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Default GIMP Brushes

Ever delete your GIMP default brushes and want them back? Well, it's your lucky day! Here's the default GIMP brushes that ship with GIMP. I believe I've gotten them all.


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thanks for this ^^' I downloaded a newer version and I'm so death without the older brushs
SennySide's avatar
...You saved my life
HildaAlonso's avatar
you just saved me ! so many thanks !
MiniaKrn's avatar
Thank you, You are an angel  Rose 2a by Minia4  
Astusapes's avatar
Thank you! I delete all but I don't know how.:D
PixieSpace's avatar
Yep, just deleted them all :D Thanks a lot!
How do I download these PLEASE?
AlaricSkywalker's avatar
Um, how do we install these onto gimp? *just curious so I can acquire them as well*
modestgoddess's avatar
That's a cool thing to do. ^_^
HeyonRavion's avatar
HOLY COW THANK YOU SO MUCH! I accidently downloaded photoshop brushes for GIMP and it deleted ALL my brushes, I had absolutley NOTHING!
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jackieblue58's avatar
why can't i download gimp brushes
AutumnLeaves01's avatar
You are a life saver >w< Thanks!
Dogsick's avatar
Gimp 2.8 has the large version of the circles. None of the smaller ones.

If I download these, will it give me those or just screw up my Gimp??
Xena-Nex's avatar
It didn't screw up mine I got all the small ones back finally :)
Dogsick's avatar
CeliaWubberBrush's avatar
just one thing.... the opacity doesnt seem to be full because i have to draw over it alot before i get the solid color i want.
CeliaWubberBrush's avatar
Thank you~ I love you~
Pony Kiss 
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Lpsalsaman's avatar
Thanks for the old brushes, for some reason Gimp 2.8 made the old brushes obsolete. They are there but you can't use them. So now I got them back!
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Thank you very much for this!
SovereignViolette's avatar
This helps SO much! THANK YOU!!
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