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It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.

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Itty Bitty Problems (Chapter 7)Get Thrifty With It,You take Solace in knowing you money is well spent., Sol’s skull peeks over from inside the hood of your coat. The miniature Bitty skeleton is nestled in the cozy, warm pocket staring at all of the cool vintage stuff the store has on display. There are random odds and ends scattered about in a somewhat cohesive layout. There are electronics, toys, knickknacks, and clothes. The whole store has different sections contained in a building with at least two floors. All around Sol’s eye lights wander, staring in awe at the shelves crammed full of fairly priced useful items. From the looks of it, the store has so much to offer. Old consoles, DVD players, jewelry, movies, books, household appliances, and storage and cutlery, are found in each aisle all of which have something interesting in it. You like to always go window shopping for any new products they got in, meandering slowly through each row and room. It is always fun to take your time to find something worth the price that you would buy without question. Deals make you giddy. In this economy, you take your victories where you can find them. Stopping at the fabric and clothes section you pick up cut lengths of fabric and additives and head to the clothes section to price shop. Are the materials a better deal or are the clothing. You would compare each item to each similar shirt, pants, and other wearable items counterpart and pick the best deal out of each of them. When you finish your careful deliberation, you head to the counter to pay for the items. You start up a conversation with a familiar face while they ring up your items. “Hey. How have you been?” asks the cashier. “You know, same old same old.” You say while shrugging. “Ah yes, the daily grind.” You nod in agreement, “It’s not too bad. Saving up money, paying bills, and unexpected costs are just part of it.” “Yeah, adulting is hard.” “At least I enjoy what I do. Got to keep a positive outlook.” “Understatement of the century.” “Yeah, there are good people out there. The bad ones are few and far in-between.” “What I learned from experience is that if you are kind to others they do the same in return.” “Exactly. People come to you because of your positivity and kind nature.” “Your total today is 15.51.” The conversation continues both of you still speaking as you pull out the cash to pay. “How about you? Still, making it? Things alright?” “Yes, it has been quite a ride since all of the prices rising. It sure helps the business on that end. More people are willing to shop and donate when everywhere else seems to be price gouging.” “There is a lot more to the prices rising. The current pandemic, rising prices of gas, truckers on strike, and taxes being reinforced on trades overseas are only a few reasons for the high prices.” “It's a shame that it is even happening at all.” The cashier sighs. “Even online shopping has been hindered by the enforcement of sales taxes. The cost keeps going up but our paychecks stay stagnant.” “You can say that again. Everything is crazy right now so we have to do our best to be helpful and kind to others around us.” “You never know what people are going through. It is better to be kind than to make someone's day worse for no reason.” The two of you wrap up the conversation as you collect your items. “It has been great talking to you.” “Hope to catch up again soon.” "See you later hun.” "Thank you. You too.” You walk away with bags in hand. Solace is snuggled into your hood and has fallen asleep. You can hear their soft slow breathing as they lightly snore. Making it to the car and setting down the bags, you have you wake a sleepy skeleton by removing them from the comforting warmth of the hood to buckle them up. Sol rubs their sockets drowsily doing a cute little stretch as they settle in. We going home now? “Well, we aren’t going in public just yet. I have more than enough supplies at home to start sewing this stuff together, I will probably find some patterns to use for the bases.” “Okay.” They say still wiping their eyes and accenting the end with a yawn. You decide to put on some of your music. It will make the ride back more pleasant. Adjusting your mirror and looking out for traffic you back out onto the road to drive back home. Sol is bopping along with the song kicking their legs and humming the tune. Sol catches you smiling endearingly at them. At that their grin gets wider. They pose like they are holding a microphone and belt out the song. Sol makes an overly dramatic show of them as if they were signing for a concert. It gets the two of you laughing as you play along. When you make it home, it felt like you had hardly driven at all with the drive ending so quickly. “Well…” They say as they gather up and free themself from the car. “Looks like I got a lot of work to do.” Sol appears on your shoulder. Yeah, it sounds like fun. With a twist of a key, you make your way inside. “It is going to be a long night. You can stay here and join me with the crafting or do your own thing. It will be a bit before I can do much else…” you say as you pull out your sewing kit, leftover cloth, buttons, zippers, and other junk. “You may have to come to get me for food. I will be too engrossed in this to notice how much time has passed.” The laptop is flipped open and you begin your research. You want to make sure to do your best. It has to be sturdy. It will be getting a lot of use. “Let's start here.”
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The Forgotten Place by MrRemoraman
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He needs my help... by model88
How Far Would You Go? II Pt. 5 (TMNT x Reader)One month passes.“Everything is going to be ok.”Another month passes.“Everything will be ok.”And another passes.“It’s ok… it’s ok… it will all be ok.”When this all started, you really did believe those words. With that encouraging smile of his, Leonardo would promise on his honor everything will be ok. You’d smile when you’d heard those words, especially coming from him. You had faith in him. You had faith he and his brothers would keep you safe. You had faith he and his brothers would find and put a stop to Agent John Bishop once and for all. You had faith he and his brothers would reunite you with your family, and you would at long last have your life back.You had faith. Had.Now, you can’t remember the last time you had faith. You can’t remember the last time you found hope in those words. All you feel now, and growing with each passing day, is—dare you say—frustration. But you’re afraid to admit it. It’s not like you’re mad at the turtles or April, but you’ve been stuck in the lair for four long months, being fed one empty promise after another about getting your life back soon, free from Bishop’s terror. With that mad man still out there, you’ll always be in danger. Hiding down here was the safest option. Even though you understood this, you never imagined that your life with the turtles—your best friends—would be so… so… lonely.Bishop still hasn’t resurfaced. With April investigating during the day and the turtles searching at night, you’d thought maybe a trace would’ve been found by now. Meeting one dead end after the other makes it discouraging for everyone. Of course, the turtles would try to keep you company as often as they could, but now that you’re completely healed, they are out more often, trying to find any leads while you are left alone most of the day. Sometimes they would return home with pieces of busted junk, which you’d hardly consider progress. But when the turtles are around, there is a different kind of loneliness you feel that not even they could help, but you kept it to yourself. It makes no sense. You’re lonely with or without them. You can’t understand why you are feeling this way, until it finally dawns upon you: You haven’t spoken to your family ever since this whole mess began. You just up and left without saying goodbye. You’ve always seen the turtles, April, and even Casey as your family—your second family—but you’re missing your real family, the ones you willingly sacrificed yourself for in the first place. You did this for the turtles, but you also did it for them.When was the last time you heard your (mother’s/father’s) loving voice? When did your (brother*s/sister*s) tease and banter with you last? When was the last time you were in a safe, warm embrace, laughing, and spending time together? Like mist fading in the sun, the memories are vague and out of reach, slipping from your mind’s grasp, no matter how hard you try holding onto them. An unbearable pain suddenly tugs at your heart. Not a physical pain; an emotional pain, but it hurts just as much. You suddenly miss those hugs, those mornings and those dinners together, their voices, and the times spent with your loved ones. As much as you love the turtles like family, you finally admit they can’t replace your real one.Having the courage to finally admit that to yourself suddenly makes you feel sick. Your throat strains and you gag on a sob as the room starts to spin. Your gut wrenches so much that you bend over, crushing the air right out of your lungs. Quickly, you stumble into the bathroom, locking the door behind you as you crumble to the floor, curling your hands into quivering fists. You clench your jaw, trying to hold back the loud cries from escaping your straining throat. Air is sucked in through your teeth, then forced out in breathless whimpers as hot tears pour from your swelling eyes and stream down your burning face. You can’t hold in anymore. You miss your family.You barely sleep that night, your mind full of nothing but distant memories of your family—even the sour memories. You recall a time long ago when a fierce argument broke out between you and your loved ones. Overwhelmed by anger, you lost control and declared how much you hated them. You cursed them, saying you didn’t need them in your life; that you didn’t want to see them ever again. Back then, you told yourself you could be just as happy, if not happier, with the turtles as your family, replacing them with your real one. You rub your face into your pillow, wiping away your fresh set of tears, muffling your sobs as you realize how stupid you were to say such a thing back then. Of course, you still love them. You always will. And now you’re separated all because you thought you could face off against Bishop alone.You take a deep, cleansing breath and roll over on your back, staring blankly at the ceiling. Wallowing in your sadness makes this night feel like it’ll never end. You give the digital clock by the side of your bed a quick glance and huff impatiently. 2:55 AM. You haven’t slept at all. Time is moving too slowly, and even if morning did arrive, what would you do then? Wander aimlessly around the lair, being told ‘everything is going to be ok’ by which ever turtle you bump into, like how it’s always been for the pass few months? You groan and roll back over on your stomach, burying your head underneath your pillow.Squeezing your eyes shut, you rummage your restless mind, trying to think of some way to calm yourself, but all you think of and see is your family’s smiling faces as they welcome you back into their arms. If only there was a way you could know they were alright. If only you could talk to them. Just hearing their voices would be enough. If only…You practically choke on a gasp as a jolt of energy has you spring into a sit up position in bed. An idea has struck you. Donnie has explained several times before why you can’t contact your family. Ever since all the past alien invasions New York City has experienced, Bishop has been known for stealing, gathering, and experimenting with all kinds of advanced, alien technology. Surely, he would be using his spoils to keep you and his other victims under his sadistic thumb. Donnie would say, with the deepest apologies, that for all he knowns, Bishop could be tracking every cellphone in the city with such technology at his disposal. The risk is just too great. Not even a text would be safe. Even the turtles had their shell cells destroyed until this whole ordeal is over.But what about pay phones and phone booths? Bishop can’t track those. They’re public call services. And Leo did say your family was staying with Casey in his grandmother’s log cabin outside of the city. You personally haven’t been there, but you’ve overheard April saying things about it. It’s an old cottage, but there are some things about it that are a bit modern, like the landline. If you could get the phone number from April and collect a bit of change, maybe you could finally call your family.It’s such a great idea that you suddenly feel more optimistic and more at ease than you’ve ever felt in a long time. Why didn’t the idea cross your mind sooner? You smile to yourself and settle down in bed, snuggling with the blankets as you finally have enough peace to close your eyes. You’re set on telling Donnie your plan tomorrow. At long last, there is a way you can finally talk with your family again.***Morning finally arrives. You’re so excited that you don’t bother changing clothes. Still in your pajamas, bedhead, and all, you quickly make your way to the kitchen in time to see Donatello carrying a clipboard and a mug of fresh coffee to his lab.“D-Donnie!” you call out, tripping over your baggy pajama pants.He looks up from his papers in complete surprise as the two of you crash into each other. Thanks to the force of momentum, you lose your balance. As you fall over, the purple-clad turtle quickly stoops down, and you flop over on his arm while he grips the clipboard with one hand and holds up his mug with the other. “Whoa, whoa!” Donnie nervously chuckles, regaining his balance. “Slow down there, Clumsy.” He carefully raises his arm to steady you on your feet as he stands up while lowering his other hand with his coffee. “Sorry,” you smile bashfully, straightening yourself up, as well. “I got a little carried away. I have something to tell you.” Donnie curiously raises an eye ridge. “Something to tell me? You’re certainly livelier than you’ve been in weeks,” he says as he continues his way to his lab, encouraging you to follow. “Livelier?” you ask, flustered from embarrassment. “Oh, you noticed? I’m sorry. Really.” You close the door behind you and follow him to his desk. “I’m just a bit lonely. I’ve been missing my family a lot and I need to know they’re alright.” Donnie slumps in his chair and sets down his coffee with a sigh. “(Name,) I thought we’ve been over this. You know why we can’t contact them. If there were a safe way for you to do so, you know I’d let you do it in a heartbeat. But it’s just too dangerous…” You drop down beside him to meet him face to face, your eager, (color) eyes locking with his. “But there is a way: payphones! Bishop can’t track those. And even if he could, someone else would be on the line before he’d even get there in time.” The apologetic expression on Donnie’s face doesn’t change. “Payphones are up top, (Name.) Last time you were outside was with April, and it only took half a day for the two of you to run into trouble. Especially now, what do you think will happen in an hour? We don’t know how many disguised spies Bishop has wandering the streets every day.” You hardly take these warnings to mind and urge on. “I could go under the cover of night. I can wear a disguise, too. I’ll do anything, and I won’t be on long! I just need to know if they’re ok, and they need to hear from me, too. It’s a good plan, Donnie. Please!” Donnie breathes your name again as he tenderly rubs your head, but you cut him off, snatching his hand off your head and holding it to your pounding heart, your voice practically turns into a whimper. “Please!” Your desperate begging saddens Donnie’s face even more. You can tell he wants to say yes, but something is holding him back—and you know what that something is. He squeezes his eyes shut and flinches as he says, “Let’s see what Leo says.” You were afraid of that answer and you drop his hand in defeat, the confidence completely disappearing completely from your face. The tone of his voice makes him sound like he has no choice, which only dashes your optimism to pieces.“Donnie, no; come on. It’s Leo. He’s going to say ‘no,’” you keep pushing.Donnie holds up his free hand to politely interrupt. “Now, now. Hold on,” he says. “I may have found something last night that could help in our search for Bishop.” He takes back his hand and turns to his computer, typing in some mathematical equation and entering a set of numbers onto a graphed-out map of New York City.You groan with irritation to yourself as you walk around and stand by his side to get a better view of the screens.When he has all the documents he needs pulled up, then he starts. “Our findings on patrols have been pretty slim, but when we do find items linked to Bishop, it’s always once a month in a specific location.” He points to highlighted sections of the map. “I’m noticing a pattern to all this, and not just in the technology we’ve found.” He directs your attention towards a table piled with their technological finds. “These are pieces to a device. I’m betting he wants me to rebuild and active it.” He suspiciously frowns. “Don’t know what he could be scheming by forcing my hand to rebuild this thing, but what choice do we have if we want this to end? Once I reconstruct this this, we should finally have some answers.” “Like, finding where Bishop is?” you hesitate to ask. “Could be,” he answers as he shrugs. “Like I said, I don’t know what this thing is, but I’ve thoroughly checked over the pieces and found no trackers whatsoever on them. So, it’s safe to build. I can for sure say it’s progress.” After all that explaining, it still wasn’t the answer you want to hear. You lower your eyes, but nod as if you understand. Donnie lifts your chin, giving you a reassuring smile. “I promise, Leo will hear of this as soon as he gets back with Raph. It’s been a while since they brought anything back, so maybe they found something this time that will help make things more flexible for you to call your family. It’s going to be ok, (Name.) Just keep hanging in there.” You wince when you hear that empty promise again. Being told ‘everything will be ok’ just rubs you the wrong way now. You know Donnie means well, but how much longer until those words mean nothing but a lie? You pull your chin out of his grasp and heave a cleansing sigh. You force a smile for him, nodding again as you falsely accept his encouragement.He pats your cheek and turns back to his computer and monitors. “They should be back soon. I gotta get working on this, so until then, why don’t you get some breakfast.”You say nothing as you leave the lab, overcome with failure. Though Donnie is an honest turtle, you feel like he didn’t even listen to your idea. Usually when you come to Donnie with ideas in the past, he would offer some compromises or considerations to stabilize your plan so it would work. But this time, it’s like he didn’t even try and just passed the decision making to Leo without a fight. Also, knowing how overbearing and protective Leo has become since that day, it now feels like an impossible dream you will ever get your life back.“Hey, (Name!)” Michelangelo calls from the kitchen.You look up, quickly rubbing your face with your sleeve to keep Mikey from seeing your frustrated tears as he bounces over to you.“Glad to see you’re up! Ready to chow down on some amazing scrambled-eggs and delicious, crispy waffles?” He swings his arm around your shoulders and yanks you in like a long lost relative. “Sprinkled with Mikey’s homey touch, these are eggs and waffles fit for a king, if I do say so myself!” He runs his hand over his head like he is flinging his hair back in pride (if he had any hair.)But you find yourself more annoyed than amused by his friendly gesture and you—as respectfully as you can—push him back.“No thanks, Mikey,” you say. “I’m not hungry.”He gives you a confused-puppy-look; sad eyes and all. “Not hungry? But we’re breakfast buddies.” He pulls his hands up into “doggy paws” and whimpers. You look at his silly face, cracking a little smile, but it wasn’t enough to convince you to change your mind. Before you decline him again, Mikey chuckles a bit and pats your back. “Hey, no worries. If you don’t wanna eat, you don’t wanna eat. Can’t force you to. Still, I’ll leave you a plate if you change your mind. But I may go crazy with the syrup, so don’t come back look’n for it,” he jokes. You feel awful blowing Mikey off, but you try to humor him with a forced smile. Mikey smiles back, turns around, and jumps back to the kitchen.You immediately retreat into your room and plop back on the bed, still hung up on Donnie’s hollow promise. Anger churns your stomach and stubborn thoughts twist your mind. What are the chances of Leo allowing you to go up top again? Walking escorted through the sewer tunnels to the nearest storm drain was as close to ‘getting fresh air’ down here as it gets. But if Donnie is truly onto something, maybe you will get your life back soon enough. He seems pretty sure of it; however, there is also the possibility he could be wrong and it’s back to square one. Meaning, you could be separated from your family even longer, and the idea of that makes you mad.A rebellious thought suddenly worms its way into your mind. Why do you have to listen to Leo? It’s not like he has authority over you, and you’re confident enough in your plan that you truly believe you can do it on your own. But of course, the only reason you’re in this mess is because you thought you could do something dangerous on your own in the first place. But this isn’t dangerous. You’re just making a quick phone call and coming right back. They wouldn’t even know you’ve gone.You lie down and let out a sigh as you juggle your options: stay here for who knows how long and never know if your family is safe or stay here knowing your family is safe. You hug your pillow tightly and burry your face in it again, muffling any sobs that may force themselves out. You don’t want to betray your friends’ trust, but what choice do you have? You just want this to be over.***You drift off into a nap and, after what feels like seconds later, suddenly jolt awake when you recognize Leo’s and Raph’s voices the lair. They’re back! It’s now or never. You scramble off the bed and strip out of your pajamas. You then change into some clean clothes and head out to the common area where a worn-out Raphael slumps against the couch with both arms resting over the backside of the furniture. He rolls his head towards you as you noisily stumble into the common area.“Hey, kid, we’re back,” Raph chuckles. “Good tah see yah walk’n ‘round again instead ah drift’n ‘round here like a ghost.”You blush. Seems everyone has noticed your gloomy behavior lately. You bite your lip and shuffle your feet. “I’m sorry,” you say, lowering your eyes. “I never wanted any of you to see that side of me. I’m real sorry.”Raph grins and shrugs his shoulders. “Hey, don’t sweat it. Tah be frank, I don’t blame yah. If I were stuck down ‘ere like that, I’d go stir-crazy, too.”You’re thankful for Raph’s understanding, but you’re too restless and distracted by your own priorities to linger around for a decent ‘thank you.’ Immediately, you ask, “Where’s Leo?”Raph gives you an odd look, like he could tell something is weighing on your mind just from the sound of your voice. He looks like he wants to ask, but the anxiety he’s sensing from you urges him to just answer your question. “He’s in there, talk’n with Donnie.”You nod a thanks to him and run to the doors. You yank them open, colliding with Leo as you scramble into the lab. He catches you effortlessly, gripping your shoulders to hold you steady.“Geez, (Name,) slow down,” he says with a smile. “You’re hyper today. What’s the rush?”As you regain your footing, stabling yourself from the impact, you look up at him and breathlessly say, “Sorry. I’ve… I’ve been meaning to talk to you. Donnie hasn’t told you anything yet, has he?”Leo raises an eye ridge. “Tell me what?” He looks curiously at Donnie.You, too, look at Donnie and he gives you a calming gesture, trying to settle you down. “Easy, (Name,)” he says from his workspace. “Easy.”As you make your way over to him, Leo follows behind. “What’s going on?”You turn to face him, scooting closer to Donnie for courage as you take a deep breath and say, “Leo, I want to talk to my family.”That curious smile lessens from Leo’s face as he lets your words sink in. You nervously hold your breath as you watch him.As he glances at the floor, Donnie adds, “We’re not that far away from getting some answers, Leo. When I figure out what this thing is, it might make things more flexible for (Name) to finally call her family.”Leo is still silent as he takes his time to juggle your request and Donnie’s statement. The pulse thumps so hard in your ears that you feel nausea’s sliming fingers making ripples in your stomach as you anxiously await his answer.He’s quiet for a while, but then finally, he looks up, his eyes full of remorse as he slowly shakes his head. “I’m sorry, (Name…)”Quickly, you move into action, stepping forward assertively. “No, wait! Listen to this,” you say, as if you didn’t even hear him just deny your request. “I can talk to them by payphone. Bishop can’t track those. They’re all over the city. And even if he could pinpoint my location, I’d be long gone before he even finds where I’m calling from.”You thought for sure you’d see a spark of acknowledgement in his eyes when he heard your plan, but just like Donnie’s when you first told him, Leo’s face doesn’t change. “(Name…)” he says again, a trace of pity trailing in his voice.You look to Donnie for support, but he doesn’t challenge Leo’s answer. He places a hand on your shoulder, urging you to do the same. Your confidence is jostled, and you can feel your stress building up again. You yank your shoulder away from Donnie and urge on with Leo, trying not to let your voice crack as you continue explaining. “I know, I know; payphones are up top, but I could go under the cover of night or maybe during the day. I can put together a disguise so none of his spies will recognize me. I could hide the crowds and…”“(Name,) that’s enough,” Leo says again, stepping closer.You deny Leo’s advances and ignore Donnie’s attempts to calm you down. Stepping back as you go into a frenzy, you keep pushing, “Leo, please!” You clasp your hands together, begging for his permission. “I just need to hear their voices. And they need to hear mine. They need to know I’m alright.”Just then, a beeping sound catches your attention. Leo’s, too. Donnie turns his attention towards the now activated device.“But it’s…” Donnie says, very confused as he walks over to it. “It’s not completely assembled yet. It turned on automatically?”Leo pushes you behind him and you watch as the lights on the device began to flicker. Donnie, too, steps back as electrical noises crackling and ripping through the air. Then finally, a light glows red.“Bravo, Donatello,” a static voice says from the speaker of the machine. “Your intelligence never ceases to impress. Though, it took much longer than I anticipated for you to figure out the intention of my little trail, so consider myself more disappointed than impressed.” Your eyes widen and your stomach aches with sudden nervousness. You recognize that voice.“Agent Bishop,” Leo growls.
Update 3Hello my little DeviantArt friends! I hope all of you are doing fantastic today, but if not.. then I wish you luck and my best wishes. Update:Today is January 29, and recently I turned 23 years old. I wish I could stay 21 or 22 so that I don’t age, but the truth is that.. at 21 I looked like a whale and was in every sense miserable and extremely overweight . I only began living my life and enjoying life; as a normal woman at 22. So therefore , I wish I’d stay 22 forever.:( I wish there wasn’t any more New Years and Birthdays. I wish the days would slow down. Just stay on standby. Forever and ever.:( The only thing that calms me down from our inevitable aging and moving forth with the years , is knowing that EVERYONE is going through this. EVERYONE will get old, EVERYONE is growing older as the days appear and disappear. People who are younger than you and people who are older.Knowing that I’m not alone with this whole GROWING OLD PROCESS. And reaching our END PROCESS. Another thing that puts me at peace from this reality that is life, is My belief in that “re-birth” or “reincarnation” is real. So maybe we all get to live again as a different person or only some of us. But who knows right. WHO KNOWS! We will all perish because we’re not immortal.We either die early or we die of old age but we die bro.None of us chose to be born, so might as well take life like BadAsses. Now “as for so some of the newer things happening in my life”..... other than:-Having had rehomed/ gave away my Leopard Geckos....-Getting Eye Surgery which can come with several complications ... & ruin my life-Aging onto 23...There is 4 new things: Weightloss, Saving Money, Hair Cut, and PCOS ________________________________Umm I’ve been keeping up with my weight loss.. with a little practice called ADF or “Alternate Day Fasting”.And yes I HAVE dropped a few pounds. With ADF you get to eat anything you want during eat days.And you get to lose 10 pound in a month.In my case I add cardio to every day .And even though I did lose the “10 pounds in one month” I’ve ended up hitting a PLATEAU .Which means no matter what.. my body doesn’t want to drop any more pounds.It is at a standstill. Which means I need to ADD more workouts or gym or change “something “.IDK , that made me kind of discouraged lately. But I’m proud of my progress.I’m glad I can finally see some hand bones sticking out and some jaw line,, and my body looking more like a normal human being.Don’t get me wrong I’m still on the overweight range and chunky-looking. BUT GUESS WHAT. I’m not gonna stop .Ever ever ever ...... ever. I’m gonna make it so that I become an Instagram Athlete. ________________________________Another thing that’s been new in my life. Well.. I’ve been saving up money. I don’t have an exact reason as to why I’m saving up money. I guess I just really took an interest in saving money. And just having a lot of money to back myself up with.And in my case; I’m not really the type to “spend money” go on “shopping sprees “ or “buy rags and trinkets” from malls and stores. I basically am the more militant type of person, I just buy simple things that I need. If you wonder what my room and closet look like. It is a very strict/organized looking setting. Don’t own a lot of clothes, shoes, and materials of any kind over all. Very simple.I think health, both mental and physical is the most important thing for me.I see money as more of a support. A lot of people say that I’m money-driven. But I’m not. I don’t exactly wish to be a millionaire or an in any way am looking for ways to make MORE than a decent living. But if chances show up where I can earn more of that support I’ll take them. But that’s all “money” really is to me. “ a support”. And talking about “support” .. You can kinda make a couple bucks from donating plasma.. BUT SHHHH! You didn’t hear it from me ;)But yeah. To me “ health” will be the most important thing.And then Family. But not money. ________________________________Another thing that is new in my life. Well I cut my hair real short. Kinda like that Photomanipulated-TinkerBell Version of me.The story goes that:At first I had gotten highlights on my hair. .. then; Last year, I had dyed my hair to “Red” MULTIPLE TIMES.And finally I had my hair permanently straightened. Which all ended up causing a lot of breakage and was overall a disaster.It caused SO MUCH DAMAGE to my hair... Where I ended up Having to chop my hair real short. And it’s all healthy and growing ;) ________________________________And last but not least:“I was diagnosed with PCOS".Yup. I went to the gynecologist, so that he can see where I’m standing in regards to my reproductive health and female health.. or whatever.The one who checks the health of your HOO-HAA. lolJust saying.. once you become of age and you’re body is capable of reproduction and making babies..You really should check in with a specialist on all that reproductive stuff. It’s necessary.My ignorant self was blind and careless of my well-being for years. I’ve never seen a HOO-HAA Doc until I turned 22 and cared more for my health.Anyway IT WAS SOOO DIFFICULT to set up early appointments to see the results of my Tests and HOO-HAA results. It took months and months to see this Doc at all! >=[I was also missing appointment after appointment. And they would reschedule me for the next month or the month after that.So basically I didn’t get instant results. It took MONTHS until I was finally able to see my HOO-HAA results. >=[Anyway.. When I was finally able to see my results.The Doc said that my health down there was fine and I tested negative for anything bad. That I was healthy and my HOO-HAA had no issues whatsoever.But then he said; the thing that concerns him is that my testosterone levels are too high and that I have got cysts in there. Cysts in my Ovaries!!! :0I wasn’t exactly worried or surprised by this. Another Doc told me the same thing when I was 14 years old. But I was so careless in that time that I disregarded it and Ignored it.This Doc basically said that. I have this condition called “PCOS” or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Which causes extra testosterone (the male) hormone, exes hair growth (like a man), weight gain, obesity, difficulty loosing weight, acne, and in some people “hair loss of the head”like some men. Basically my hormones are all messed up because of these cysts.And it makes me angry. I’ve been mistreated all my life for being overweight, for looking like a whale. For being shy because of it. I’ve been miserable for most of my life because of this issue that I “apparently have no control over!” It makes me upset to my core. I was mistreated by my own Father and Sister for YEARS. I was bullied in school FOR YEARS. I was single and a virgin because of this FOR YEARS. I had a very small amount of friends in school because of this FOR YEARS! I was afraid to talk to boys, up until I turned 21 or 22, because of THIS!I felt that; If I ever looked or liked a boy, I’d scare him off. (Especially because of some of the bullying experiences ) I had when I was in elementary school. —I’ll talk about those another day—ButDuring my time in HighSchool; some decent-looking boys would show interest or try to talk to me; and I would always think that they’re either trying to bully me, or that “it was all in my head”. That “them liking me was all in my head”; Because of how much I was trained to think that “I’m disgusting”.. :’( ... by my own family members more than anything “at that time”. Nowadays “at 22”, I regret not having given these guys a chance. I regret not having given myself a chance at love or what could’ve been beautiful relationships.Because my family during those HighSchool ok years; had my younger sister looking like a skinny Barbie, and me looking more like a chunky girl; I was treated poorly for YEARS ON END. And I understand that people who are fat or overweight, most of the time “it is their own fault”, they’re perceived as messy or careless or inconsiderate. But then there is people like “ME” who are gaining weight and having difficulty loosing weight at all; due to an underlying condition that was there all along! Of which I can do little to nothing about!:’(It took “ SEEING A DOCTOR” for him to say: “Hey, you being fat and gross; is not entirely your fault”.Anyway it’s been YEARS. And it took every little bit of strength that I have, to finally make peace with the people who gave me HELL throughout the years. To make peace with every person that put me THROUGH HELL. :’( THAT PUT ME DOWN.I’ll talk about all those stories of bullying and being single in a YouTube video.-but where getting a little bit off track here, I’ll leave those stories for another time-But back to the PCOS:The Doc then decided to put me on some medication to control the excess Testosterone, & another medication to cause me to loose weight, something that Diabetics take. He said all he cares about ; is that excess Testosterone that my body is producing, to try and get it under control and level my hormones. And I decided to loose some weight first and then follow his protocol. Which I haven’t yet informed him that I chose to go this other route and since then I HAVE been losing weight.But I’ll tell him when I see him again. -.-Idk. That’s what I’m going with ..(Mainly; I hope to get the cysts surgically-removed from my body and later meet with a psychic who can erase the bad memories from my mind) THATS WHAT I WANT (-.-)#1 remove cysts#2 erase memory ________________________________Well, moving on.To update you guys with some other stuff..My Art.I made a post a while back, about how I am no longer gonna be using colors for my Comics and Stories. They’re not gonna look as sophisticated any more. They’re no longer gonna have detail and 3-Dimensions or watever. From here on out they’re gonna be a little bit more Simple. They will be more like Doodles and basic Comic Strip lines. (UNFORTUNATELY).And If I ever add color or more detail and quality; it will be because the art piece is more important, or because it is a character presentation, (where one character is presented). Or basically anything that I want to be colored. Other than that , most things will be black and white, will barely have any life or detail. What can I say. ..(-.-) (all you got is time.) So I hope that you guys don’t mind the dramatic change to my work. The only story or comic that will be colored is the Dragon one. The “Dragons of the Sky” one. Since that story is the most important to me. And fun fact: that story is the most important to me because it contains Real Life experiences of MY real life. I won’t disclose those experiences until I finish the story. But basically that is why it’s very important to me.And that’s pretty much it...YouTube: ( EmyyWolf )Tumblr: (Emyy-wolf )Twitter: ( Emyy_Wolf ) #emyywolf, Previous Entry: Jan 27, 2021,Update 2January 28, 2021Hello Dear Followers! Today is Dec 9 of year 2020.Next Entry: Apr 26, 2021,Update 4April 26, 2021Hello guys. Its been a minute since I’ve logged
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Comment Meme, my five centsWhen did you start commenting on artwork, and why? Until now I only commented on the artwork of my best friend who regularily sends me pictures of his newest paintings and asks for my honest opinion. I do this because feedback is very important, especially when you are an artist. I don't see me as a painter, I'm an author, but painting helps me to visualize feelings I use in my poems and novels. And I give feedback on other authors writings, too. I guess commenting artwork will not be too different and I'm looking forward to it.What kind of art do you like to comment on?The kind of art that sparks something inside me. There is no certain style I prefer, the painting, sculpture or sketch needs to stir some kind of emotion inside of me. If a painting is executed perfectly, but there is no story behind it I can relate to, I'm not able to comment. Nowadays, do you often like or comment, and why?Well, I started on deviantArt yesterday, so I'm relatively new to liking and commenting, but I'm about to change this. It's important to be seen. I hope that there will be people seeing me and my work (and hopefully enjoy it), but I hope to discover art that I enjoy, too. And if I do, I let the artist know. What motivates you to comment? Can you name three things, minimum? The artwork is stunning, so I let the artist know. 2. The artwork shows potential, but needs work to fully unfold it. If there is something I can point out to help the artist improving, I will do so. 3. Commenting means communicating. I like to communicate. What is difficult about commenting? What do you usually do about it? For me, my lack of knowledge. Sometimes I see something in a painting I don't like, but I can't name what's bothering me because I don't know the exact terms. (English isn't my native language, so that makes it harder still) If this happens, I usually try to find out how to express my thoughts, learning something in the progress, too. What is a constructive comment, in your opinion? Everything that is aiming to help improve artwork or to cheer the artist on.Is there a difference between a constructive comment and a critique? If so, what is this difference? I don't know. I think the differences aren't that big.How often do you think you comment constructively and post critiques? I actually try to always comment constructively. But communication is tricky sometimes. What I assume is constructive may be found useless by the recipient.Do you use a specific technique when you comment? (e.g. sandwich method) I try to be kind. Always.What kind of comments do you like to receive? (e.g. constructive, critique, 'normal')I'm aware that I am barely a novice concerning my paintings, so I don't mind comments to point out my shortcomings as I will grow knowing where I have to improve.Do you have any comment expectations regarding your artwork? (e.g. tips for improvement, likes and dislikes, etc.) Everything that helps me grow. It's ok to dislike my artwork, too, nothing is loved by all. I just want people to refrain from being intentionally mean.Do you have any pet peeves with the comments you receive, and the comments you give? Comments with the only purpose to hurt. Comments with the sole intention to get a like or comment back (like: 'Wow, so awesome! Want to check out my stuff?')In all honesty, when you comment, would you like to receive a comment back? I would like to get comments, yes. But when I comment, I don't expect the painter to comment back. I expect people to comment on my stuff because they can relate somehow, not because they feel obliged to do so because I commented their artwork.Do you have any tips and suggestions for new commenters and artists looking for feedback? Not exactly, because I'm new myself. But when art is relatable to writing, it helps to join groups, chat with other artists, enter contests and being an active member of the community.Ask one question about comments you would like your tagged people to answer!Would love to, but I don't know enough artists yet. Hopefully that will change soon.But if anyone want to fill out this meme after reading this, here is the place to do so: ,CComment Meme! Fill out ProjectComment
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Mafia Love a humanfell inspired story
OC: Is this love?
Her Blue Eye, Me, Digital Painting, 2022
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Demon slayer OC: Michitose Itsutaro
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Simple trees.
OC: The fight between two races
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