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Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl ProjectComment InformationProjectComment has been an active comment group for 9+ years to give you the constructive comments you deserve!
We have many projects that encourage our awesome members to give and get comments. These projects involve workshops, features, contests, and, more importantly, systems that rely on interchange, inclusion and interaction.
It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.
If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Our Values
Our amazing admins and members give comments and get comments with the following values in mind:
…to restore balance – comment for comment, positive and negative, give and take.
…to accept all – every commenter, every art, regardless of skill or artist.

Make Mistakes! We're Happy to Help!

It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us! :la:

October : Golden Words Award!

ProjectComment's Award: Golden Words
~ For October ~

Congratulations DeadBird-Hushabye!

Congratulations to DeadBird-Hushabye for receiving October's Golden Words Award! DeadBird-Hushabye consistently provides thoughtful insights to members' artworks, going into detail with explanations and suggestions for improvement. As an amazing contributor to the Weekly Commenting Project, and frequently mentioned in our Feature of Great Commenters series, we are honored to spotlight DeadBird-Hushabye for October -- congratulations!

Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.

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Worried [Gift, Collab] by DeadBird-Hushabye Worried [Gift, Collab] :icondeadbird-hushabye:DeadBird-Hushabye 94 87 The Sisters of Mercy (not really related) [Trade] by DeadBird-Hushabye The Sisters of Mercy (not really related) [Trade] :icondeadbird-hushabye:DeadBird-Hushabye 97 57 Exploring the 80s [Gift] by DeadBird-Hushabye Exploring the 80s [Gift] :icondeadbird-hushabye:DeadBird-Hushabye 104 41 Zavi - Young Warrior by DeadBird-Hushabye Zavi - Young Warrior :icondeadbird-hushabye:DeadBird-Hushabye 58 12 Axel Kondo - Street Fighter by DeadBird-Hushabye Axel Kondo - Street Fighter :icondeadbird-hushabye:DeadBird-Hushabye 113 49

More Exposure!

More Exposure #77

Consider commenting on these pieces as you may discover new favorite artists!

Mature Content

Connor by Tacky-tella

mission accomplished by InstaDoodle
Nice isn't it - colored by AkkeeArtist
Request: A Nice Day for Writing by funstorytime127
heart in the box by katyawentzart
Kay by KaisPotato
Pops - Regular Show! by kerobyx
A friend have arrived, more to come by Enerla
Geheimnis (insta DTA)  by CatFace2405
Cambri Loves Black bg by theflotinghead
Shadows in the dark by blazeorson
My Own Universe by UnknownPOV19
autoportrait by kyoyane
Blue ref sheet by Bunieo
Elemental Belly Dancer - Water redraw w/video by andromacke
Little Temptations II by luxwar

Mature Content

The Project of Destruction Page 18 by Yoshifan1219

A Wild Jellii by Nonamations
Roller Derby by Nickelnicker
Eye of the Storm by toouniqueforgaudi

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Gallery Folders

Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl
Give and Get 1 Comment, 6-7 Lines
Goretober Day 6 (Any Phobia) by NathaAmore
Inktober Day 2 by AdventVoice
| Why So Serious?  by CatFace2405
Training with The Iron Bull by barraqqan
Give and Get 2 Comments, 6-7 Lines
Mult 52: The Flash - Barry Allen by Big-K-2011
Little Miss No Name by Noobynoob103
Kyouko Kirigiri by GemiNight
Julie by therogueone
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Coffee by Squabblelobster
Inktober 4 - Underwater by Squabblelobster
Smaugust - Cactus dragon by Squabblelobster
Give and Get 2 Comments, 7+ Lines
BD - Set free - EN page 1/3 by SpaceLorenz
Venom by Alexandritea
Team Rocket by DoubleDandE
Grimm Paintings by DoubleDandE
:constructive: by a-kid-at-heart
Lil'comment by Amarantheans
Constructivecomment by Amarantheans
:Constructive: by stuck-in-suburbia
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Something Epic is coming this way by Cupric
Danny x Sam Love Quote by ShadowxKukiku
Ryu-sei by Dracocanust
Past Shorter, 1 Comment
Nonon by Kyorukki
Hibiskus (Line art Test) by VanVeleca
Akala Ref by DanicaFrost
Wolfstar: Loving the Cursed Cover Art by annakaipo
Past Longer, 2 Comments
Abby Cartoon PageDoll by KunoichiPenguin
Past Shorter, 1 Comment - Old
Rainy Season by Kintsukuroi3
Past Submissions - 2016
Crossbow Taser by Charlene-Art
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FREE dA logo Avatar by SirCassie


Worried [Gift, Collab] by DeadBird-Hushabye
The Sisters of Mercy (not really related) [Trade] by DeadBird-Hushabye
Exploring the 80s [Gift] by DeadBird-Hushabye
Zavi - Young Warrior by DeadBird-Hushabye
No Constructive Comments
Toddler Jim Hawkins from treasure planet by ColinKingsland
Struggles in TLoZ: Breath of the Wild by Sitnfrizn

Mature Content

My Heart's Fear by DeathSpreeandViolet
Gon by El-Rey-Chipinque
More Exposure
Grass fields along Mt. Arayat by Natheart17
Sailor of Death + Speedpaint by AlwysbCreative
POW by El-Rey-Chipinque
FGOctober day 14 - ibaraki douji by Seraeva
Comment Guides
Questions Answered
Comment Memes
Past No Constructive Comments

Mature Content

I'm so sorry bun....(GORE WARNING) by Bunieo
The Simpsons by SecretName1010
Fear on a man's heart. by Wynet

Mature Content

The Horror(Gore) by AkiComics
Past More Exposure
mission accomplished by InstaDoodle

Mature Content

Connor by Tacky-tella
Eye of the Storm by toouniqueforgaudi
Roller Derby by Nickelnicker
Comment and Art Contest - dAhub and PComment
Plum Blossom Bells by lDestiny
Lotuseaters by MoonFey
OC: Alexander Asmaroth [Dark Angel] by xXSerena-CrosseXx
A Sea of Canvas by ZtheSOI

Donation Appreciation Feature

Wed Oct 17, 2018, 5:19 PM
ProjectComment is a group fostered by generous souls who spend their time, effort and more providing constructive comments for the DeviantArt community. While we are deeply thankful for every form of support you give to the members of this group and the group itself, we would like to give a special shoutout to those who have donated :points: for this cause via CommentOutreach. Your donation, no matter how big or small, has aided the members of this community through our Features of Great Commenters (latest here), contests and more. :dalove:

We appreciate and welcome any and all donations made to CommentOutreach. If you have a few spare :points: and would like to support our efforts, we would be very grateful.

Thank you. :heart:

Blue Trane by ARTificialphanTOM Yoot by ARTificialphanTOM Yuki-onna by ARTificialphanTOM

Synesthesia by ChaosFay Circle of Song by ChaosFay Subdued Storm FINISHED by ChaosFay

[AF2018] Peace and Love by CozyCatcoon [AF2018] Tending to the Garden by CozyCatcoon [AF2018] Sweet as a Strawberry by CozyCatcoon

Bloodmoon by CrazyEngine Quick Render - Cog wheel by CrazyEngine Abandoned industry hall by CrazyEngine

Hero School Is Stupid.. by crystalaii October! by crystalaii Commander Shortie by crystalaii

Delphi Babysits by Daphne-Brown FootstepsMike McDonald woke to the sound of footsteps. At first, he tried to ignore it, but it kept getting closer and louder. Finally, nervously tip-toeing out of bed, he headed to his parents’ room.
“Mom, dad. Someone’s walking around outside my room.” he said, shaking them slightly.
His dad stirred.
“Mike, what are you doing up at this hour?”
“There’s someone walking around outside my room.”
His dad got out of bed and grabbed a bat and a flashlight from the closet, “Where did you hear this guy?”
“Right outside my room.”
A quick but thorough check of the house turned up nothing.
“I think you just had a nightmare.” Mr. McDonald said, tousling his son’s hair, “Go back to bed.”
Mike nodded and rushed upstairs to his room.  
Later that night, Mr. and Mrs. McDonald awoke to the sound of their son screaming and screaming and screaming. They ran to his room and slammed the door
Happy Slender Family by Daphne-Brown

the voices of the lake by DestructionFox underwater study by DestructionFox autumn elfling by DestructionFox

Accretion VS version 1.3 by devillnside Invader Reanimated by devillnside MSI Gaming RS3-RS2 by devillnside

Day 4 by LindsDraw I made a goatasus oc by LindsDraw May I help you? by LindsDraw

Art #32 by LulaScarlette Art #29 by LulaScarlette Art #36 by LulaScarlette

Amy Rose! by PixelZagreo Cocoa the Fennec! (Sonic OC) by PixelZagreo Commission for Cuddly's by PixelZagreo

Moondust by Ralunix Gerard and Tobias by Ralunix A new beginning. by Ralunix

Sketch - Sea Kayaking In Rough Waters by RavensPass Wolf Head Drawing by RavensPass Museum Pen Sketches by RavensPass

Johnny Reb The most Rebellious by Sassy--Cat Lover Boy by Sassy--Cat Si-gh by Sassy--Cat

Favorite Pokmon by ShadowNuzlockes The Other Shade of Gray (Revised Cover) by ShadowNuzlockes Picture Perfect by ShadowNuzlockes

It's High Noot! by SuppressedFeelings Alaska Mountain Range by SuppressedFeelings Persona 5 Joker Mask Gif by SuppressedFeelings

borkbork by SwiftySwoo Doodles of my bean by SwiftySwoo Ma boi Storm by SwiftySwoo

Art style challenge meme: Quell by tufta Boy and the Town by tufta Snow Rick and the Seven Morties by tufta

To My DaughterTo My Daughter,
I’ve watched you grow from a tiny peanut into an incredible young lady.  You’ve had many adventures along the way.  Some easy, some hard but all of them meaningful.
I still remember the first time you asked to use my typewriter because you wanted to make a story of your own.  I had to tell you not to pretend smoking my cigarettes before you gave your grandmother a heart attack.  I remember when you asked for a fountain pen (with orange ink because it’s your favorite color) so you could write like mommy.  
I’ve given you every tool I can scrounge up because creative writing  is something that burns in my soul and if there’s one thing I can pass on to you of mine, it will always be the desire to create, by whatever means you can.
We write.  We draw.  We paint.  We watercolor.  We embroider.  We craft.  We create.  You do these things because it’s fun.  I do them becau
Haunting WonderlandI can still see your lament.  The face you pulled when you thought no one was looking.  The sadness that hollowed you from the inside out.  The smile that never rose to your eyes.  It was rare to catch a glimpse of that face.  You wore a wonderful mask of fearless happiness.  It fooled most, even the ones you considered so close.  But you never once tried to show that mask to me.  You knew better.  A mom can always tell when someone’s faking, and you faked it all the time; should have been an actor because you were that good.
I watched your meltdown; as you lost your heart when her eyes closed for the last time.  You were a beautiful train wreck waiting to happen, except there were no rails and you’d already jumped off the car.  We sat on the roadside and you told me your story.  You bragged of your great loves and whispered your single love, soul mate secret.  There is no fool when the discussion comes from t
Two's CompanyI swear Rex is the most stubborn dog I’ve ever met in my life, and that’s saying something.  My family always had a dog when I was growing up and usually we had more than one at a time.  I’ve always had a sixth sense of sorts with dogs.  They understand me and I get them.  They come to me without being called and listen when I give a command.  It’s been this way forever.  That is, until I met Rex.  He’s a Boxer and won’t listen to a word I say.
Just a couple days ago, I tried to get Rex to do a simple command.  Sit down and give paw.  He stood there and stared at me like I said nothing at all.  I sat with him for over an hour before I finally gave up and walked away.  He’s infuriating at times but at others, he comes over and snuggles with me on the couch and gives me that look like he’ll do anything for me.  I ask him to sit and he stares at me.  Sometimes I wonder if he

Felix Argyle by WoodsterZ Dragon Loli by WoodsterZ Kale by WoodsterZ

And many thanks to CrazyPaintbrush, Sovuniya, Hetabee, HimayaRajesh, KitKatto, Ninterjonesylad, Paessh, THEtreh, thewhitetubbie, Volt-Draws
We are all Heroes in our Own Story by CrazyPaintbrush bob! by Sovuniya Sweet as Cheesecake~ by Hetabee Seaside view... by HimayaRajesh Ghost Busted by KitKatto Memories by Ninterjonesylad AngelicRamen Commission by Paessh Shy demon by THEtreh My icon by thewhitetubbie Aeromarine: Submerged 2018 entry [Animated] by Volt-Draws

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