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PF: Alien Acquisition by Project-Rapto PF: Alien Acquisition :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 10 5 PF: Human/Automaton Soldier by Project-Rapto PF: Human/Automaton Soldier :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 10 9 PF: Siege of Little Rock by Project-Rapto PF: Siege of Little Rock :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 13 3 PF: United Rapture Federation Flag by Project-Rapto PF: United Rapture Federation Flag :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 11 16 Birthday Wolf by Project-Rapto Birthday Wolf :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 7 7
The Rapture Federation in the Inter-Dimensional Stage
Throughout the incredible history of the Federation, it has only known of discovery, expansion, and conquest. In the beginning when they first begin to space fare off their star system, the thought that they could only reach the stars within their own galaxy was the believe that all citizens came to accept. As the Federation begin to expand its territory throughout the galaxy, making new discoveries, fighting against hostile aliens, and finding suitable worlds for colonization, a few dreamed of exploring more beyond their galaxy but the prospect of such was impossible...until the invention of a device known as the Everett Drive(named after a scientist that gave us the concept of the multiverse) that would allow them to travel into a different dimension. However, dimensional travel is highly regulated by the government, there is only a few dimensions in which the civilian population can travel through, but a lot more are reser
:iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 5 11
PAX FOEDERATIO Cover by Project-Rapto PAX FOEDERATIO Cover :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 10 13 PET AND VESH Cover by Project-Rapto PET AND VESH Cover :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 13 16 My Creations by Project-Rapto My Creations :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 17 26 Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy [2/3] by Project-Rapto Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy [2/3] :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 12 23
Federation Logs #5
Federation Culture
-Within the Federation, citizens tend to sometimes first say the phrase "Unii Aeternum" and depending of the situation they then introduce their names(in the military is quite the opposite).
-In the Federation, when saying their farewells they don’t hug nor shake hands but instead clutch their right hand close to their chest follow by bowing their heads to individual(s).
-Though English is the universal language of the Federation, almost all each race has its own unique language with a total of 7 languages spoken in the Federation. Some secondary languages are spoken more depending on which colony you are in. The most spoken secondary language is the Rapos, mainly from Raptors. However every school offer classes for this unique languages, the hardest one to learn and speak is the Sect(Sectoid language)since it’s a combination of clicking sounds and screeching.
-The Federation has a huge variety of diets, due to its
:iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 7 22
Coalition of Leaders by Project-Rapto Coalition of Leaders :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 17 38 Basically me by Project-Rapto Basically me :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 16 27 Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy[1/3] by Project-Rapto Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy[1/3] :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 10 28 The Great Frontier by Project-Rapto The Great Frontier :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 16 10 CM: Senpai by Project-Rapto CM: Senpai :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 14 11


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Alright boys and gals, I’m gonna sign off and head to my new account so don’t expect any replies or activity from this account...see yah!
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Alright fellas, this is it! It is time for me, Project-Rapto, to leave this dreadful place and towards new pastures....well that is for this account. 

You see even though Project-Rapto well no longer be active, his amazing content grinding to a halt, and his mannerism ceasing for good, the user itself will instead migrate to a new account that would finally set itself free from the shackles of the old account. So much new ideas I wanted to post but I couldn't because of the reminder of the other content that has polluted my account. This account will however serve as a archive for me reminiscent the old days of what I used to upload.

Now some of you might be saying, "WTF Project!!! I thought you were leaving us alone you piece of ****! Ungrateful mother******!!!!!" Yeah, but this account was just bringing me down, I wanted to do something new and do something that I loved do most! 

So this account will officially enter into a permanent vegetable state at March 1st of 2019, after that don't expect this account to be active.

For those kind souls that are still following me, you can continue to do so at :iconproject-unidad:Project-Unidad, so yeah I have nothing else to say than thank you for your support and hopefully my new account can continue to bring inspiration to each of you!
Hello my dear compadres, I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone that has supported by account for many years, I had the pleasure of witnessing amazing artwork, collab a few, a ton of rp, and made some friends. But as the saying goes, nothing truly last forever...and what I mean by this is that I Project-Rapto will no longer be active in deviantart in the foreseeable future. Some of you might be asking why, well simply is that I no longer have interest of been here as a lot of good things has been developing in my life, I no longer had the same drive of posting this content in here since my early days. 

I know this might be a sad day but to me it feels more like early retirement, so please don't feel sad for me maybe one day you might find me somewhere in the world and perhaps we could have a good laugh or two about the good old days in DA. So before I log off for good, here are somethings I want to clear out.

1. My Account
Normally when people leave, they would deactivate their account...but not me my sir! My account would still be "alive" but the user would be gone for good. So people can still check my shit that I had posted and liked over the years. This account would live on until DA decides to snap its finger to make my account disappear. 

2. Unfinished Business
It would sadden me to leave behind one of my dearest friend :icontoaoflight3690: behind since I loved the stuff he posted and especially his crossover story arc, that been said I must write one last collab piece with him before I leave for good, so by the time he finishes with his latest story that is when I will vanish to the horizon.

3. The Rapture Federation
The Federation by far has been my favorite original creation piece, and I still want wanderers of this page to learn a little bit about them in my page. That been said, no one will ever get the right to own everything related to the Rapture Federation...EVER!!! However, I would allow individuals to use the federation in their drawing/writing as long they mention me. But I guess this won't truly matter since I will be gone for good, so please respect my last wish.

4. My friends
To all those that had known me since the beginning, thank you for your support and friendship, I will never forget the times we commented one another, I will try to remember this individuals from the depths of my mind.

5. Stay in touch
Though Project-Rapto may no longer be an active account, it doesn't mean that I'm gonna be gone from social media. If you truly want to stay in touch with me please send a note in the next couple days, and I will see how we can stay in touch.

6. Deadline
There will be a deadline of when I will log off for good, depending when my friend publishes writing his last chapter is when the countdown will stay tune for that, and thanks to everyone! It has been a great pleasure been here, but just like everyone else I must move on! :D
PF: Alien Acquisition
The history of the federation for the most part have always been a fight between the aggressive xenos against the civilized "democratic" federation. Almost all xeno civilizations that are mention in the history books are either gone or displace to the edges of the galaxy. However there are a few alien species that not only been spared by the wrath of the federation but essentially become integrated citizens, but the road for citizenship was rough and bloody. Today we will discuss the brief histories of each specie ascension to become members of a large galactic empire. Though I will promise that a longer more detail story about each species would come at a later time.

The Xermes would become the first race to be "integrated" into the Federation, a bird-like species from the arid world of Xerta, this race value in traditions, divided into several clans only barely reaching to their bronze age. The arrival of the Federation would only spell doom to their people as they were been exterminated, only the courage of a single warrior brought the clans together to make a last stand. But fearing the end of their species, Xerme clan leaders joined together to sue for peace, which it ultimately saved their kind.

The Rasorians were a somewhat similar story, hailing from the large earth-like planet of Podromos, they are a giant rhino-like species that are very strong and resilient but are also not very fast runners. Nevertheless the Rasorians  valued strength above all else which this translated to many conflicts as they expanded across the globe reaching to the early medieval age by the time the federation arrives, their arrival cause most kingdoms to see them as "sky demons". The war was short lived as the federation technology surpassed anything the Rasorian could ever dream off, only a few remaining Rasorian kingdoms submitted to the federation while the rest were laid to waste.

The Dorbels is a different story, coming from a tropical moon of Durbin, they are a very small humanoid species that for most of their history were enslaved by a dominant insect-like species known as the Kri Kri that was experiencing a Renaissance age. Though the Federation would had just left this world alone it was by an accident that consequently lead the federation to start a rebellion that ended with the liberation of the dorbel people and the subsequent end of the Kri Kri, because of this the Dorbels were delighted to join their "liberators" federation.

And lastly we have the particular story of the Xi' ian, a jellyfish-like species that reside in the cold gas planet of Uva. What made this species very particular is that they were originally animals floating in a gas planet, only until an experiment by a scientist of whether this species could be uplifted that cause the Xi' ians to become intelligent. Since this move was highly controversial to the federation, that the Xi' ian were indoctrinated to become members of the federation, the Xi' ians would become the first and proably the last species to ever become uplifted by the federation in the forcible future. However the Xi’ Ian people have always had a favorable few to the Federation ever since of their uplifting, seeing them as a society of enlightenment. 


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