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GIMP Water Brushes

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Special thanks to Stephanie (aka redheadstock [link]) for allowing me to convert and host this set of brushes she created! Please stop by her site and tell her thanks! She deserves the credit, not me. Please make sure you use these brushes in accordance with the terms and conditions listed on her site.

The original set of PS brushes can be found here:

You can also visit her on the web at this location: [link]

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thank you love all llyour brushes

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Merci pour le partage

Many thank's for theses water brushes ;P

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Ado Pareo

Merci pour le partage :)

Amazing. Thanks

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THanks for the brushes GOD bless
ya I extracted them & tried in gimp 2.10 & 2.8 brush folders  & refreshed in gimp but they're not showing up
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I used your wonderful resource here:

Thanks so much for providing!

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Thank you. Much appreciated!
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Used here:
Silent Goodbyes by RMS-OLYMPIC

Thank you so much!!
Thank you very much!  Very beautiful brushes!
thanks for sharing man , and I permission to download any more brushes in this site , because have not asked for prior permission,
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I super like it..The work you have makes me more interested to use it..Thanks for sharing it..
Can anyone help me? I've tried downloading brushes for my GIMP 2.8, but it never works. The "download" seems OK, and I follow the directions for unzipping and drag/dropping into the GIMP brush folder, then I bring up the program and do a "refresh", but the new brushes are nowhere to be found! Any advice???

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I had the same problem. Try completely closing gimp, then open it again. It worked for me, so I hope that it works for you :) 
YES! Took your advice and it worked!!!  But hold on! Today I have been trying to download more brushes and after I do the "refresh" I get a pop up from "Mr. Gimpy" that says "ERROR! Unable to open ..... file." Say WHAT?????
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I've never had that problem. Are you sure that they are installed properly?

Here is a video tutorial just in case:…
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