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Converting PhotShop Brush Sets

Tutorial:Converting PhotShop Brush Sets to Gimp Brush Sets
Author: Droz928
Authors deviantART Page: [link]

A PDF tutorial describing how to convert PS Abr brush sets to Gimp GBR brush

format. Hope you all enjoy it!

If you convert a set and would like it posted here at Project GimpBC please

Droz928 [link] or
Fence-Post [link]

Happy gimpping!!
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Tried for six hours. Could not make it work. Kept getting "abrView as shut down".
BlissfulCalamity's avatar
This should definitely come in handy. c: Thank you~
MacSpeedRacer's avatar
Hmmm...will this method still work in GIMP 2.8.6?
ILoveULZZANGandSNSD's avatar
Ya, will it? I'm using 2.8.6 as well but I'm about to download 2.8.8 so would it still work there? :/
MacSpeedRacer's avatar
Well, no reply yet, so, I'm assuming they're either working on making it work, or it just doesn't/
ILoveULZZANGandSNSD's avatar
Oh well, there'd be no harm in trying.
MacSpeedRacer's avatar
Sorry it took me so long to reply...I've tried using the brush-batch script in 2.8.14 now, and in 2.8.6, and every version in between...unfortunately, the script is still least, I can't get it to work.  I don't know all that much about, I wouldn't even hazard a guess as to how to make it work...I mean, you can still do it -manually-, after you get the pngs from ABRviewer, so, the method does still work, just not the automation part of it.
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where can i get file extension downloads like (save as png,jpeg, or gbr) i have gimp 2.8
Nena902NJ's avatar
No need to convert brushes anymore. Gimp vers. 2.6.10 and forward just load the PS brushes into the Gimp brushes folder like you would a regular Gimp brush and it will recognize it. Don't forget to refresh or restart Gimp so they will appear in the brushes toolbox!
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Soulflare3's avatar
I've always just copied the photoshop brushes into the gimp brushes folder, restarted gimp, and used them as if I were using photoshop...
MsSweetP's avatar
I've tried everything I know and am still unable to convert a brush pack... I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Could someone help?? I'm trying to convert this pack: [link]
antichange's avatar
This appears to need an update. :/
MoonLilyLoverX's avatar
are your gimp brushes in need of converting?
shadowwolf9's avatar
I'm gonna have to give this a try!
Flannery411's avatar
I got the same problem as!
Flannery411's avatar
How Do I see The tutorial
ok, I did everything and I can do it all up to the converting by using the script-Fu, it says "Error while executing brush-batch:

Error: set!: unbound variable: a" What the heck does that mean and what am I doing wrong?
even if they are photoshop brushes cant you still use them ??
kai-shi's avatar
I have this same problem? Anyone have solutions?
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Heyo. Your and kward's brilliance astounds me, and i bow down in humility at your graciousness. however, I am using gimp 2.0, as you have suggested in your very descriptive tutorial, and it is having some sort of problem. I do EXACTLY what your tutorial tells me to, and then on the last step when i tell it "ok" to convert the pngs, it says...
"Gimp Message

Brush-batch message

Error while executing brush-batch:

Error: set!: unbound variable: a"
Does anyone know how to fix this?
Leedlpuff's avatar
Gives me this messsage:
Safari can’t open the file “abrViewer.NET_1.0.1.rar” because no available application can open it.
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