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Visual Guide to ProjectComment by 3wyl ProjectComment InformationProjectComment has been an active comment group for 9+ years to give you the constructive comments you deserve!
We have many projects that encourage our awesome members to give and get comments. These projects involve workshops, features, contests, and, more importantly, systems that rely on interchange, inclusion and interaction.
It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.
If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Our Values
Our amazing admins and members give comments and get comments with the following values in mind:
…to restore balance – comment for comment, positive and negative, give and take.
…to accept all – every commenter, every art, regardless of skill or artist.

Make Mistakes! We're Happy to Help!

It's not easy to give and get comments, but, with the many projects we have here, we hope you find something that works best for you.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us! :la:

December : Golden Words Award!

ProjectComment's Award: Golden Words
~ For December ~

Congratulations mute-me!

mute-me's consistent and committed efforts in supporting others through constructive comments is demonstrated through her participation in the Weekly Commenting Project, Truth or Dare and other happenings in this group and DeviantArt overall. It is amazing to see her progress in both her artworks and comments.

Thank you UszatyArbuz for creating this award for ProjectComment.

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x by mute-me
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.: The calm before the storm :. (CE) by SweetElectricity

More Exposure #81

Tue Dec 11, 2018, 3:19 PM
ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the DeviantArt community, but we aim to feature under-appreciated artwork too!

This article series will highlight works submitted to the More Exposure folder. Submit your pieces to this folder for more exposure on our front page and a news article! Submission limit is 1 deviation/week.

Before you submit, please comment on some of these pieces!
If you do, link your comment below for a chance to be featured in the monthly newsletter! :la:

Watched ( Story in description ) by RemTheNinja
On the edge by kolgarave
undertale basketball- dunked on by kyoyane
Ocean Sunset by funstorytime127
Anthro Leafy Drawing by GabrielLoboDX
The Druids battling the Egg Thief! by Blaria95
The Gentleman Bully by LocalPeaches
Rachel Stanley -Request- by AlexGrowing

Goretober Day 6 (Any Phobia) by NathaAmore
Grass fields along Mt. Arayat by Natheart17
Sailor of Death + Speedpaint by AlwysbCreative
POW by El-Rey-Chipinque
FGOctober day 14 - ibaraki douji by Seraeva
The Urban Outcast. by MimiKitsuji
Playhouse Disney 2005 logo by ColinKingsland
Ava page 1 by qBlue-Teaq
Izuku by WoodsterZ
City Perspective Practice by GabrielLoboDX
Mr. Game and Watch - Clay Figure - (Tutorial) by kerobyx

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185 deviants said Truth or Dare? (involving comments)
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47 deviants said Race to Comment (comment as many pieces as possible)
43 deviants said ProjectComment BINGO! (series of feedback challenges on bingo card)
39 deviants said Critiques for Critiques (crtiqiuing your critique)
22 deviants said Quality in Quantity! (in comments, e.g. 20+ line comment)
20 deviants said Feedback Tournament (compete in round after round of comment challenges)
15 deviants said Suggest your own idea here today!


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Spicy-cheetos Featured By Owner Edited 9 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
I commented on these. I don’t know how to make them icons because I am new so if anybody can help me out I would appreciate it.……
NikyleProductions Featured By Owner Edited 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I commented on this:…

And would like to submit this:
Dark Magician girl by NikyleProductions
DarthHaze2 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer

I commented on this:
Hunluan de Chengnuo (rough draft)Hǔnluàn de chéngnuò
April 12,2028
It all started on a cold rainy night, in the outskirts of Hong Kong. I, Zakon Agma, was traveling there with a purpose. A promise to be exact. My friend, Zaihai Hundun, just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I believed she and her husband, Nokori, named their new born daughter, Linghun. Anyway, I promised Zaihai that I would hangout with her kid three days ago. However due to my cursed seventy year old body, I was unable to keep my promise. That is until today. Although, maybe it wasn't a smart idea to be out in the rain at night. Especially, without a freaking umbrella to keep me company. Curse you winds. Thankfully, her house is only a few blocks away, so I don't have to worry too much about getting a cold.
As I was nearing the next block, I saw a woman who was wearing a black cloak, while carrying a green blanket in her arms, running towards me. I didn't know what was happening in that strange moment, so I reacted as anyone woul

I would like to submit this:
Aless Chapter One    It started as a normal day.
    Aless woke up to the usual sight- the sun’s light beaming through her window above her onto the foot of her bed. Behind the light was another usual sight- her mother preparing breakfast in the main room. Her father was nowhere in sight, which meant he was out in the town.
    “Good morning sweetie.” Aless’ mother said, smiling. Her name was Alena. She was the town’s local priestess and healer. She was still in her white nightgown and her long, violet hair was not straightened out yet. Alena walked over with a plate and presented breakfast to her daughter- a bread roll and a piece of goat cheese.
“Thank you, mother.” Aless said politely. She immediately gobbled down the cheese, her favorite. It was made locally from the village’s goats. It was white but Aless loved the taste of it.
    “After you are done with your meal and get dressed, yo

(1 Reply)
ProtoTEnterprise Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi! =D I commented: 

Astolfo's happiness. by Rosempai Motherly love by fob-love-panic That Moment When 3 by DemonFall Marianne Bentley Colored Drawing by JessaNather Character drawing #25 Buraindo Komori (no color) + by TwilightDestinyArt

Thank you very much! :love:

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