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GIMP Arcane Runes Brushes

Special thanks to Stephanie (aka redheadstock [link]) for allowing me to convert and host this set of brushes she created! Please stop by her site and tell her thanks! She deserves the credit, not me. Please make sure you use these brushes in accordance with the terms and conditions listed on her site.

Tip: Apply an outer glow to these using a strong, bright color to make them look like they're glowing like in my preview image!

The original set of PS brushes can be found here:

You can also visit her on the web at this location: [link]

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Used it here:  The Hunt by Wazzouf
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Downloaded.  Thanks for making these in GIMP!

Great now I'm going all out trying to find out what all these mean.
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is there a way to make something similar myself? I am new to the gimp/photoshop thing but I have some things I'd like to make and share. Any tips for a newbie?
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Thank you for the rune brushes! 
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thanks..can't wait to use!
Thanks guys.
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Downloaded these^^
Enchantingwinx's avatar
how to apply outer glow?
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Almost forgott to tell you I used your brushes here [link] Thanks a lot! :)
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Those wanting to do a outer glow...

I suggest doing this [My Way]

1. [New Layer-Transparent]
2. [Place Your Arcane Rune, choice is yours]
3. [Duplicate the layer and place it underneath the original Rune]
4. [Go to Filters, then Blurs, and Gaussian Blur]
5. [Apply]
Congradulations! Haha!
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Are these runes legit or just made up? :?
OperaticAnimeNimue's avatar
How do I apply the outer glow to make them look like they're glowing?
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Using these brushes yet again! XD
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