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PF: Siege of Little Rock by Project-Rapto PF: Siege of Little Rock :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 6 2 PF: United Rapture Federation Flag by Project-Rapto PF: United Rapture Federation Flag :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 9 15 Birthday Wolf by Project-Rapto Birthday Wolf :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 7 7
The Rapture Federation in the Inter-Dimensional Stage
Throughout the incredible history of the Federation, it has only known of discovery, expansion, and conquest. In the beginning when they first begin to space fare off their star system, the thought that they could only reach the stars within their own galaxy was the believe that all citizens came to accept. As the Federation begin to expand its territory throughout the galaxy, making new discoveries, fighting against hostile aliens, and finding suitable worlds for colonization, a few dreamed of exploring more beyond their galaxy but the prospect of such was impossible...until the invention of a device known as the Everett Drive(named after a scientist that gave us the concept of the multiverse) that would allow them to travel into a different dimension. However, dimensional travel is highly regulated by the government, there is only a few dimensions in which the civilian population can travel through, but a lot more are reser
:iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 5 11
PF: Federation Soldier by Project-Rapto PF: Federation Soldier :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 9 7 PAX FOEDERATIO Cover by Project-Rapto PAX FOEDERATIO Cover :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 10 13 PET AND VESH Cover by Project-Rapto PET AND VESH Cover :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 13 16 My Creations by Project-Rapto My Creations :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 17 26 Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy [2/3] by Project-Rapto Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy [2/3] :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 11 23
Federation Logs #5
Federation Culture
-Within the Federation, citizens tend to sometimes first say the phrase "Unii Aeternum" and depending of the situation they then introduce their names(in the military is quite the opposite).
-In the Federation, when saying their farewells they don’t hug nor shake hands but instead clutch their right hand close to their chest follow by bowing their heads to individual(s).
-Though English is the universal language of the Federation, almost all each race has its own unique language with a total of 7 languages spoken in the Federation. Some secondary languages are spoken more depending on which colony you are in. The most spoken secondary language is the Rapos, mainly from Raptors. However every school offer classes for this unique languages, the hardest one to learn and speak is the Sect(Sectoid language)since it’s a combination of clicking sounds and screeching.
-The Federation has a huge variety of diets, due to its
:iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 7 22
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PF: Siege of Little Rock
"Beware of the threat from the stars
strangers from afar,
with their weapons of great terror,
it is whom we stay away" ~ Queen Comet Butterfly

During the Reconstruction era in the Federation, the program to explore new dimensions resumed with the approval of the new Rapture government. A particular new dimension given name at the time known as D-113m, had a unique world that was not only full of "magic" but also rich of untapped resources. A small vessel was sent to evaluate potential mining sites in the world referred by the inhabitants as "Mewni". At the time, the Federation little worry about the inhabitants since their society level was at best comparable to the medieval era of Earth. Eventually they chose the perfect mining spot that results show to have huge reservoir of minerals, the site was given the name of "Little Rock" after a large rock formation in the middle of the site.

In the early days of settling in Little Rock, the Federation made contact with the nearby kingdom of Butterfly to learn that they were trespassing in their "future settlement" site. Initial negotiations tried to resolve the dispute of the ownership of the unclaimed land, eventually leading to both parties leaving the negotiation tables with nothing.

Unfortunately since the dimension was relatively new and yet not fully recognize as potential territory of the federation, the only presence the federation had at the time was a small army force of roughly 300 soldiers and a small transport vessel. One day the transport vessel left the dimension to resupply and to return with more reinforcements to secure the site, it would take few days to make it back.

Unfortunately with the only federation vessel to provide assistance gone, the small group of soldiers were vulnerable against a large enemy forces, this was more evident when the Butterfly kingdom gave them an ultimatum to leave now or perish, the army refuse to leave their site. The following day, the first wave of Mewni forces charged to the Federation defensive line, the battle lasted minutes with the slaughter of hundreds of Mewni knights and not a single federation soldier was lost that day. 

 But despite the technological superiority of the army group, the Mewni forces were large and had magic on their side. And with the enemy on all sides, the army had little supplies and only a finite amounts of ammunition before they succumbed to endless waves of Mewni forces. The army held their position for five days against endless waves of knights, and large barrage of magic spells. But it would come to an end when their defensive line was broken off, causing close combat between the two forces and with the Federation soldiers fighting with their last bullets defeat was seem as inevitable but a miracle occur with the arrival of the transport vessel, bringing with the necessary supplies and reinforcements needed to eventually push away the Mewni forces. 

With the presence of a larger federation army in Mewni, fears that the conflict would spill to all parts of land brought the attention of the Magic High Commission, which they eventually intervene to negotiate a truce between the two parties. A truce was set which granted the Federation the right for the land but in return they would never seek to expand further in the foreseeable future.

In the present day, a small monument lies in the middle of the city to honor the valor of the 300 soldiers that defended what would become the foundation of Little Rock.
Citizens of the Federation, tomorrow I will post a record of the Federation first encounter with the Mewmans.
PF: United Rapture Federation Flag
Meaning of the Flag:
This flag was created after the civil war with some symbols adopted to reflect the federation as a whole.

The three stripes alone represents the new direction of the federation, progression. The red stripe symbolize the sacrifice and courage of the Rapturian soldiers that fought for the Federation way of life. The white stripe means the desire of peace and unity for the federation citizens. The last stripe is split into black and grey, with each color designated to a different meaning for humans and automatons, black represents the darkness of the majority of human history in order to inspire towards a brighter future, while the grey represents the automaton's very metals they were crafted from that gave them life. In short the last stripe in general represents the learning from your past mistakes and leap forward into the unknown future. 

The black gear represents the federation's military, technological, and the governed advancement that drives the Federation in being superior.

The red stars presents the ultimate goals of the federation which are freedom, equality and the pursuit of prosperity.

A brief history of the Federation:

In the late 21st century in Earth, humanity lived in a comfortable lifestyle with automatons used as servitude. However a machine uprising plunged the world into chaos as both species used terrible weapons against one another to achieve their goals. Eventually a peace agreement was reached that ensured the existence of both kinds but it came at a terrible price. The Earth nearly sucked dry of its resources and with the looming nuclear winter that would plunged the world for decades, both species built their own separate arkships to find their new home beyond the stars. 

After many years travelling into the cold, dark space, the human arkships were the first to arrive to earth-like planet in the star system of Trappist. Soon after the human begin to build their first settlements, the Automaton arkships coincidentally arrived and many fear that conflict might soon arise. Eventually after days worth of negotiations, an uneasy truce and a settlement was reached. The both survivors acting out of desperation of avoiding another war agreed on splitting the now named world Elysium in half for each race, and the establishment of a dual government with each race represented.

Despite tension between the two kinds, a short period of peace existed which led to innovations of technology and blossoming of culture. However this peace would interrupted by the arrival of the first alien kind, but this kind later to be known as the Krells came with very hostile intentions. The early battles of the First Contact Wars would be devastated to the human/automaton forces due to the lack of unity and organization fighting against a superior force. And for a while most part of the world was under occupation, this wouldn't last as a unknown resistance leader lead a coalition force of humans and automatons alike to rid off the invading force city by city. Eventually the remaining first wave of the Krell forces retreated back to space, for the moment ending the conflict. 

Celebration occurred world wide of the victory, also high praises to this mysterious individual in which later to be revealed as an android(half human and half machine that sneaked in a ark ships prior to leaving Earth) named Alpha was in instrumental in leading an army that would eventually drive the aliens off their world. With the praise of the people she would later serve as the executive mediator/tiebreaker between the two leaders and a new democratic government was formed known as the United Rapture Federation. With the technology advancing significantly thanks to the alien tech scatter all around, was instrumental with the second wave of the Krells invasion force, they were annihilated by the armies of Elysium. Before the second wave retreated, Federation intelligence were able to uncover the coordinates of the Krell homeworld, and thanks to reverse engineering the Krell's FTL engines, Federation ships launch a counter attack to the alien home world and to ensure that the Krell would no longer become a threat, the Federation would use weapons of mass destruction to wipe them out, thus concluding the First Contact War.

Soon after the war, the Federation's golden age was defined by expansion to many worlds beyond their system, discovery of new technologies and the first ever travel to new dimensions that was once ever thought as a pipe dream. It was also a time of many wars against other minor space faring civilizations which the federation would rise triumphant while many alien civilizations would perish under the federation banner. A few alien civilizations however that were integrated(either by peace or force) into the federation would only receive resident status. However internal problems within the Federation would later reach to a boiling point.

Ever since the foundation of the federation or even before that, xenophobia was major issue within many colonial worlds with thus governments with majority of either automatons and humans would create segregation laws and guarantee little rights and protections against their minority counterparts. This would later be more evident with other non-
rapture citizens that since aren't consider citizens would be discriminated with at times even serve in servitude. Eventually some colonies would form two factions, those of Pro-Human faction "Human Front" and the other Pro-Automaton faction named "Auto Collective".

Tension between this factions would boil over time as they seek to take control of the Federation government, eventually after many fail attempts to reshape the direction of the nation, the two factions would secede from the federation which would result in the Rapture Civil war. The war was devastating with both the human and automatons factions acting horrendous acts towards one another, and especially those colonial worlds weren't aligned with either. Alpha Centauri still the remaining acting leader of the federation, lead a third faction of colonies that were still loyal to the federation added claims to not only restore the federation, but to also destroy the supremacist factions and to end the civil war. Alpha's faction eventually was proven victorious in the civil war, many former supremacist worlds were put into martial law and unrest was common.
The Federation though united once more, it was left in a much exhausted state, with its military almost crippled but this problem would soon bite them. Years after civil war, another war in galactic scale occurred between the federation and alien alliance of totalitarian nations.The war happen for the most part ambitions of this alliance to expand their domains into federation territory and to eradicate the Federation "democratic" values. The war lasted for years but with the new rise of unity of both humans and automatons and after a decisive victory in a strategic world, the tables were turned and the federation for the first time enter into enemy territory and committed perhaps the biggest and the last of act of genocide, thus concluding the war.

After the galactic war, the federation went through a time period of reconstruction and reformation with Alpha Centauri becoming the permanent President of the Federation, thus becoming the head of state while every 5 years an elected individual known as the First Citizen would act as the chief executive of the government. Years of technological progression, dimensional exploration and military advancement, the federation has not only become the sole galactic superpower but also a major inter-dimensional power.  
Birthday Wolf
A gift to :iconaero-alpha: with Alpha giving an uppercut to a Federation soldier, you go wolf man!
Despite a low turnout of participants for the this contest, it was still enough to fill up the winner slots. That been said each entry were pretty unique, the descriptions were also great(though a few messed up but it was okay). A little bit of a disclaimer,  the winner's flag will not be the final design of the flag but will definitely be almost be. Here are the winners of the contest!!!

1st: :iconbluepurplebadger:BluePurpleBadger
Flag Entry by BluePurpleBadger

2nd: :iconsteelwall4:Steelwall4
United Rapure Federation flag by Steelwall4

3rd: :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526
Flag Entry: One Nation Flag by NeoNimbus526

4rd: :iconaero-alpha:Aero-Alpha
The Rapture One United by Aero-Alpha


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