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Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy[1/3] by Project-Rapto Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy[1/3] by Project-Rapto
( Collaboration with the chapter by Nomad36 and NeoNimbus526, you fellas are the best! )

Red Speakeasy

It is common rule within folks of New Elmore to head straight home before sunset, not because most of them are done working for the day, but to avoid the curfews. Those who are caught outside their homes after curfew hours are subjected to detention by the Peacekeepers, some “safely” come back home the following day...while others never do.

Jake Wiley was just gonna end his shift when suddenly he was summoned by his boss about some delivery job.

“Jake, you got a minute?” said Randal approaching the young coyote who was busy looking over his spreadsheets. He was just about to check out for the day. What could his boss possible want from him?

Jake rubbed his eyes, yawning before facing his boss.

“Yeah Randy, what is it?”

“We’ve got to make a last minute drop at the Red Zone, do you think you can handle that?”

“Sure thing, I’ll get it done.”

“Right just be sure that you don’t get caught out on the streets after curfew.”

Jake shivered with fear. He certainly did not want to end up in the detention center he had heard so many horror stories about. The Peacekeepers were rather strict and he the last thing he wanted was to end up there.

"Don't remind me of them," Jake simply said. "Those guys are nothing but bad news."

"What can we do about it?" Randall asked. "As long as we take a low profile, we'll be in the clear."

"I hope so," Jake muttered. "But for once, I wish we didn't have to live in fear?"

"Am I interrupting something?"

Jake and Randall turned around and saw a certain purple fox in front of them.

"Not really, Brian," Jake replied. "Just Randy and I talking."

"Fair enough," Brian nodded. "At least having a conversation around makes our lives a bit more lively."

“Of course,” Randal nodded. “But Jake, I suggest to get some fellas to help you with the delivery.”

“How so?” Jake asked. “Is it a big delivery this time?”

“Absolutely, not only that but,” Randal replied while handing out the manifest along with the address. “It’s also gonna be delivered in this place, I’m assuming you been there before.”

“Oh yes indeed,” Jake nods. “They are good people...and in desperate need of this supplies.”

“Very well then,” said Randal. “Then I suggest you get it done fast before curfew. The packages are below storage room, you might need more hands on this, so I will accompany you guys for tonight.”

“Gotcha,” said Jake, looking at the clipboard. He turned to Brian. “Who else should we find to help us make this delivery?”

“I think someone is way ahead of you Jake,” replied Brian, thumbing in the direction of where an amber fennec fox was already handling some packages stacked precariously on a dolly.

Jake instantly rushed over to help the other fox with the packages, grinning ear to ear while doing so.

“Thanks for the help,” said the amber fox, not noticing the coyote at first as she lowered the boxes.

“Anything to help out a friend.”

The familiar voice made her stop as she looked around to catch a glimpse of the coyote. She immediately walked over, pulling him into a bone-crushing hug.

“Good to see you too Kelsey,” said Jake, his voice strained as he patted her comfortingly on the back. “I thought you were still in the Red Zone though.”

"I had enough time on my schedule," Kelsey said with a smile, before letting go of Jake.

"That explains...a lot," Jake said, as he rubbed his sore arms.

"Anyway, here I am," Kelsey said, before facing Brian and Randall. "Nice to see you two here."

"Likewise," Brian nodded.

"Same," Randall stated. "At least we have an extra hand for this delivery."

"Sure thing," replied Brian. "So should we get going or what?"

As the trio finish loading the packages at the pickup truck, Brian takes the wheel, Jake takes shotgun while Randal and Kelsey are at the back seats. Brian turns on the engine and soon after they exit towards the street.

While Brian drives towards the checkpoint and Randal having a small chat with Kelsey, Jake would look at the streets, noticing the absence of pedestrians almost as if there was no life on this city. The city has changed a whole since the war, a bit more futuristic but with a hint of authoritative, ships flying above the city in all directions. He would occasionally spot some peacekeepers and drones, but while he was occupied with the bleak view of his city, the car suddenly came to astop.

"Seriously!" said Brian in annoyance. "There is a line just to cross the checkpoint."

"Is not that bad," assures Kelsey. "Besides this people are just trying to get to their homes before curfew hours."

"Yeah but we too have to, not only to deliver this stuff BUT also get home before curfew hours," replies Brian. "So we better we make it on time."

“At this rate it’s going to be tight,” said the dusty brown coyote frowning as they rolled up slowly to the checkpoint.

Minutes have passed and as they were gonna be next, Jake was a bit on edge with the amount of security on a checkpoint, dozens of peacekeepers, drones, mounted guns, etc, such security could only mean how volatile is this area, one of many gateways to the red zone. As it was finally their turn, two peacekeepers guarded the entrance to the checkpoint, armed with rifles as they looked at the truck, scanning it for anything unusual as a officer walked over to them.

“What is your business in the Red Zone?”

“We’re making one last drop before curfew,” said Brian, somewhat frantically as they all gave the proper registration and permits to the officer.

“You may proceed. Just don’t get caught in the Red Zone after dark. No guarantee that we can protect you, or that we won’t throw you into the detention center.”

“Uh, yes sir!”

"Good," the first Peacemaker was pleased by this.

"Now move out," the second Peacemaker ordered.

"Uh, yeah," Brian sheepishly said.

"Will do," Jake added.

Soon, they, Kelsey and Randal took off, driving as fast as they had never drove fast before, as Brian glanced at the two Peacekeepers, until they were finally out of sight, allowing him and his friends to sigh in relief.

"That was a close call," Brian exclaimed.

"Yeah, we could had been pulled over for 'secondary inspection'," replied Randal. "But thanks goodness we did not."

"Yeah," Jake said while glancing towards the streets, as he can see the devastation and neglect of a once vibrant part of the city now looking like a warzone of sorts.

A few minutes had passed and finally reaching towards their destination, as they parked the pickup in front a rundown warehouse. As Brian and Jake where unloading the packages, a sudden loud popping sounds were heard in the distance, causing Jake to nearly drop the package.

"Well guys, I would hurry up so that we can call leave before things get ugly in here," saids Randal while he gets in the driver seat. "I will wait for you guys right here."

As the trio made their way inside the warehouse, the whole place was filled with makeshift tents with a couple of lit up trash cans, part of the roof was collapsed and so was partially the left wall. They were people of all age and sizes, some were huddling together for warmth, others were standing close to the trash cans, even children running around playing with decaying soccer ball.

As Jake, Brian, and Kelsey were putting packages on the ground a nun figure made her way towards the trio.

“Oh Jake bless your soul, what are you doing here at this time?”

“Hey Mother Teresa, just dropping by to say hi and bring this supplies,” saids Jake while he gets hugged by the nun.

"We very much appreciate the supplies, what have you got for us this time?" asked the nun, as Brian picked up the clipboard and began looking through the supplies they had just delivered.

"About a month's worth of food, medical supplies, clean water, as well as some toys for the children," answered Brian, checking off the supplies on the list with a red pen.

"I doubt that will be enough for a month," said the nun sighing and shaking her head. "We always have too many hungry mouths to feed and not enough supply drops."

The trio all exchanged looks of concern as the nun quickly did her best to reassure them.

"Though you three are making a great contribution, it will definitely help get the Red Zone back on it's feet. Though I suggest you head out before you're caught outside after curfew."

"We will, ma'am," Brian assured her.

"You have our thanks," the nun assured the group.

"Anything to help those who needs it the most," Kelsey said with a smile.

"Don't worry, if they ask, my lips are sealed," the nun smiled with confidence. "I'll make sure they don't know the truth one bit."

"We appreciate it," Jake said. "Until then take care.”

The trio gave one last hug of farewell to the nun before heading towards the car, and soon made their way back home before curfew.

“Well, I say that was a successful delivery,” saids Randal. “And we have spare time before curfew hours.”

“Yes, now we can go home,” Jake replies but his stomach grumbles. “And to eat dinner.”

“Or we can go eat somewhere real quick before curfew”, said Kesley.

“Me too, I’m hungry as heck,” replies Brian as his stomach grumbles too.

“Well then fellas,” grins Randal. “Then let’s go to Donny’s and have to some...”

Just then the car’s hood starts to make popping noises which causes the car to gradually lose speed.

“Oh no, not this again,” mutters Randal as he pulls the vehicle to the side of the road.

“What’s wrong?”, says Kesley.

“I don’t know”, replies Randal while trying to turn back on the car. “But this won’t take long.”

“Uhhh guys,” says Brian. “We may have a problem now.”

As Brian points ahead on the street, there is a sudden line formation of peacekeepers slowly moving towards ahead. Kelsey confused looks behind them and is terrified of what she sees.

“Uhhhh we may also have another problem too with the other people from behind us”

Behind them, rioters by the dozens are marching towards the peacekeepers with crude melee weapons, and molotov’s.

“Cease hostilities!” demanded one of the peacekeepers with a megaphone as a molotov was whipped at him, falling short only a few inches away, igniting the ground with hungry orange flames at their feet.

“Make us!” shouted on of the rioters. As Jake, Kelsey, Brian, and Randal all quickly jumped out of the pickup truck and tried to distance themselves from the crowd before being swept up in it.

“This is your final warning! If you proceed any closer force will be used,” said the peacekeeper captain, readying his energy shield and riot gun.

The crowd didn’t stop however as they plowed onward, brandishing their bats, brass-knuckles, and other melee weapons.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this...” said Brian, as the peacekeeper and rioter lines finally crashed into one another in a frenzy.

"Gee, you think?" Randall sarcastically asked, as he and his friends looked for somewhere to lay low.

"Over there!" Kelsey pointed to a nearby alleyway that was a bit far from their position.

"Thanks, Kelsey," Jake smiled, before he grew serious. "Now let's get going!"

Just as he said this, the four heard several of the rioters screaming, as they heard the sound of gunfire behind them, no doubt coming from the Peacekeepers themselves. Horrified, the four ran much faster as they ever had before, hoping to get closer to the alleyway as soon as possible.

'Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!' Brian thought to himself.

Minutes had passed and barely escaping from a clash between rioters and the peacekeepers. As Randal peaked around the corner to check if the coast is clear.

He then cautiously walks towards another alleyway, followed by Brian, Jake and Kelsey. They then decided to take a little break to evaluate what just happen.

“Randal, where are we?” Asked Brian as he was catching his breath.

“I..I honestly don’t know, but we should be close to the checkpoint,” replied Randal as he decided to lay down.

“Well at least we have less than two hours before curfew, so we can at..” Jake was then interrupted by a unknown voice.

“Hello fellas!”

Everyone got startled by the other voice, only for that voice to be quite familiar to some. The figure then jump down from the catwalk above them, revealing itself to be a female grey wolf with a punk outfit.

“Proxy is at the house...or alleyway for that matter”, Proxy grins only to giggle a bit.

“Uuhhhh its you again,” Kesley said with annoyance.” Aren’t you supposed to be at home by now?”

“Same can be said about yah gurl,” replies Proxy.

Kelsey frowned as she shook her head. “I would be if our truck hadn’t broken down. Now we’re stuck in the Red Zone with a mob and peacekeepers blocking the checkpoint.”

“Maybe I can be of some help,” said Proxy grinning as the others exchanged looks of uneasy.

“I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you,” said Kelsey, crossing her arms defiantly as the grey wolf shrugged.

“I mean, you don’t have very many options, unless if you want to try you luck getting through that crowd,” said Proxy as a rather loud explosion resounded through the alley from the distant clash of peacekeepers and rioters.

“I’ll trust you, this time,” said Kelsey crossing her arms.

“Excellent! Follow me!” said Proxy enthusiastically as she darted further down the alleyway forcing the other four to sprint to keep up with her.

"Hey!" Brian shouted.

"Hold up!" Jake added.

"And let you catch up? No way," Proxy called the four out, before she let out a laughter.

"This is serious, you know!" an annoyed Kelsey yelled back.

"She's right," Randall agreed. "If we get caught by those damn Peacekeepers, we're done for."

"Oh please, you guys worry too much," Proxy dismissed their concerns. "Just keep jogging and you four will be fine."

As Proxy finally reach to another alley, she finally stopped while letting others to catch up and take breather.

“H-hey why y-you stopped?”, exhaustingly saids Jake while try to catch some air.

“Are you s-sure..uh-uhh hold up,” saids Randal as he too is trying gasp some air. “We didn’t go around, didn’t we?”

“Pffft of course not, only idiots would think of that,” saids Proxy only to receive a cold stare from Randal. “Anyways we are one step away from the other side!”.

As the rest were confused to her last part of the statement simply because they weren’t even out of the alley, she then proceed to walk towards a rusty metallic door. She gives it a knock, which immediately a small hatch opens at the door only revealing small tentacles sprawling out of the hatch but not exactly.

“Who thou dare to...oh is you,” said the figure behind the door. “You are late...again.”

“Hey Cosco! My buddy, how is life treating yah?” saids Proxy as she attempts to be cheerful. “Can we come in?”

“We?” replies the entity.

“Yes, we. Me and my buddies need to get into the Yellow Zone, can you help us out with that,” asked Proxy, doing her best puppy-face.

There was a moment of hesitation from Cosco. Which he then finally replies back, “no”.

“Oh c’mon now Cos, what could I possibly be done to you anyway?” saids Proxy.

“How about the soup incident?” replies back Cosco.

“That wasn’t me at all, you know I have a good heart...ish”, confidently says Proxy. “And besides I wasn’t even there when that happen.”

“Not according to multiple witnesses,”said Cosco.”Point been, you ain’t coming inside.”

Just when he was about to close the hatch, Proxy makes a final attempt.

“Wait wait wait Cosco!”,said Proxy. “Maybe we can work this out, we can ‘pay’ our way in?”

“We?”, Jake said in confusion.

“Hey shut it!” barks Proxy at Jake before continuing.“I maybe be convinced to open up this door if you make it worth it. 15 dollars per person.”

“50 dollars, per person.”

“WHAT!?, 20 dollars you greedy shumck.”

“30 dollars, been my final offer.”

Proxy ponders to this offer only to reluctantly agree, “Deal! Jake, open your wallet please.”

“What!?” replies back Jake. “Why do I have to pay!?”

“Because Jake, one, I don’t have money to cover four asses,” adds Proxy. “And two, you are supposed to be a gentleman, so pay up!”

Jake frowns and check his wallet, he only have 70 bucks. He then asks the other group if they too can pitch in. And as gunfire can be heard close to them, they too reluctantly help pay the total of one hundred and fifty dollars. As they hear the sounds of bolts and locks being loosen before the door opens.

“C’mon inside,” said Cosco gruffly as they follow Proxy through the rusted doorway.

‘What have we gotten ourselves into?’ thought Jake as he crossed the threshold and the door slammed behind them leaving them in

Part 1: You here!
Part 2:…

Author's Note: Well then compadres, as our fellow friends venture to the unknown, can they really trust Proxy, is this some sort of scheme, and are they truly out of trouble just yet? Stay tuned for the part 2 of this chapter! Also I would like to thank very much to my friends nomad and neo for helping out with part 1, very soon we will be working on part 2 and I hope you guys enjoyed part 1 of Red Speakeasy.

Jake, Randal and Kelsey by :iconnomad36:
 Brian by :iconneonimbus526:
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