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Welcome to second post! I will start with Gen Odos race description, hope you will enjoy it!

Gen Odos ( aka Gen ) Civilization
Solar System of Origin: Arg Hatu
Planet of Origin: Ondan

Gen Odos:…

Gen Odos race is carbon based life form, which resides on almost all planets of Arg Hatu binary solar system. Mainly on Ondan and Traid planet, and only one that isn't populated is Kasada Etlo, giant blue planet, on outer rim of Arg Hatu. Kasada Etlo is giant mine of gasses and minerals that are used in Gen Odos life. Monuas, being the closest planet to the "Brother Stars" is scarcely settled with its harsh conditions on the surface, and is populated for it's rare materials. Working and living on Monuas is not popular for most Gen's.

Arg Hatu stars:…

Arg Hatu system:…

For Gen's, thrive of civilization is their primary goal, while living in balance with the planet they live on, as well as the rest of the universe. While some parties would like to inflict their aggressive ideas and do shady work to accomplish this goal, most Arg Hatu citizens are against those parties because they have learned from their mistakes they made in the past, and ruining civilization growth is something they aren't fond of.

Gen Odos are one of the oldest living civilization in Antharra, over 9,500 Artades of age, and have great knowledge of science, nature, art, both universes ( Yawi and Inner ), unnatural, supernatural and spiritual forces, as well as power and science of conciseness.

One of most important forces of Gen's is Endo Gain, life force of their civilization, which they study and nourish throughout their history. Nobody knows how Endo Gain works, how it came to existence and how Gen's are connected to it. Many mysteries are yet to be discovered, but things they know, so far, is enough to keep their civilization alive and flourishing. They can harvest that life energy and make a use of it and learn from it. Many theories are formed, but none of them have enough evidence to be accepted as the right one.

Almost all Gen's believe in their very old legend, in which their supreme being, All-Like Trra, coming from Inner Dimension, and planet named Altin Sekua, is sent from his masters to keep the Yawi Realm in order and protect it from prophesized destruction. It is believed by these supreme beings that all life in universe is precious and it is worth protecting, and dying for. During "End of Time", All-Like Trra destroyed Unde Ghelta, feroucios devourer of stars, by destroying himself into Endo Gain, saving remaining Gen's and preserving life, infusing his force all over Antharra galaxy. Many cathedrals in his honor are beautiful to look upon, and are scattered throughout Arg Hatu system. One of greatest is Cathedral Nova, where famous artist, Kraetun Siolda, made his masterpiece "Fall of Ghelta", on the top of magnificent main hall of the cathedral, and it's beautifully carved white pillars with All-Like Trra sculpture in the middle. Scriptures of old, in which are carved the ancient text of All-Like Trra legend are hidden and carefully guarded from unwanted invaders.

High Sendass, supreme ruler of the Gen Odos race, is wisest person elected by whole population. And with almost no exception, with that system, last few thousand Artades Gen's are living in peace between themselves, working together for the greater good. Of course, there is still lust for power and control which are parts of any civilization, and their work in underground is very concerning. Criminal varies through Arg Hatu system, and forces of law are trying their best to keep it at minimum. Politics is obsolete, for most civilizations in Antharra. There are rules that are established within the Alliance and with other Alliances, but those rules are made within the rules of life and balance in universe, on which there is no debate. Of course, rules are sometimes broken, but basically, most of Antharrians are content with rules that are established.

Planet Ondan:…

On planet Ondan, which is a planet of origin of Gen Odos race, lives around 25 billion citizens in 8 major super-cities, and number of smaller ones and villages spread across the surface of the planet, air and water. Most of energy they need are harvested through Ondan's magnetism, plasma and sub-matter. Pollution is on very low level, and is declining through the recent Artades. Conditions on planet are somewhat harsh, with violent changes of weather, making it sometimes difficult to live in some regions, or work in them. Architecture was advanced, through history, to resist these violent changes and still upgrading and developing new ways and materials to further protect citizens. On other side, scientists are trying to tame the weather, with a little success.

Ondan City:…

Main super-city, Ondan City, is on southern hemisphere of Ondan, and counts over four billion citizens and it sits on the edge of Reantian Ocean. All cities are connected with the network of roads, air and water, as well as underground and inner dimension transport systems, so transporting goods and people is done as fast as possible and without delays. Nature is dealt with respect and every resource is having his purpose, there is no waste. Some of the natural elements are permanently artificial developed, so nature can stay intact and thrive on its own. Ondan City is one of three major centers for science, technology and unnatural forces, and have a wide array of Learning Centers for language, thought and conciseness. Each city on Ondan planet have it's own major centers for different branches in industry, art, science, technology, etc. and they are balanced so most Gen's can be on high level of knowledge and stay in their spheres of interest.

Life expectancy of Gen Odos is from 80-110 Artades, and their harsh environment made them very resistant creatures. They grow up fairly fast, in first ten Artades are already old enough to make their own decisions and follow their path. They can have from 5 to 25 Gen's in their "Mest", as they call closest family. Mostly all members of Mest are annually attending Thought Centers, where they expand their knowledge on Antharra and its history. It is not a must, but, since they acknowledge thrive as the way, they do it gladly. There is always something good and profound to hear in Thought Centers. Gen's vary in size and attributes, and some of them are enhanced with Biometaforgy, branch of industry and science of enhancing physical abilities and upgrading physical form.

Deceased bodies of Gen's are refined into energy, which goes with their nature and belief that all spirits are merging back with Endo Gain, infusing it with the experience of their physical life, thus enrich it with the knowledge of Antharra. Endo Gain gives and takes life in never ending circle, and physical form of Gen's are natural, energy rich and temporary.

In first years of life in Gen's life, young Gen is learning Genasa language, and facts of thoughts and knowledge. After his personality forms, around 4th and 5th Artade of his life, his interests are narrowing down and specialties are acknowledged. He attends schools of his interest, and is free to learn everything he wants. He can continue learning about thoughts and conciseness, do arts or sports, science, or any other branch available in Arg Hatu system. Schools are always provided, and widely spread. Young Gen's mostly apart from their Mest at the age of 15, and form their own. Some choose to stay in the Mest they are born in, some grow apart and make their own future.

There is seven distinguished classes of citizens, measured on knowledge and skills, rather on wealth, which is widely overrated, anyway. Of course, on less intelligent and poorer parts of Arg Hatu system, some rules are changed, but, Gen's as civilization is working on those problems, constantly trying to improve way of living. Tough job to do without any unnecessary sacrifices for civilization, which are unwanted by High Sendass and his predecessors, and accepted that there is another way for Gen's to thrive.

Highest class are High Elendass, most profound and knowledgeable citizens, with many skills and abilities that are on highest current level possible. There is only few thousand Elendass citizens, in 80 billion total population of Gen Odos in Antharra, and each and one of them are respected as very important figures in Gen's lives, and each and one of them can be next High Sendass, who is, of course, the leader of Gen Odos race. Elandass class citizens runs the economy and military throughout Arg Hatu system, and have their roles within industry and transport, acting on the rules of nature and life.

Nuardi Rinss are the scholar class citizens, and their role are to teach in every branch of Gen's life, running all schools and teaching centers, Spiritual and Endo Gain schools and Advanced Tarebians ( Earth universities ). Flow of knowledge are going through this class and is distributed widely and without stalling. Knowledge is the key, and true path to advancement, so they say.

Hei Rinss, Ti Rinss and Kei Rinss are working class citizens with various degrees of knowledge, skills and abilities and most population is from these three classes. They are involved in wast array of work in all branches of science, industry, technology, inner dimensions, etc. They are the backbone of the civilization and they have mutual respect on another level. At least, most of them.
Amei Nass are lowest class of the legal citizens, and they are almost in size as Hei, Ti and Kei Rinss, and their role consists of all sort of heavy and hard work, like mining, drilling, industrial and spaceship manufacture, deep inner space industrial work, etc.

Last class is Carara Nass, criminal class, which is not quite part of the progress of civilization. There is no correct answer on how many of this class resides in Arg Hatu system, but some speculations are that they number between 2 and 4 billion citizens. They are engaged in every aspect of Gen's life, stealing, smuggling, assassinations, drugs, illegal entertainment and sports, etc. and there is no telling if it will ever stop. They have their own territories and ways to run the underground and are very well organized.

Gen Odos technology of travel is on very high level, from interplanetary to interstellar, even innerstellar ( travel to and through Inner Dimensions ) distances. It is done by various technologies, from classical Sion, Plasma, Sub-matter and Magnetic to higher forms of power like Electrit and Entalbin, as well as bending space and time and teleporting, which is just in early stages of development and uses complex science and Inner physics to decipher and learn how to use it correctly. So far, it can be used on only small distances, but can teleport Gen's and other life forms and it need high energy input to work, so it is used rarely. There are ideas of diminishing energy needed for teleportation, and those experiments are in place and scientist work hard to make it more available for Gen Odos race.

More on transport types of Antharra in later chapters.

As for entertainment and sports, Gen's are enjoying many activities in their free time, and it is mostly physical type, like sports and open air games. Of course, many of them enjoy quiet day at home, and doing their own fun, and some are just lazy. Most popular sport is Lenstal Whip Tournament, and close second are Dantoniax Doin Race and Kazaxa Arena, followed by Machnoid Tournament of Halli and Sky Games, and we will go through them all later. They also enjoy good shows, acting, art and singing, and all kind of festival activities that involves their culture, fun and art. Life is a canvas, and living good is it's art, they are used to say.


Last bit is, of course, Genasa, widely acknowledged and spread language through Antharra, made by Gen Odos civilization. Thousands of Artades have passed until all dialects and different iterations of Genasa came under same roof, and made universal language that is accepted for Artades to come. It is fairly simple language with 42 signs that are used to represent any term spoken in Antharra. There is a language "of deeper knowledge" called Ganessia, and its hieroglyphic nature and thousands of signs are interpreted only by scholars, and used very rarely, mostly for deciphering ancient texts and inner dimension terms and translations of non physical languages.

So, that's it about Gen Odos civilization, and its basic description. Detail about their science, technology, art and other features will be annually posted and revealed in comic book, as well as nature, regions, animals and plants, and many other features of their world and Antharra.

Soon i will be posting their history and present second race, Undegron. Images relating to text above are attached. Enjoy!
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