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GIMP Gems AND Stones Brushes

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Special thanks to Stephanie (aka redheadstock [link]) for allowing me to convert and host this set of brushes she created! Please stop by her site and tell her thanks! She deserves the credit, not me. Please make sure you use these brushes in accordance with the terms and conditions listed on her site.

The original set of PS brushes can be found here:

You can also visit her on the web at this location: [link]

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redfeiraHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you (^^)/
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ZiraousHobbyist General Artist
I'm just curious. ^^ What is the difference between these brushes and the ones from the original?
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NerdyAlex-DrawWriteStudent General Artist
Downloaded.  Thank you!  I found out that I could get external brushes, and I've come on a little search for brushes!

WHY DIDN'T I SEE THESE SOONER!!  I've got a character with gem earrings, and I can NEVER pull off the gems.  Thank you!!
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Thank you very much for your generosity. :D
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Thank you very much for your generosity. :D
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gracias, a ver si le va a mi idea para mi chica
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on my gimp they turn out all grey and flat looking not like pictured here ... did i screw up some how?
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pralinkova-princeznaHobbyist General Artist
Use them with some colour and opacity?
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remanthHobbyist General Artist
These are awesome. Thanks :)
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beautiful thankyou !
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Fantastic, thank you
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Miriette-Le-FayHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I have used your gems here [link]
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I love your gems I have used it here [link]
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These are fantastic, I usually have so much trouble with using gems on my clothing when I make them but this will make my life so much easier. I make clothes on SL and have a notecard of 'thanks' to people when I use any ones brushes etc so I will be adding your name and redheadstock to this as credit. Thank you again :)
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have you figured out how to use gimp to make them 3 d looking like thay are in the picture? looking like real stones? i havent learnd how yet if you could tell me i would be sooo greatfull.
big kisses thanks Shayla
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I am so glad you have these on here. When I use them I will surely be letting you know and crediting you. Wow, actual gemstone brushes. I am a rock collector , didn't think I would find this on here.
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