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GIMP Snowflake Brushes

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Set: Snowflake Brushes
Artist: SparklingTea
Artist's deviantART Page: [link]
Original PaintShop Pro Brush Set: [link]
Converted by: fence-post
Converters deviantART page: [link]


Many thanks go out to SparklingTea for letting me convert these PaintShop Pro (PSP) brushes for Gimp.
Any and all Comments-Favorites-Suggestions should go to the original author. All credit for the creation of these brush es go to the author as well.
© 2007 - 2020 Project-GimpBC
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Really Nice! Many thanks.
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I am new to GIMP and will be using your great brushes to create textures. Thank you. ugoldiva331 aka Gigi
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thank you for this. 
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I think i would use them for my visitcards ^^
picture coming soon
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I did try to install these brushes but it said could not open c:Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\brushes\basic\1-pixel.vbr' for writing; Permission denied.

Do I have to pay for these?
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Do I have to pay for these brushes?
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Amazing brushes!
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I´m going to use this brushes!
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Thank you very much! Made a .jpg Christmas card with this. I'm going to be privately e-mailing it and sharing it on Facebook. Is it appropriate to give credit in the dialog box in the properties?
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Awesome brushes!
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Love these! Using them now!
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Fabulous brushes, thank you !!! :heart:
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These are awesome!
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wonderful xx 
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Thank you for these! I will be using!
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Snow flake brushes. Wish I had been into the whole gimp thing during Christmas time! I could have used them then. I favorited these and will most likely use them sometime! Thanks SparklingTea for letting Project-GimpBC make these into gimp sets!
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I will be definitely using these! Wonderful, thank you :)
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Awesome. Thank you so much for converting it to Gimp! :3
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