under eight inches high. The only survivor of his clan when the Red Hand’s undead legions burned his forest to the ground, he willingly bonded himself to Alyssa early in the war. “Hello, Becky,” Alyssa smiled.“Hello, Alyssa,” Becky smiled back. “What brings you to this corner of the Infiniverse, Giantess of Dawn?”“Same as you, I’ll wager; vacation,” Alyssa replied. “I just spent the last two weeks chasing some insane cultist across the frozen tundra of Gemmosh, and I’m ready for some warm weather.” She took a beach towel out of her bag and spread it out next to Becky’s. “Maybe while I’m here I’ll see if I can spar with some gargantua.”“You WANT to pick a fight with a gargantua?” Font asked.“The gargantuas are actually rather gentle,” Alyssa explained, settling down on her towel. “To them it’s just play unless you threaten their nesting grounds or young. Then all bets are off, and they get really nasty. Besides, I need the workout. There are few creatures that get as large as the gargantua; even the storm giants top out at fifty feet. Um, Fenrir, aren’t you a little old for sand castles?”“It’s not a sand castle,” Fenrir corrected, looking up from his work. “It’s a sand Sculpture.” Joey flittered over and gently landed on one of the sand towers. “It is a sculpture of a castle made out of sand,” he pointed out. “That sure sounds like a sand castle to me.” “And every castle needs a fool,” Fenrir swatted at the pixie. “Get off there you little runt.”Becky handed Alyssa a Coke, and the two women chatted for some time, catching up on the news of the Known Worlds and regaling each other with tales of their exploits. Fenrir continued to work on his sand masterpiece while Joey sat on the edge of the cooler, helping himself to the sliced watermelon and playing riddle games with Font. Their casual repartee was eventually broken by a disturbance in the water. Becky looked out to sea just as a massive reptilian creature was rising from the depths of the Pacific. She was awestruck by the gargantua’s sheer size, standing nearly 120 feet high on two gigantic legs. Its scales were a dark blue-green in color, and an almost stereotypical crest ran down its back from the top of its head to the end of its tail. The gargantua moved with a strange sense of purpose, wading ashore and heading straight for the ruins of Honolulu. The native Polynesians scrambled to get out of the creature’s way.“You’d better do something about Godzilla here,” Becky glanced over at Alyssa, “before he ends up accidentally stomping on some poor native’s hut.”“Fine, I’ll turn him around,” Alyssa said. “This shouldn’t take too long. Watch my towel.”Alyssa got up and headed for the water, getting bigger with each step. By the time she reached the surf she was passing thirty feet and growing fast. Becky knew that there was theoretically no limit to how big Alyssa could get, but there was a practical limitation; the amount of time Alyssa could maintain her size was inversely proportional to her height, and decreased on an exponential scale rather than a linear one. This was the reason why she never grew bigger than she needed to be in order to get the job done, which in this case was 100 feet tall. By staying slightly smaller than the gargantua, she was hoping not to appear as a threat to it. Alyssa intercepted the gargantuan at the edge of the beach, just in front of one of the old luxury hotels. She raised her arms in front of her chest, mimicking a gesture the gargantua understood to be a claim of territorial rights. Normally the trespassing gargantua would just below and posture itself in an attempt at intimidation. As long as Alyssa maintained her ground, the gargantua would eventually recognize her ownership of the city and move on. At least that’s how it was supposed to work, but for some reason this gargantua wasn’t playing by the rules.Without even issuing a challenge the creature swung its huge tail around, lifting Alyssa off the ground and throwing her into the hotel. She crashed into the already weakened building, putting a huge hole in the first seven stories. Natives on the ground panicked and fled as the ancient structure wobbled. Becky began to fear that the building would collapse on top of Alyssa, and she wasn’t sure if the giantess could survive such an event. Fortunately the hotel remained standing, though the next typhoon would probably be the buildings last. Alyssa crawled out of the hotel, the impact leaving her bruised and bloodied. Without her armor she was at a disadvantage; normally her dragon-scale armor would allow her to punch her way through the structure without harm. A soft golden light emanated from her holy symbol, spreading across her body and healing her wounds. Alyssa reached into the rubble of the hotel and pulled out a steel I-beam. She charged the gargantua, growing larger as she did until she matched the creature’s height. Striking it across the snout with the beam, she staggered the creature and forced it back. Striking again and again, she forced her opponent to fall back into deeper water.Alyssa was soon standing waist-deep in the ocean; any deeper and the gargantua would have the advantage. She halted her attack, hoping the gargantua would get the message and move on to the next beach. Focused on the opponent in front of her, she didn’t see the giant tentacles rising from the water behind her. Becky tried to scream a warning, but Alyssa was too far out to hear her. The tentacles wrapped around Alyssa and lifted her off her feet. Another gargantuan, this one looking much like a giant squid, rose up out of the water holding Alyssa above its head. The second gargantua was shorter than the first, being no more than 80 feet tall, and stood on four short, thick tentacles that served as legs. Four more huge tentacles surrounded its circular body, each one nearly 200 feet long and as thick as a large tree. Two normal sized feeding tentacles hung near the gargantua’s beak-like mouth.The squid-gargantua threw Alyssa back toward the beach. Her impact with the water sent a massive wave surging toward the shore. Becky unfurled her wings and jumped into the air with Font and Joey. Fenrir screamed in panic and threw himself in front of his sand castle, as if his body would be able to protect it from the wall of water that was fast approaching. It didn’t work; the castle was washed away in an instant. Alyssa quickly got back on her feet and fell back to the shore. By this time most of the natives had already retreated to safer ground, with many of them scaling the calmer sides of the volcano in order to both get out of harm’s way and watch the bizarre spectacle of gargantua battling a bikini-clad elven giantess. Becky knew she had to do something, but her weapons were useless against creatures this size and she couldn’t assume her full angel form on this world. She headed back out over the volcano, trying to think of a way to distract the second gargantua.Cresting the summit, Becky was surprised to see a small ship observing the fight. It appeared to be a destroyer about 230 feet long and equipped for scientific research, with a DSV suspended over its stern and side doors for deploying small craft. The ship was armed with a turreted 130mm rail gun on its fore deck, four vertical-launch anti-ship missile launchers, two air defense missile batteries, torpedo tubes fore and aft, an array of point-defense machine guns and lasers, and a single cruise missile launcher. What concerned Becky the most was the odd-looking device that was mounted above the bridge. It was a parabolic dish with an inverted cone in its center, and looked like something from an old Flash Gordon movie. “What’s that ship doing here?” Joey asked. “That monster could sink it like it was nothing.”“It’s up to no good, that’s for sure,” Becky surmised, sticking close to the volcano’s flank to avoid being detected by the vessel’s radar. “Font, better get my gear.”There was a quick shimmering as Font replaced Becky’s swimsuit with her normal armor and weapons. “Do you think they are responsible for the gargantua’s odd behavior?”“Joey, take Font and slip onto the bridge. Let’s see what they’re up to.”*********************************************************************************************Main bridge, research cruiser USS ArgoDoctor Yamamoto Fujita couldn’t believe his eyes. The pirate leader Kim Jae-ho had demanded that he send the gargantuan against the ruins of Honolulu as a dry run, in preparation for a future attack on a populated city like Tokyo or Seattle. The goal of the test was to see if they could force the creature to act against its basic inclinations in order to destroy an entire city. The pirates had considered the possibility of some token resistance from the local natives, perhaps some rocket or even artillery fire, but nothing like this. Who would have believed that the city would be defended by a 120 foot tall blond-haired beach bunny?“What do you make of that, Hiro?” Kim Jae-ho asked his second. “I’ve never heard of a humanoid gargantua.”“Maybe she’s a mutant,” Hiro offered, “caused by radiation from Pearl Harbor.” “Don’t be a fool Hiro,” Kim scoffed. “That only happens in comic books and bad American movies.”“She could be an alien from Nibiru,” another pirate offered. "Look at her ears."Kim rolled his eyes. “Aliens the size of skyscrapers landed on Earth 200 years ago and we’re just now seeing them? I think not. What is your educated opinion, Doctor Yamamoto? What exactly are we dealing with?” “Whatever she is, she’s most assuredly not a gargantua,” Doctor Yamamoto replied.“Can you tame this giantess? If we can gain control of her, Chen Wang lei will be pleased.” “No. As I stated, she’s not a gargantua. She’s also clearly sentient, so the Tamer will not have any effect on her. We must withdraw the gargantua before either of them gets hurt.”“If Chen Wang lei cannot control her, then she is a threat to Chen Wang lei and must therefore be destroyed. Send in the other gargantua, then bring the ship around and make ready with the rail gun.”“No!” Yamamoto shouted. He stepped toward the pirate, only to face a half-dozen rifles aimed at his chest. “You can’t destroy something simply because you don’t understand it!”“Chen Wang lei can destroy anything he pleases,” Kim smirked. “I would suggest you do as you are told, Doctor. I would hate to see anything ‘unpleasant’ happen to your pretty granddaughter.”Doctor Yamamoto looked to the back of the bridge where the pirates were holding Kameko. His nineteen-year-old granddaughter had begged him to allow her to come on this voyage as an intern. When the pirates seized the Argo, he feared for her safety most of all. The man holding her grabbed her hair and pulled her close to him, licking her ear. Kameko struck the man forcibly in the jaw with her elbow, but the man only laughed and kicked her feet out from under her, forcing her to the deck. Yamamoto held his hands up and went to the Tamer console. Adjusting the frequencies, he sent a signal that would make the squid-gargantua think that the giantess was a threat to its nest. The Argo came around the volcano to allow the rail gun a clear shot just as the squid slammed the giantess into the water. The wave generated by the gargantua’s attack rocked the ship, causing the bridge crew to stumble. Doctor Yamamoto ‘accidentally’ fell against the throttle, sending the ship’s engines into emergency reverse. Kameko took advantage of the moment to grab the pig that was guarding her. She quickly disarmed him and tossed him across the bridge, where he collided with the helmsman; her Judo master would be so proud of her. The wheel spun wildly as the force of the waves shoved the Argo’s bow aside and making it impossible to aim the rail gun.He felt the barrel of a pistol against temple. “There is a fine line between a hero and a fool, Kameko,” Kim said. “Try not to cross it.”Kameko just glared at Kim, though she held the rifle loosely. The pig strode up to her and angrily recovered his weapon, and then struck her across the face with the back of his hand. Doctor Yamamoto was violently shoved to the deck next to her. He picked his granddaughter up and slid to the back of the bridge, taking out a handkerchief in order to clean the blood from her lips.Suddenly the Doctor got an epiphany. “Kameko, listen closely,” he whispered. “I’m going to try to get to the Tamer and redirect the squid to attack the Argo. I must die with the ship, but you can escape in the confusion and swim for shore. Make for the old Coast Guard station and use the communication gear there to call for help.”“But Grandfather . . .” Kameko began, tears forming in her eyes.“But nothing!” he hissed. “The world must be warned about Chen Wang lei and Hóng shǒu! There is no other way!”“I can think of another way,” a tiny male voice said in Yamamoto’s ear.Doctor Yamamoto and Kameko were stunned when a strange creature shimmered into view right in front of their faces. The little creature was no larger than the Doctor’s outstretched hand, and like a fantastical combination of human and insect, possessing the wings, legs, and antenna of a grasshopper but a human-like upper body. His head closely resembled that of a human, but his features were more angled and delicate, reminding Yamamoto of the fae of Western Europe. He was wearing a simple green tunic and trousers with a floppy pointed hat. A silver pendant, much too large for his size, hung from his neck.“Who are you?” Kameko asked. “For that matter, WHAT are you?”“My name’s Joey,” he replied, “and I’m a pixie. Now stop asking stupid questions and tell me why you’re here. Are you the reason these overgrown beasts are attacking Alyssa?”“You mean the giantess?” Yamamoto said, hope rising in his voice. “Please, they mean her no harm.”The pixie crossed his arms and looked skeptically at them. “Then why is it trying to rip her head off?”Doctor Yamamoto pulled Kameko close to him in order to hide the pixie from view. He quickly explained that he had created the device to help the gargantua, to prove that they had the same right to live as any other creature of God. The pirate Kim Jae-ho, working for the criminal mastermind Chen Wang lei, seized his ship and stole his work. Chen Wang lei and his mysterious ally Hóng shǒu intended to enslave the gargantua in order to turn them into an army that would allow them to dominate the entire Earth.“Kim Jae-ho intends to kill the giantess as a threat to Chen Wang lei,” Doctor Yamamoto warned. “You have to warn Alyssa as quickly as possible!”“You just did,” Joey said. “Alyssa can see and hear anything I do; you could say that I’m her spy, going places she can’t go. You’d better go tell Becky about this, Font.” The pendant shimmered and vanished. “Who’s Becky? Is there a second giantess?”“No, Becky’s an angel. Do you two have blankets? I have a hunch it’s about to get REALLY cold soon.” With that, the pixie faded from sight again.Kameko shook her head in disbelief. “First giants, then pixies, and now angels. Is there a dragon too?”“No, the dragon couldn’t make it,” Joey’s disembodied voice replied. “He’s out righting wrongs, doing good deeds, smiting evil and all that happy stuff paladins do. Now, how do I shut this gizmo of yours down?”“There is a key in the center of the panel,” Doctor Yamamoto explained. “Turn it all the way counter-clockwise, then take the key out and hide it. The Tamer will not power up again without the key.”“Grandfather, look!” Kameko gasped, pointing to the bridge windows. “Is that frost?”Doctor Yamamoto looked and, as incredible as it seemed, the bridge windows were frosting over despite the tropical heat of Hawaii. When Joey mentioned that it was ‘going to get cold’, he assumed that pixie was speaking figuratively. Now it was clear that he had meant it literary. Outside, he could see that the deck was covered in a thick sheet of ice that was rapidly expanding. He didn’t know how they were accomplishing this feat, but wherever these people came from it was obvious that they were possessed of extraordinary abilities.“Sir . . . the ship!” one of the pirates stammered. “It’s freezing up!” “That’s impossible, it’s August and we’re in Hawaii!” Kim shouted. “What is happening here?”*********************************************************************************************The ruins of HonoluluAlthough the reptile gargantua had the advantage of teeth and claws, Alyssa was by far the more intelligent of the two, and she was making good use of her brain. She continually dodged between buildings, pelting the gargantua with dumpsters, old cars, and whatever other piece of debris was available. Each time the gargantua turned to meet the attack, the giantess would slip away. Alyssa did not want to kill the gargantua, but she was running out of options. She couldn’t keep playing cat-and-mouse forever.Alyssa carefully scaled the side of the five-story parking garage, making sure not to dislodge any of the centuries-old concrete. On the other side of the structure the gargantua looked around in confusion, trying to figure out where she went to. She had reduced her size down to 50 feet in order to duck around the buildings, and was now moving in for another sneak attack. By constantly altering her size, she was not only confusing and outmaneuvering the creature, but she was also conserving her own energy. Reaching the top of the parking garage Alyssa pulled herself up to the top deck. The gargantua had its back to her now and was unaware of her presence. The combination of her own height with that of the parking garage put her just above the gargantua’s head, which was perfect for her next move. Picking up a battered but still amazingly rust-free BMW, she threw the car at the gargantua and struck it on the side of its head. Roaring with surprise and pain, the gargantua swung its tail at the parking garage. The huge tail carved a large swath out of the second and third decks, and caused the whole structure to shake violently. Alyssa jumped off the top deck, growing as rapidly as she could. Reaching 100 feet, she landed on the gargantua’s back and wrapped her arms around its neck in what she hopped was a sleeper hold; she had taken out stone giants with this maneuver before, but had no idea if it would work against a creature this big. The gargantua stepped back and slammed her against the parking garage. The garage shuddered from the impact, and then collapsed like a house of cards. Alyssa barely rolled out of the way in time to avoid being crushed beneath the gargantua as it fell back into the rubble. Scrambling to her feet, she lifted the heaviest piece of reinforced concrete she could and bought it down on the giant reptile’s head. The gargantua recoiled, stunned by the blow. Shrinking back down to 30 feet, she jumped over the massive tail and sprinted through the deserted streets toward a residential area near the beach and away from the Polynesian’s village. The gargantua pulled itself from the rubble of the parking garage and pursued her. “Ok Alyssa,” she heard Joey’s voice in her head. “Doctor Yamamoto showed me how to shut this thing down. See if you can get that overgrown iguana to go home now.”“It’s about time,” Alyssa thought back.Alyssa stopped amid what once might have been luxury townhomes. Growing to match the gargantuan’s 120 foot height; she again made the gesture of territory. This time the gargantua just leaned forward and let out a deafening roar, opening its jaws wide and showing its teeth. She mimicked an owl’s screech and punched through the roof of a nearby townhouse and tore out several floor joists. The gargantuan responded to her show of force with a display of its own, swiping its tail and smashing out the front walls of another cluster of townhouses. Alyssa repeated her screech and pulled a power pole out of the ground, waving it threateningly at her opponent. Back and forth they went for several minutes; stomping on abandon cars, knocking over palm trees and punching roofs. Finally the gargantuan, satisfied that it had proven that it did not fear Alyssa, decided that she could have the ruins. Turning away from her, the giant reptile made its way back to the beach. Alyssa followed closely behind it, making sure to keep enough of a distance that the gargantua did not feel threatened. Reaching the water’s edge, the gargantua plunged into the Pacific like nothing happened.Now to deal with the bastards that caused all this. ******************************************************************************************Main bridge, research cruiser USS ArgoSeveral minutes later, Kim Jae-ho was still frantically trying to deal with the rapidly icing ship. Frozen hatchways had many of the pirates trapped below deck. The ice seemed to be deliberately forming in such a manner as to create maximum chaos and confusion, and Doctor Yamamoto could only surmise that there was an intelligent force directing it. He saw the reptilian gargantua passing between the old hotels and casually strolling into the water. Freed from the influence of the Tamer, the creature was going home. “Sir, something’s gone wrong!” one of the pirates shouted. “The gargantua is leaving the area.”“What . . .how?” Kim stammered. He ran over to the Tamer console, a look of anger and horror crossing his face when he saw the missing key. “Someone has shut down the Tamer! Where is that key? If I find one of you has double crossed me, I will make you beg for death!”Kim pulled his pistol out to emphasize his point, only to have the weapon suddenly jerked from his hand and sent skittering across the deck. He hurried across the bridge to retrieve his pistol, only to have it knocked away again. Kamiko had to put her hand over her face to stifle a laugh. The pixie was taking full advantage of his small size and invisibility to toy with the pirate.“What the hell is happening?” Kim screamed.“We’ve got trouble, sir,” the helmsman said quietly, his eyes wide with fear. “BIG trouble.”Doctor Yamamoto followed the man’s gaze to the beach. There, coming through the buildings behind the gargantua, was the giantess Alyssa. She looked bigger now than when he first saw her. Was this a trick of perspective, or did she have the ability to alter her size as needed? “Quick, bring the rail gun around!” Kim ordered.“It’s off-line sir! The barrel is plugged with ice, and the computer has shut down the magnetic capacitors!”“Fire the missiles then!” Kim screamed in panic. “Use the damn cruise if you have to!”“The launch doors are all frozen shut! Even the point-defenses are down, and it will take hours to de-ice!”“Get us out of here!” Kim ordered the helmsman. “That giantess can’t follow us into deeper water!”“I’m trying sir!” the helmsman said. "The rudder’s frozen and we can’t get any thrust from the props.”Kim grabbed the ship’s PA mike. “Attention all hands!” he announced. “Prepare to defend the ship to the death with whatever weapons are available. Those that flee will be hunted down by Chen Wang lei and executed in the most gruesome manner possible. That is all.” “Take the bridge, Hiro,” Kim ordered. “I am going contact Chen Wang lei and request assistance.” Kim spun around and hurried off the bridge, heading below deck rather hastily. Doctor Yamamoto noticed that the pirate leader was heading toward the research bay rather than the radio room. ******************************************************************************************Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii Just off shore was the research vessel, which was now completely covered in ice. Fenrir, in his hybrid form, had commandeered a native canoe and was fiercely paddling toward the ship, ignoring the occasional burst of automatic gunfire since he had no cause to fear normal lead bullets. Alyssa stepped over the beach and waded into the ocean, increasing her height to compensate for the depth of the water. The pirates were trying to flee, but the weight of the ice was hindering them. Alyssa quickened her pace, grateful for the firm sand beneath her feet. She soon caught up with Fenrir. “You need a lift, handsome?” she asked, gently lifting the canoe out of the water.“Can I ride in your bosom?” Fenrir teased.“Another crack like that mister,” Alyssa laughed as she gently lifted him out of the canoe, “and you’ll be flying the rest of the way.” She placed the wolf-were on her shoulder and continued to wade toward the ship.The ocean was just over chest-deep by the time Alyssa reached the Argo. A few of the pirates were on the deck, frantically trying to free the main gun from its icy confines. Other pirates fired at her with automatic rifles and even side arms. One resourceful fellow even tried to fire an RPG at her, but Alyssa just batted the small rocket away. At her current size the bullets felt like insect bites; mildly painful and distracting, but hardly dangerous. She didn’t even bother to use her healing powers. She plucked one of the annoying riflemen off the deck and casually flung him into the sea. Fenrir jumped from her shoulder and landed on top of the deck turret, delivering a savage punch to one of the pirates working there. Becky was fighting on the port side deck, her sword in one hand and her pistol in the other. Her fiery wings were still unfurled, probably as a means of putting the fear of God in her opponents. “About time you showed up,” Becky called out. “What’d you do Alyssa, go shopping?”“Well, you know me,” Alyssa smiled. “I saw the cutest pair of shoes, and I just had to try them on.” Becky laughed lightly. “I think Fenrir and I can handle the pirates. You think you can beach this whale?”“Not a problem,” Alyssa proclaimed. “It’s just like playing with a bath toy.”Alyssa put her hands against a section of the hull that was still free of ice and pushed the bow around until the ship was pointing toward the beach, and then made her way to the stern. Carefully gripping both corners of the ship, she dug her feet into the sandy ocean floor pushed. The sea between her and the stern began to froth wildly as the ship’s engines were thrown into reverse. She gritted her teeth and pushed harder, moving the ship inexorably closer to the beach. After several minutes struggling against the force of propellers, the ship’s engines finally quit. Alyssa wasn’t sure if this meant that the engines failed or if someone finally recognized the futility of the situation and shut them down. Either way, she wasn’t going to give them a moment to recover. Alyssa sat down with her back against the stern and used her full body strength to wedge the ship into the sand. There was no way this vessel was getting back to sea without the aid of a tugboat. Exhausted, she pulled her knees to her chest and rested her head. “Alyssa!” Becky shouted, “heads up!”Alyssa looked up just in time to see the port side launch door slide open. A small Jet Ski with one man aboard zipped out of the bay, skittered across the ice and headed out to sea. Alyssa kicked at it, sending up a giant wave that the Jet Ski simply jumped over. Becky shot several ice arrows at it, but the nimble watercraft evaded the arrows and the blocks of frozen sea water that they produced. Within seconds it was gone, moving far too fast for either of the women to catch. Oh well Alyssa thought to herself; so one snake managed to slither away. If she knew anything about these vipers, it was most likely the chieftain escaping and leaving his minions to suffer the consequences.The more things change. . .*********************************************************************************************Main bridge, research cruiser USS ArgoIn the three days the pirates controlled the Argo, Doctor Yamamoto had come to the conclusion that the incompetent Hiro received his position as second only because he was a boot-licking yes-man that was constantly bowing and scraping before Kim Jae-ho. Now that the pirate leader flew the coup and left him in charge, Hiro has managed to prove that the doctor’s analysis was indeed correct. The buffoon was screaming incoherently, giving contradictory orders, and threatening violence against the crew. “Why are we still moving toward the beach?” Hiro screamed at the poor helmsman. “Bring us around, you moronic jackass! Why have the engines stopped?”“They've overheated, sir!” the helmsman tried to explain. “The ice is blocking the coolant intakes!” There was a jarring crunch as the Argo’s bow plowed into the sand. “We’re grounded, sir!” “You incompetent fool!” Hiro shouted. Pulling his pistol, he shot the helmsman in the chest. “Take the girl and make for the research bay,” he ordered the pig. “We can use her as a hostage while we escape in the hovercraft. As for you Doctor Yamamoto, Chen Wang lei no longer has a need of you.”Hiro leveled his gun at Doctor Yamamoto’s head. The Doctor tensed, his muscles prepared to launch a final attack, hoping to give Kameko a chance to escape. Joey acted first, however. Without warning a small cloud of glittering dust appeared out of thin air and wafted into Hiro’s face. He coughed once and staggered, then his eyes rolled back and he collapsed on the deck. Yamamoto dove for the gun, taking ahold of it and rolling into a crouching position with the weapon pointed at the door guard. A waste basket flew into the air, spun around, and landed right on the head of the pig holding his granddaughter. Kameko wasted no time, twisting around and bringing her knee up forcefully into the man’s groin. He doubled over in pain, and Kameko followed up with a powerful blow to the kidney. Seizing the man’s rifle, she pressed the barrel against his back.“Just give me an honorable excuse to kill you,” Kameko hissed.Just then the main door opened, and a large wolf-man wearing pineapple Bermuda shorts stepped onto the bridge. Casually surveying the situation, he calmly extended his hand to the door guard and made a ‘give-me’ motion with his fingers. Sheepishly the young pirate surrendered his rifle. There was a slight shimmering in the air as Joey appeared above the wolf-man and settled on his head.“I have everything under control here, Fenrir,” Joey patted the wolf-man’s lupine head. “This is Doctor Yamamoto Fujita and his more-than-capable granddaughter Kameko.”“A werewolf,” Kameko sighed. “I should have guessed . . .”Fenrir’s muzzle flared as he growled at Kameko. “Why do you humans always assume that I come from your stock?” he asked, indignation rising in his voice. “I am nowhere near that savage; I am pure lupine.”“He’s a little sensitive,” Joey explained. “Just give him a doggie treat and he’ll be fine.”Joey shot up into the air laughing as Fenrir grabbed for him. *********************************************************************************************Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii The ruins of Honolulu cast long shadows across the beach as the sun sank low in the west. The Waikiki volcano was having a tantrum, tossing flaming ‘lava bombs’ into the darkening sky and putting on a fiery show that would put the finest fireworks display to shame. Just off shore the USS Argo listed slightly to port, its icy coat slowly melting away under the Pacific heat. Once the tide came back in the morning, Alyssa would help the crew free the ship and move it to the old US Navy base at Pearl Harbor. The surviving pirates were locked up in the old Coast Guard station until the International Maritime Authority could arrive and take them into custody.But for now, it was time to celebrate. The natives were putting on a traditional Hawaiian luau to commemorate the victory not only over the gargantua’s, but the pirates as well. Tiki torches lit the beach, and a large hog was slowly roasting over an open fire. Several women in grass skirts were performing a Hulu dance while musicians played timeless music on hand-crafted instruments. The Argo had a supply of Russian vodka on board, from which the islanders made wonderfully fruity concoctions. Becky sat at a long table along with Alyssa, Fenrir, Doctor Yamamoto, Kameko and Captain Dwain Archer, a giant of a man from Texas. The table was laid out with all kinds of tropical foods; including pineapples, sweet bread, fish, coconut pies, and roast pig. Joey sat in the middle of the table, happily nibbling on a pineapple ring. “The dry docks and repair shops at Pearl Harbor should still be functional,” Captain Archer was explaining. “Don’t believe the rumors of radiation at Pearl Harbor; that’s just misinformation put out by the US government to keep looters and scavengers away from the base until such a time as the Navy can recover it.”“That’s why my research is so important,” Doctor Yamamoto said. “The US government is making plans to reclaim the Hawaiian Islands and must find a way to deal with the gargantua. There is a growing movement worldwide to eliminate the creatures altogether.”“Exterminate the gargantua?” Alyssa replied in horror. “Under what pretense would they take such a drastic action?”“They say that, since there is no trace of the gargantua in the fossil record,” Kameko explained, “it proves the gargantuas were transplanted to Earth by meteors from Nibiru when the rouge planet broke up. As such, they are an invasive extraterrestrial species and must be destroyed to protect the Earth’s ecosystem.”“That’s why I developed the Tamer,” Doctor Yamamoto continued. “By convincing the gargantua that we are not a threat to them or their young, it will allow scientist to get close to the nest and study the newly hatched creatures. If we can show a DNA link to the rest of the Earth’s biosphere, it will prove that they are natives.”“Such a device would also keep the creatures away from cities along the pacific rim like Tokyo,” Font mused. “That would nullify another argument for the creature’s destruction.”“Precisely,” Doctor Yamamoto said, “but now that Chen Wang lei has stolen my work . . .”“Who is this Chen Wang lei character?” Fenrir asked. “Chen Wang lei used to be just a minor pirate lord operating out of Taiwan,” Captain Archer replied. “A few years ago he hooked up with some clown that calls himself Hóng shǒu. Now he controls most of mainland China, Korea, parts of Siberia and Manchuria. Not to mention the Sea of Japan. His pirates range all over the South Pacific and parts of the Indian Ocean, although we never expected to find them all the way out to Hawaii.”“Hóng shǒu you say?” Font replied. “Interesting . . .”“You can help us though,” Kameko pleaded, looking at Becky and Alyssa. “You have magic powers; we’ve all seen them. My friends in China claim that Hóng shǒu is a demon that also possesses magic powers, and can raise the dead to do his bidding. I didn’t believe them until now. Please help us.”“If this Hóng shǒu really does have access to magic,” Captain Archer said, “it could be bad for us.”“The trouble is,” Becky said delicately as she could, “we Seekers have our own war to wage. We . . .”“Um, Kameko,” Font interrupted. “Perhaps you should tell Becky and Alyssa what Hóng shǒu translates to.” “In English,” Kameko said “Hóng shǒu translates as ‘The Red Hand.”Becky’s jaw dropped at the mention of The Red Hand, and Fenrir nearly chocked on his adult beverage. What the hell was The Red Hand doing on Earth, a magically dead world completely devoid of any lich-artifacts? And why was he conspiring with local criminals? She looked over at her fellow Seeker, seeing a look of shock and revulsion on Alyssa’s face. Whatever the Red Hand was up to, they owed it to the people of this Earth for stop him.“Do you know who this ‘Red Hand’ is?” Doctor Yamamoto asked.“Unfortunately, yes,” Becky replied. “He’s the ancient lich that we’ve been fighting for the last seven generations, though I have no idea what he is doing here. I’m sure Alyssa will stay and help deal with him.”“Why me, Becky?” Alyssa protested. “This is an Earth-Cluster world, and I’m an elf. I don’t fit in here, and I’m not good with technology like you are. You should be the one to stay.”“You know my powers are limited here, Alyssa,” Becky persisted. “I can’t take full angel form on Earth for the same reason the demons can’t come here. Besides, giant monsters are kind of your department. Don’t worry about the tech stuff; I’m sure Doctor Yamamoto, Kameko, and Captain Archer will help you out with that.” “Of course we will,,,,,” Kameko quickly replied, glancing over at Doctor Yamamoto and Captain Archer for confirmation. “We would be honored if you would assist us in this endeavor against Chen Wang lei.”“Just don’t push any strange buttons,” Fenrir warned, “and you’ll be fine.”“Will you please stay and help us, Alyssa?” Doctor Yamamoto asked.“If the lich is involved in this somehow,” Alyssa sighed, “then it is my sacred duty to stop him. Very well, I will remain here on Earth to help put an end to Chen Wang lei’s mad dreams, and drive Hóng shǒu from the land. There’s just one thing: before I go tangling with any more gargantua, I’m finishing my damn vacation. Someone pass me the rolls"
Lone Wolf (Version 2.0) (WIP) by NobodyX7

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Bunny, Kitty, and Grizzly by NobodyX7
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The First Skinwalker by NobodyX7
Lance Ref 2 (Please Read Description) by DemonFall01
How Far Would You Go? II Pt. 5 (TMNT x Reader)One month passes.“Everything is going to be ok.”Another month passes.“Everything will be ok.”And another passes.“It’s ok… it’s ok… it will all be ok.”When this all started, you really did believe those words. With that encouraging smile of his, Leonardo would promise on his honor everything will be ok. You’d smile when you’d heard those words, especially coming from him. You had faith in him. You had faith he and his brothers would keep you safe. You had faith he and his brothers would find and put a stop to Agent John Bishop once and for all. You had faith he and his brothers would reunite you with your family, and you would at long last have your life back.You had faith. Had.Now, you can’t remember the last time you had faith. You can’t remember the last time you found hope in those words. All you feel now, and growing with each passing day, is—dare you say—frustration. But you’re afraid to admit it. It’s not like you’re mad at the turtles or April, but you’ve been stuck in the lair for four long months, being fed one empty promise after another about getting your life back soon, free from Bishop’s terror. With that mad man still out there, you’ll always be in danger. Hiding down here was the safest option. Even though you understood this, you never imagined that your life with the turtles—your best friends—would be so… so… lonely.Bishop still hasn’t resurfaced. With April investigating during the day and the turtles searching at night, you’d thought maybe a trace would’ve been found by now. Meeting one dead end after the other makes it discouraging for everyone. Of course, the turtles would try to keep you company as often as they could, but now that you’re completely healed, they are out more often, trying to find any leads while you are left alone most of the day. Sometimes they would return home with pieces of busted junk, which you’d hardly consider progress. But when the turtles are around, there is a different kind of loneliness you feel that not even they could help, but you kept it to yourself. It makes no sense. You’re lonely with or without them. You can’t understand why you are feeling this way, until it finally dawns upon you: You haven’t spoken to your family ever since this whole mess began. You just up and left without saying goodbye. You’ve always seen the turtles, April, and even Casey as your family—your second family—but you’re missing your real family, the ones you willingly sacrificed yourself for in the first place. You did this for the turtles, but you also did it for them.When was the last time you heard your (mother’s/father’s) loving voice? When did your (brother*s/sister*s) tease and banter with you last? When was the last time you were in a safe, warm embrace, laughing, and spending time together? Like mist fading in the sun, the memories are vague and out of reach, slipping from your mind’s grasp, no matter how hard you try holding onto them. An unbearable pain suddenly tugs at your heart. Not a physical pain; an emotional pain, but it hurts just as much. You suddenly miss those hugs, those mornings and those dinners together, their voices, and the times spent with your loved ones. As much as you love the turtles like family, you finally admit they can’t replace your real one.Having the courage to finally admit that to yourself suddenly makes you feel sick. Your throat strains and you gag on a sob as the room starts to spin. Your gut wrenches so much that you bend over, crushing the air right out of your lungs. Quickly, you stumble into the bathroom, locking the door behind you as you crumble to the floor, curling your hands into quivering fists. You clench your jaw, trying to hold back the loud cries from escaping your straining throat. Air is sucked in through your teeth, then forced out in breathless whimpers as hot tears pour from your swelling eyes and stream down your burning face. You can’t hold in anymore. You miss your family.You barely sleep that night, your mind full of nothing but distant memories of your family—even the sour memories. You recall a time long ago when a fierce argument broke out between you and your loved ones. Overwhelmed by anger, you lost control and declared how much you hated them. You cursed them, saying you didn’t need them in your life; that you didn’t want to see them ever again. Back then, you told yourself you could be just as happy, if not happier, with the turtles as your family, replacing them with your real one. You rub your face into your pillow, wiping away your fresh set of tears, muffling your sobs as you realize how stupid you were to say such a thing back then. Of course, you still love them. You always will. And now you’re separated all because you thought you could face off against Bishop alone.You take a deep, cleansing breath and roll over on your back, staring blankly at the ceiling. Wallowing in your sadness makes this night feel like it’ll never end. You give the digital clock by the side of your bed a quick glance and huff impatiently. 2:55 AM. You haven’t slept at all. Time is moving too slowly, and even if morning did arrive, what would you do then? Wander aimlessly around the lair, being told ‘everything is going to be ok’ by which ever turtle you bump into, like how it’s always been for the pass few months? You groan and roll back over on your stomach, burying your head underneath your pillow.Squeezing your eyes shut, you rummage your restless mind, trying to think of some way to calm yourself, but all you think of and see is your family’s smiling faces as they welcome you back into their arms. If only there was a way you could know they were alright. If only you could talk to them. Just hearing their voices would be enough. If only…You practically choke on a gasp as a jolt of energy has you spring into a sit up position in bed. An idea has struck you. Donnie has explained several times before why you can’t contact your family. Ever since all the past alien invasions New York City has experienced, Bishop has been known for stealing, gathering, and experimenting with all kinds of advanced, alien technology. Surely, he would be using his spoils to keep you and his other victims under his sadistic thumb. Donnie would say, with the deepest apologies, that for all he knowns, Bishop could be tracking every cellphone in the city with such technology at his disposal. The risk is just too great. Not even a text would be safe. Even the turtles had their shell cells destroyed until this whole ordeal is over.But what about pay phones and phone booths? Bishop can’t track those. They’re public call services. And Leo did say your family was staying with Casey in his grandmother’s log cabin outside of the city. You personally haven’t been there, but you’ve overheard April saying things about it. It’s an old cottage, but there are some things about it that are a bit modern, like the landline. If you could get the phone number from April and collect a bit of change, maybe you could finally call your family.It’s such a great idea that you suddenly feel more optimistic and more at ease than you’ve ever felt in a long time. Why didn’t the idea cross your mind sooner? You smile to yourself and settle down in bed, snuggling with the blankets as you finally have enough peace to close your eyes. You’re set on telling Donnie your plan tomorrow. At long last, there is a way you can finally talk with your family again.***Morning finally arrives. You’re so excited that you don’t bother changing clothes. Still in your pajamas, bedhead, and all, you quickly make your way to the kitchen in time to see Donatello carrying a clipboard and a mug of fresh coffee to his lab.“D-Donnie!” you call out, tripping over your baggy pajama pants.He looks up from his papers in complete surprise as the two of you crash into each other. Thanks to the force of momentum, you lose your balance. As you fall over, the purple-clad turtle quickly stoops down, and you flop over on his arm while he grips the clipboard with one hand and holds up his mug with the other. “Whoa, whoa!” Donnie nervously chuckles, regaining his balance. “Slow down there, Clumsy.” He carefully raises his arm to steady you on your feet as he stands up while lowering his other hand with his coffee. “Sorry,” you smile bashfully, straightening yourself up, as well. “I got a little carried away. I have something to tell you.” Donnie curiously raises an eye ridge. “Something to tell me? You’re certainly livelier than you’ve been in weeks,” he says as he continues his way to his lab, encouraging you to follow. “Livelier?” you ask, flustered from embarrassment. “Oh, you noticed? I’m sorry. Really.” You close the door behind you and follow him to his desk. “I’m just a bit lonely. I’ve been missing my family a lot and I need to know they’re alright.” Donnie slumps in his chair and sets down his coffee with a sigh. “(Name,) I thought we’ve been over this. You know why we can’t contact them. If there were a safe way for you to do so, you know I’d let you do it in a heartbeat. But it’s just too dangerous…” You drop down beside him to meet him face to face, your eager, (color) eyes locking with his. “But there is a way: payphones! Bishop can’t track those. And even if he could, someone else would be on the line before he’d even get there in time.” The apologetic expression on Donnie’s face doesn’t change. “Payphones are up top, (Name.) Last time you were outside was with April, and it only took half a day for the two of you to run into trouble. Especially now, what do you think will happen in an hour? We don’t know how many disguised spies Bishop has wandering the streets every day.” You hardly take these warnings to mind and urge on. “I could go under the cover of night. I can wear a disguise, too. I’ll do anything, and I won’t be on long! I just need to know if they’re ok, and they need to hear from me, too. It’s a good plan, Donnie. Please!” Donnie breathes your name again as he tenderly rubs your head, but you cut him off, snatching his hand off your head and holding it to your pounding heart, your voice practically turns into a whimper. “Please!” Your desperate begging saddens Donnie’s face even more. You can tell he wants to say yes, but something is holding him back—and you know what that something is. He squeezes his eyes shut and flinches as he says, “Let’s see what Leo says.” You were afraid of that answer and you drop his hand in defeat, the confidence completely disappearing completely from your face. The tone of his voice makes him sound like he has no choice, which only dashes your optimism to pieces.“Donnie, no; come on. It’s Leo. He’s going to say ‘no,’” you keep pushing.Donnie holds up his free hand to politely interrupt. “Now, now. Hold on,” he says. “I may have found something last night that could help in our search for Bishop.” He takes back his hand and turns to his computer, typing in some mathematical equation and entering a set of numbers onto a graphed-out map of New York City.You groan with irritation to yourself as you walk around and stand by his side to get a better view of the screens.When he has all the documents he needs pulled up, then he starts. “Our findings on patrols have been pretty slim, but when we do find items linked to Bishop, it’s always once a month in a specific location.” He points to highlighted sections of the map. “I’m noticing a pattern to all this, and not just in the technology we’ve found.” He directs your attention towards a table piled with their technological finds. “These are pieces to a device. I’m betting he wants me to rebuild and active it.” He suspiciously frowns. “Don’t know what he could be scheming by forcing my hand to rebuild this thing, but what choice do we have if we want this to end? Once I reconstruct this this, we should finally have some answers.” “Like, finding where Bishop is?” you hesitate to ask. “Could be,” he answers as he shrugs. “Like I said, I don’t know what this thing is, but I’ve thoroughly checked over the pieces and found no trackers whatsoever on them. So, it’s safe to build. I can for sure say it’s progress.” After all that explaining, it still wasn’t the answer you want to hear. You lower your eyes, but nod as if you understand. Donnie lifts your chin, giving you a reassuring smile. “I promise, Leo will hear of this as soon as he gets back with Raph. It’s been a while since they brought anything back, so maybe they found something this time that will help make things more flexible for you to call your family. It’s going to be ok, (Name.) Just keep hanging in there.” You wince when you hear that empty promise again. Being told ‘everything will be ok’ just rubs you the wrong way now. You know Donnie means well, but how much longer until those words mean nothing but a lie? You pull your chin out of his grasp and heave a cleansing sigh. You force a smile for him, nodding again as you falsely accept his encouragement.He pats your cheek and turns back to his computer and monitors. “They should be back soon. I gotta get working on this, so until then, why don’t you get some breakfast.”You say nothing as you leave the lab, overcome with failure. Though Donnie is an honest turtle, you feel like he didn’t even listen to your idea. Usually when you come to Donnie with ideas in the past, he would offer some compromises or considerations to stabilize your plan so it would work. But this time, it’s like he didn’t even try and just passed the decision making to Leo without a fight. Also, knowing how overbearing and protective Leo has become since that day, it now feels like an impossible dream you will ever get your life back.“Hey, (Name!)” Michelangelo calls from the kitchen.You look up, quickly rubbing your face with your sleeve to keep Mikey from seeing your frustrated tears as he bounces over to you.“Glad to see you’re up! Ready to chow down on some amazing scrambled-eggs and delicious, crispy waffles?” He swings his arm around your shoulders and yanks you in like a long lost relative. “Sprinkled with Mikey’s homey touch, these are eggs and waffles fit for a king, if I do say so myself!” He runs his hand over his head like he is flinging his hair back in pride (if he had any hair.)But you find yourself more annoyed than amused by his friendly gesture and you—as respectfully as you can—push him back.“No thanks, Mikey,” you say. “I’m not hungry.”He gives you a confused-puppy-look; sad eyes and all. “Not hungry? But we’re breakfast buddies.” He pulls his hands up into “doggy paws” and whimpers. You look at his silly face, cracking a little smile, but it wasn’t enough to convince you to change your mind. Before you decline him again, Mikey chuckles a bit and pats your back. “Hey, no worries. If you don’t wanna eat, you don’t wanna eat. Can’t force you to. Still, I’ll leave you a plate if you change your mind. But I may go crazy with the syrup, so don’t come back look’n for it,” he jokes. You feel awful blowing Mikey off, but you try to humor him with a forced smile. Mikey smiles back, turns around, and jumps back to the kitchen.You immediately retreat into your room and plop back on the bed, still hung up on Donnie’s hollow promise. Anger churns your stomach and stubborn thoughts twist your mind. What are the chances of Leo allowing you to go up top again? Walking escorted through the sewer tunnels to the nearest storm drain was as close to ‘getting fresh air’ down here as it gets. But if Donnie is truly onto something, maybe you will get your life back soon enough. He seems pretty sure of it; however, there is also the possibility he could be wrong and it’s back to square one. Meaning, you could be separated from your family even longer, and the idea of that makes you mad.A rebellious thought suddenly worms its way into your mind. Why do you have to listen to Leo? It’s not like he has authority over you, and you’re confident enough in your plan that you truly believe you can do it on your own. But of course, the only reason you’re in this mess is because you thought you could do something dangerous on your own in the first place. But this isn’t dangerous. You’re just making a quick phone call and coming right back. They wouldn’t even know you’ve gone.You lie down and let out a sigh as you juggle your options: stay here for who knows how long and never know if your family is safe or stay here knowing your family is safe. You hug your pillow tightly and burry your face in it again, muffling any sobs that may force themselves out. You don’t want to betray your friends’ trust, but what choice do you have? You just want this to be over.***You drift off into a nap and, after what feels like seconds later, suddenly jolt awake when you recognize Leo’s and Raph’s voices the lair. They’re back! It’s now or never. You scramble off the bed and strip out of your pajamas. You then change into some clean clothes and head out to the common area where a worn-out Raphael slumps against the couch with both arms resting over the backside of the furniture. He rolls his head towards you as you noisily stumble into the common area.“Hey, kid, we’re back,” Raph chuckles. “Good tah see yah walk’n ‘round again instead ah drift’n ‘round here like a ghost.”You blush. Seems everyone has noticed your gloomy behavior lately. You bite your lip and shuffle your feet. “I’m sorry,” you say, lowering your eyes. “I never wanted any of you to see that side of me. I’m real sorry.”Raph grins and shrugs his shoulders. “Hey, don’t sweat it. Tah be frank, I don’t blame yah. If I were stuck down ‘ere like that, I’d go stir-crazy, too.”You’re thankful for Raph’s understanding, but you’re too restless and distracted by your own priorities to linger around for a decent ‘thank you.’ Immediately, you ask, “Where’s Leo?”Raph gives you an odd look, like he could tell something is weighing on your mind just from the sound of your voice. He looks like he wants to ask, but the anxiety he’s sensing from you urges him to just answer your question. “He’s in there, talk’n with Donnie.”You nod a thanks to him and run to the doors. You yank them open, colliding with Leo as you scramble into the lab. He catches you effortlessly, gripping your shoulders to hold you steady.“Geez, (Name,) slow down,” he says with a smile. “You’re hyper today. What’s the rush?”As you regain your footing, stabling yourself from the impact, you look up at him and breathlessly say, “Sorry. I’ve… I’ve been meaning to talk to you. Donnie hasn’t told you anything yet, has he?”Leo raises an eye ridge. “Tell me what?” He looks curiously at Donnie.You, too, look at Donnie and he gives you a calming gesture, trying to settle you down. “Easy, (Name,)” he says from his workspace. “Easy.”As you make your way over to him, Leo follows behind. “What’s going on?”You turn to face him, scooting closer to Donnie for courage as you take a deep breath and say, “Leo, I want to talk to my family.”That curious smile lessens from Leo’s face as he lets your words sink in. You nervously hold your breath as you watch him.As he glances at the floor, Donnie adds, “We’re not that far away from getting some answers, Leo. When I figure out what this thing is, it might make things more flexible for (Name) to finally call her family.”Leo is still silent as he takes his time to juggle your request and Donnie’s statement. The pulse thumps so hard in your ears that you feel nausea’s sliming fingers making ripples in your stomach as you anxiously await his answer.He’s quiet for a while, but then finally, he looks up, his eyes full of remorse as he slowly shakes his head. “I’m sorry, (Name…)”Quickly, you move into action, stepping forward assertively. “No, wait! Listen to this,” you say, as if you didn’t even hear him just deny your request. “I can talk to them by payphone. Bishop can’t track those. They’re all over the city. And even if he could pinpoint my location, I’d be long gone before he even finds where I’m calling from.”You thought for sure you’d see a spark of acknowledgement in his eyes when he heard your plan, but just like Donnie’s when you first told him, Leo’s face doesn’t change. “(Name…)” he says again, a trace of pity trailing in his voice.You look to Donnie for support, but he doesn’t challenge Leo’s answer. He places a hand on your shoulder, urging you to do the same. Your confidence is jostled, and you can feel your stress building up again. You yank your shoulder away from Donnie and urge on with Leo, trying not to let your voice crack as you continue explaining. “I know, I know; payphones are up top, but I could go under the cover of night or maybe during the day. I can put together a disguise so none of his spies will recognize me. I could hide the crowds and…”“(Name,) that’s enough,” Leo says again, stepping closer.You deny Leo’s advances and ignore Donnie’s attempts to calm you down. Stepping back as you go into a frenzy, you keep pushing, “Leo, please!” You clasp your hands together, begging for his permission. “I just need to hear their voices. And they need to hear mine. They need to know I’m alright.”Just then, a beeping sound catches your attention. Leo’s, too. Donnie turns his attention towards the now activated device.“But it’s…” Donnie says, very confused as he walks over to it. “It’s not completely assembled yet. It turned on automatically?”Leo pushes you behind him and you watch as the lights on the device began to flicker. Donnie, too, steps back as electrical noises crackling and ripping through the air. Then finally, a light glows red.“Bravo, Donatello,” a static voice says from the speaker of the machine. “Your intelligence never ceases to impress. Though, it took much longer than I anticipated for you to figure out the intention of my little trail, so consider myself more disappointed than impressed.” Your eyes widen and your stomach aches with sudden nervousness. You recognize that voice.“Agent Bishop,” Leo growls.
Distant by Scherbe
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Comment Meme, my five centsWhen did you start commenting on artwork, and why? Until now I only commented on the artwork of my best friend who regularily sends me pictures of his newest paintings and asks for my honest opinion. I do this because feedback is very important, especially when you are an artist. I don't see me as a painter, I'm an author, but painting helps me to visualize feelings I use in my poems and novels. And I give feedback on other authors writings, too. I guess commenting artwork will not be too different and I'm looking forward to it.What kind of art do you like to comment on?The kind of art that sparks something inside me. There is no certain style I prefer, the painting, sculpture or sketch needs to stir some kind of emotion inside of me. If a painting is executed perfectly, but there is no story behind it I can relate to, I'm not able to comment. Nowadays, do you often like or comment, and why?Well, I started on deviantArt yesterday, so I'm relatively new to liking and commenting, but I'm about to change this. It's important to be seen. I hope that there will be people seeing me and my work (and hopefully enjoy it), but I hope to discover art that I enjoy, too. And if I do, I let the artist know. What motivates you to comment? Can you name three things, minimum? The artwork is stunning, so I let the artist know. 2. The artwork shows potential, but needs work to fully unfold it. If there is something I can point out to help the artist improving, I will do so. 3. Commenting means communicating. I like to communicate. What is difficult about commenting? What do you usually do about it? For me, my lack of knowledge. Sometimes I see something in a painting I don't like, but I can't name what's bothering me because I don't know the exact terms. (English isn't my native language, so that makes it harder still) If this happens, I usually try to find out how to express my thoughts, learning something in the progress, too. What is a constructive comment, in your opinion? Everything that is aiming to help improve artwork or to cheer the artist on.Is there a difference between a constructive comment and a critique? If so, what is this difference? I don't know. I think the differences aren't that big.How often do you think you comment constructively and post critiques? I actually try to always comment constructively. But communication is tricky sometimes. What I assume is constructive may be found useless by the recipient.Do you use a specific technique when you comment? (e.g. sandwich method) I try to be kind. Always.What kind of comments do you like to receive? (e.g. constructive, critique, 'normal')I'm aware that I am barely a novice concerning my paintings, so I don't mind comments to point out my shortcomings as I will grow knowing where I have to improve.Do you have any comment expectations regarding your artwork? (e.g. tips for improvement, likes and dislikes, etc.) Everything that helps me grow. It's ok to dislike my artwork, too, nothing is loved by all. I just want people to refrain from being intentionally mean.Do you have any pet peeves with the comments you receive, and the comments you give? Comments with the only purpose to hurt. Comments with the sole intention to get a like or comment back (like: 'Wow, so awesome! Want to check out my stuff?')In all honesty, when you comment, would you like to receive a comment back? I would like to get comments, yes. But when I comment, I don't expect the painter to comment back. I expect people to comment on my stuff because they can relate somehow, not because they feel obliged to do so because I commented their artwork.Do you have any tips and suggestions for new commenters and artists looking for feedback? Not exactly, because I'm new myself. But when art is relatable to writing, it helps to join groups, chat with other artists, enter contests and being an active member of the community.Ask one question about comments you would like your tagged people to answer!Would love to, but I don't know enough artists yet. Hopefully that will change soon.But if anyone want to fill out this meme after reading this, here is the place to do so: ,CComment Meme! Fill out ProjectComment
Comment Meme!!Fill out ProjectComment's comment meme to win comments, features and ! When did you start commenting on artwork, and why? I started commenting on artwork since I started Deviantart. I found that commenting on people's artwork helps to show artists that there is people out there that likes their work. What kind of art do you like to comment on? I comment on all sorts of people's work that I found really fun, cool, interesting, and truly amazing. I find that looking at artwork is amazing and especially when the artist makes it. Nowadays, do you often or comment, and why? I often comment because I like to post about good things to artists about their artwork. What motivates you to comment? Can you name three things, minimum? Well, 1) their artwork inspires me to makes a comment on the drawings, 2) maybe they need some feedback to help them with their work and 3) it makes me happy to comment to show that there are people who love their work and inspired by it. What is difficult about commenting? What do you usually do about it? I don't think there is much difficult about commenting. The one thing I'll mention though is when people don't comment. I wish they do that so other artists know how the public feels about their drawings and to make it better too. What is a constructive comment, in your opinion? A constructive comment in my opinion is a comment that brings people up with positive feedback. It's like positive comments you hear like 'that is really good' or 'your an amazing drawer/artist'. Is there a difference between a constructive comment and a critique? If so, what is this difference? I think that constructive comment is like inspiring them that their work is good like a positive comment. While on critique I find that they go honest about it in a bad or good way. They don't tend to be mean, they are just honest and want to help by their opinion. How often do you think you comment constructively and post critiques? I mostly post constructively because I send a lot of positive comments about their artwork looking good and how they did a splendid job on making it. I hardly post comments about critiquing. Do you use a specific technique when you comment? (e.g. sandwich method) I don't use special methods. The only thing I would say is that I just express myself on how I feel about the artwork and say that their work is good. What kind of comments do you like to receive? (e.g. constructive, critique, 'normal') I like constructive mostly, but I do would like critique ones too. Since the critique would hurt, but would get me to overcome my mistakes about my drawings. Do you have any comment expectations regarding your artwork? (e.g. tips for improvement, likes and dislikes, etc.) I would like some comments about improvement because I do want to know that if I'm improving and if I'm making mistakes too. Do you have any pet peeves with the comments you receive, and the comments you give? I don't really have any pet peeves when I think about it. In all honesty, when you comment, would you like to receive a comment back? I honestly would like the feedback if someone commented on my work. I know the criticism would hurt, but it would help me know where my mistakes are within my artwork and to grow past them. Do you have any tips and suggestions for new commenters and artists looking for feedback? Well, if anyone wants to send feedback, try to express yourself on how you feel about the artwork. Also, when you notice that someone is having struggle on a particular part in their artwork, don't be afraid to point it out. Just explain about it and give them tips on how to fix it too. So the artist can be able to fix it and grow from that msitake. Ask one question about comments you would like your tagged people to answer! How do you express yourself through your comments?I tag FaithWalkers...
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Traditional Art Owl by Ksenia455
Arcane Exemplar by SleepySeeker
Her Blue Eye, Me, Digital Painting, 2022 by Regina-Is
Watain IV by ValeriyaSegal
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Plum Blossom Bells by lDestiny
Lotuseaters by MoonFey
OC: Alexander Asmaroth [Dark Angel] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
A Sea of Canvas by ZtheSOI
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.: The calm before the storm :. (CE) by SweetElectricity

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Maternal Shoot IX
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Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman
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Maternal Shoot X
I drew Rome upside down
Fifi Fox
Kyojuro Rengoku - The Flame Hashira
The Witch's Treasure #DATutorialWitch
School Sketch IV
Fang and sword
Creature Design - Hippohawk and Little Rascal
Antinomy Papercraft
Blind N Loud: Lynn Jr version, Part 2
So, I'm going to thank Seanrudin to have finally
Itty Bitty Problems (Chapter 15)
Puzzling Panic Your newest family member is
Smith Tower
Maid Cat
This is AI generated:Story 1
She saw a car right in front of her, moving
Hades from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
OC Bio: Vinyll Jestark
Vinyll is a Silvambian composed of mostly shadow
Candy witch 2022
Watain III
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