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GIMP Swirls and Flourishes

Special thanks to Stephanie (aka redheadstock [link]) for allowing me to convert and host this set of brushes she created! Please stop by her site and tell her thanks! She deserves the credit, not me. Please make sure you use these brushes in accordance with the terms and conditions listed on her site.

The original set of PS brushes can be found here:

You can also visit her on the web at this location: [link]

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Gaea-Oakleaf's avatar
Thank you so much!  These are perfect!
ishi-chan129's avatar
Thanks for sharing these!
Hevsykass's avatar
Thank you so much xx 
NerdyAlex-DrawWrite's avatar
These're gonna help the book borders next time I draw!  Thank you :D
elifekin's avatar
your all gimp brushes are amazing, thank you
Endorell-Taelos's avatar
:wave: I used this stock here [link] thank you :)
Nebelelfe-Art's avatar
I've used it here: [link]
Thanks much!
Endorell-Taelos's avatar
Heya, used this here [link] Thank you :aww:
Fredfred58's avatar
Love them!!! - Thank you :)
untitled512's avatar
i look everywhere for these brushes love to use it for borders :)
thanks!! :D
DeviantArtSecret's avatar
Hello, on behalf of a secret teller Id like to let you know that a secret has been submitted using your image.
Also on behalf of the secret telling Id like to thank you for the use of your image. You can find the secret HERE.

Also if you are a stock artists you will find in our shoutbox a list of stock artists which we encourage our secret tellers to use.
If you would like to be added to this list please send us a note letting us know so we can add you.
Also there is now a DAS YouTube account. There may be a chance a secret with your stock in it is added to the YouTube account. Do you mind your stock being used for this?

If you are not happy with your stock being used in DAS please NOTE US with a link to the secret and a reason you dont want it being used.
We will then look into it.
We always reply to notes( never reply to comments very important you send a note not a comment) please wait for us to reply before you take any further action.
We have respected you by letting your know your stock has been used, and by giving credit to you in the secret. Please give us the same respect.

Once again thank you for the use of your image.

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