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Official Federation Soldiers by Project-Rapto Official Federation Soldiers :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 8 8 PET AND VESH Cover by Project-Rapto PET AND VESH Cover :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 11 12 Official Federation Species by Project-Rapto Official Federation Species :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 13 15 My Creations by Project-Rapto My Creations :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 17 26 Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy [2/3] by Project-Rapto Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy [2/3] :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 11 23
Federation Logs #5
Federation Culture
-Within the Federation, citizens tend to sometimes first state their home world, and depending of the situation they then introduce their names(in the military is quite the opposite), so here is a example.
Hi there!
Hello, I’m from [insert home world]
I’m from [insert home world] too!
*They then introduce each other names*
-In the Federation, when saying their farewells they don’t hug nor shake hands but instead clutch their right hand close to their chest follow by bowing their heads to individual(s).
-Though English is the universal language of the Federation, almost all each race has its own unique language with a total of 7 languages spoken in the Federation. Some secondary languages are spoken more depending on which colony you are in. The most spoken secondary language is the Rapos, mainly from Raptors. However every school offer classes for this unique languages, the hardest one to learn and speak is the Sect
:iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 7 22
Coalition of Leaders by Project-Rapto Coalition of Leaders :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 17 38 Basically me by Project-Rapto Basically me :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 15 27 Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy[1/3] by Project-Rapto Fallen Memory: Red Speakeasy[1/3] :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 9 28 The Great Frontier by Project-Rapto The Great Frontier :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 15 10 Federation Police by Project-Rapto Federation Police :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 14 3 CM: Senpai by Project-Rapto CM: Senpai :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 12 10 Of cat and mouse? by Project-Rapto Of cat and mouse? :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 16 11 My Guys! by Project-Rapto My Guys! :iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 13 17
Federation Logs #4
To Remember- Marching Song
By: Pvt. Mayanana Fezik
During the Great Galactic War, a young Dorbel would sing a song telling why she left home and fought the war, she later died in battle. However, many years after the war her song would become the official marching song of the Rapture Federation Army, honoring the sacrifice of this young soldier and preserving her legacy.
Remember us,
For we fight for you and your home,
Remember the fallen,
For they too fought for your freedom,
We will gladly fight for you,
As long it keeps you safe and free.
Remember us,
For we fight for our people,
Remember the fallen,
For they died valiantly and with honor,
We will continue fighting for the Federation.
Remember us,
For we will fight till the end,
Remember the fallen,
For they fought long before you,
We will never surrender since we are united under a cause.
Remember us,
We will die as soldiers in battle,
Remember the fallen,
For they died as heroes in war
We will gladly fight and die for you
:iconproject-rapto:Project-Rapto 4 10
Federation Logs #3
Unity Week
During the end of a devastating civil war, the Federation was united once more but it was on a terrible shape. Hostile empires has seize much of Federation territory during the civil war, and a death blow to the Federation was inevitable. However a small world was on its way to achieve their nefarious agenda, a small world that would later turn the tides of the war. The Battle of the Seven Races was the first battle of its kind that sought Raptors and other alien races to fight shoulder to shoulder against a common enemy. For seven days, their world was bombarded and waves after waves of foes tried to gain a foothold, but with such unity from a united resistance force, by the seventh day reinforcements finally arrive and push the enemies away. Such historical battle would later prompt the Federation to integrate non-raptor races into their ranks, giving them the edge to ultimately defeat their enemies. This battle would then turn into a Federation holiday in which it would b
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Mexican Spanish language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

-What is up you crazy hooligans, and I would like to welcome you to my secret lair....well not so secret anymore.
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Official Federation Soldiers
*This is a revamp from a previous drawing* 

How the modern Federation army currently looks like if you incorporate other races.

After the end of the Great Galactic War, there was a big reform of the military along with other institutions after the end of the segregation laws. Since then non-raptor species as a collective are the majority of the federation armed forces. Upon joining the army, each race has a unique trait that makes them preferable to stay in a certain role in the army.

For instance Kutus and Xermes are great as standard troopers since their skills are very balanced. Plectoids are very fast and hyper responsive, perfect for shock troopers. Dorbels though are small, they are very agile and stealthy in nature perfect for recon troopers. Xi’ ians are natural healers and are known to have the strongest grip in the galaxy, they are usually assigned as support troopers. And lastly Rasorians are big brutes that are strong as a tank, perfect for heavy troopers.
So here is the cover of Pet & Vesh which tells the misadventures of Petro, a former soldier turned into mercenary that takes pretty serious in his field of job. And then you have Veshra, an assassin with skills ranging from guns, knifes, etc even though her state of mind can be at best...questionable.
Official Federation Species
*I decided to overhaul the alien species of the Federation to look a bit more alien. But other than that, please comment if you look this newer version!*
What is up my fellow viewers from deviantart, and yes I haven’t died or abandoned this place just yet. So some of you might be asking where in the San-h have you been all this time? So what better way to bring you guys another update!

1. A Time of Reflection 
Yes indeed I had to get off online and basically had to re-evaluate my goals and passions. Obviously I’m still gonna study in college but I too must find a stable job you know. That been said it took me so long that I forgot to login... so whoopsie?

2. A family trip
Few weeks back I want to Canada with my folks and let just say that the whole experience was marvelous a lot of green and definitely a lot of cold but it was great nonetheless. 

3. No Drawing
Since my absence, I haven’t done any drawing so even in my return I have nothing to offer for you guys just yet. But I do have some great plans to unveil to you fellas. Also I’m been playing a whole lot of Stellaris lately so you can blame Paradox Gaming for my art block.

4. The Great Projects
With little to none distractions from online has given me great opportunity to evaluate my relevance here and after some thinking I come up new ideas that would spice my fellow viewers. As of now there gonna be 4 series that I’m gonna be investing on(you guys already know one of them), but as always only a few of them would make it to the end. Besides Fallen Memory, I’m gonna be releasing new intro posters for this series, which I think you guys are gonna like it. Don’t worry, they are coming in the following weeks. Put to give you guys a quick tease here are the titles of those series, and yes I am open to any questions about them.
-Fallen Memory 
-Barren Horizon 
-Pet & Vesh
-Federation Chronicles 

That been said, how is everyone’s upcoming projects in here.
Just saw the movie Avengers: Infinity War, it was both incredible and devastating...


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Hey dude.....
teenrex7 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Are their any people living out in the wilderness far away from civilization to escape the New Federation?
Project-Rapto Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To some extent yes, the New Federation has a blind spot for areas so desolate or far away from civilization that some people could live in some resemblance of freedom
teenrex7 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I bet that’s also somewhere where some resistance groups set up their base.
Project-Rapto Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In most cases they do, however the New Federation occasionally send either drones or spies to located said bases
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