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Sunira Nebulae

Set: Sunira Nebulae
Artist: Sunira
Artist's deviantART Page: [link]
Original PhotoShop Brush Set: [link]
Converted by: fence-post
Converters deviantART page: [link]

A great brush set.
Many thanks go out to Sunira for letting me convert these brushes for Gimp.
Any and all comments-Faviorites-Suggestions should go to the original author.
All credit for the creation of these brush goes to Sunira.

Once again thank you Sunira!
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Thank you 🤗

Agent-Q-Amalgamation's avatar
Used here:…

Thank you so much for providing this!
andre-ma's avatar
I can use in page in a fanzine? (:
SpyroAndMrKatFan's avatar
Hi :) used your brushes here [link] :aww: I love them so much :heart: Thanks for making them :hug:
antiyo's avatar
Indeed, a great brush set! Thanks for this conversion!
Kavahle22's avatar
Yay! thankies!
decompressor's avatar
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SparklingMoonlight's avatar
Used in [link]
RodenasPhoto's avatar
Love these brushes...I've linked to you from here [link]
mossi889's avatar
i used your brush in here! <[link]>
thanks a lot!
darkdissolution's avatar
THANK YOU very much for these I have used these in a ton of pictures that I have made. I absolutly LOVE them. :3 I used them to make this, [link] and a couple other images similar to it, but without the owl city in it :3
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to install these brushes, extract them to "C:/Program Files/GIMP-2.0/share/gimp/2.0/brushes" this is at least where mine are located. you want to install it into the brushes folder. click "Extract..." or "Extract to Specified Folder"(depending on your version of windows) find Gimp-2.0 (Mine is in "Program Files," and the rest should be easy... "share" folder, "gimp" folder, "2.0" folder, highlight "brushes" folder, click "ok." I hope that's simple enough. i'll try pasting this on all the pages for each individual brush

It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
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umm... wheres the link for the gimp brushes?
xWolfPackLeaderx's avatar
these are the GIMP brushes.
zitwartfart5007's avatar
woooo assassins creed!
HeavensAngelGoddess's avatar
Ah! I get it. I have to go near Favorites ok then.
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