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GIMP Smudge Effects Brushes

Special thanks to genesbuffet ([link]) for allowing me to convert and host this set of brushes he created! Please stop by his site and tell him thanks! He deserves the credit, not me. Please make sure you use these brushes in accordance with the terms and conditions listed on his site.

The original set of PS brushes can be found here:

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LoveBison's avatar
Thank you so much. Can't wait to try these!
WispyLicious's avatar
Going to try it ty for sharing
Haven't tried these yet but intriguing!
NerdyAlex-DrawWrite's avatar
Thanks :D  This is gonna make making maps easier.
Cisticola's avatar
These are great thanks...:happybounce: 
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
These are sweet, just what I'm looking for! :iconilikeitplz: Wish I could find the original, but oh well.
TheMeekWarrior's avatar
Oh, nevermind. Just black boxes. ;___;
Son muy buenos y útiles para realizar trabajos con Gimp
xInsaneRipper's avatar
very good! thank you!
smedina146's avatar
I really like your gallery! I am new to gimp and photoshop and really look forward to using all of your cool brushes.  Now I just have to find a newbie duh tutorial to get started. You tube has been helpful and I am getting there slowly but WOW i love your stuff! Thanks for your generous share
LillyCadaver's avatar
Awesome stuff! Thanks bunches. ^^
adamforce's avatar
You are the Harbinger of Conversion! The Catalyst, the One who walks between the two worlds. It was only recently when my PC went to crap and I lost Photoshop and ALL my personal info stored within, that I was able to appreciate the work people do to give GIMP all of the options it deserves. Thank you for all the work you've put in on these conversions.
Suzayy's avatar
Chiriel's avatar
..Umm..when I clicked the link to the brush provider, they said his account was deactivated. Anywhere else I can go to thank him?
bliss-baby-stock's avatar
Why are they just black boxes?
GreenTreeFrog01's avatar
um, i can't access his profile to find the says it is deactivated...a link to the site please?
Fellarina's avatar
Awesome brushes, I tried getting them and they turned up as black squares/rectangles. >.<
great-queen-morrigan's avatar
That's very useful and impressive:clap:
roko5's avatar
betenik's avatar
mine worked fine thanks :) the previews are black boxes but that's ok :) lovely brush set :D
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