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Blood Brushes by KeRen-R

Set: Blood Brushes
Artist: KeReN-R
Artist's deviantART Page: [link]
Orignal PhotoShop Brush Set: [link]
Converted by: Droz928
Converters deviantART page: [link]


A great brush set. Many thanks go out to KeReN-R for letting me convert these brushes for Gimp.
Any and all comments-Faviorites-Suggestions should go to the orignal author.
All credit for the creation of these brush goes to KeReN-R.

Once again thank you KeReN-R!
© 2006 - 2021 Project-GimpBC
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Thank you for sharing.... I will use these today

grazie per i pennelli ;P

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thank you very much, great work !

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Thank you for these brushes, using them now. Nice job Project-GimpBC!
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Avec mes remerciements guy, ces brosses sont magnifiques !!!
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seriously tho how do you download im trying to get it to use on a gimp thing but i cant find the download

EDIT: and as i post the comment i find the download button.... 
thx brain...
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I love your brushes and i have used them before and had a great result. I download it again as it went down with my other laptop. I'll try to upload some of my pics. =) So, thanks again for your fantastic work, the blood suits my vampires i draw. Kaname x Zero icon Maria
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I am very good in using brushes but not good as yours..How to be you? :) .. Good job!
Ok I'm probably being an idiot, but how do I download this? I can't see a link anywhere?
Ignore me. I've found it now. doh.
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I have an older version of Gimp now and hope I can keep it running! Thank you again for the use of your brushes.
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Many thanks, I used it here
I enjoy work with you paintbrushes.
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thnx they are great.
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