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Blood Brushes 02 By KeRen-R

Set: Blood Brushes 2
Artist: KeReN-R
Artist's deviantART Page: [link]
Orignal PhotoShop Brush Set: [link]
Converted by: Droz928
Converters deviantART page: [link]


A great brush set. Many thanks go out to KeReN-R for letting me convert these brushes for Gimp.
Any and all comments-Faviorites-Suggestions should go to the orignal author.
All credit for the creation of these brush goes to KeReN-R.

Once again thank you KeReN-R!
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ViurlaDarurra's avatar
thank you so much
BoudiccaAmat's avatar
Grateful thanks for making these available for Gimp - I have used them here :-…
Meiima's avatar
Can this be used for Sai?
EscapeTheWorld's avatar
Love these! I like the texture, as if it were dried up blood. Thanks! :D
Ascyllia's avatar
Fabulous work, I love them. ^^
gloveslover99's avatar
Thanks! These should go well with the bullet hole brush set I found just a few minutes ago.
ichliebetokiohotel10's avatar
Thank you so much! These worked really well.
red-and-blue-colours's avatar
Thank you so much for these! It helped me very well! :D


Drawingforaliving's avatar
Will use.:DThanks for putting this up.^^
Oh, please! I'm so sorry for all the mess I made of you! :lol
A-L-Design's avatar
Used this one + Blood Brushes here: [link]
owlso's avatar
Do you have for Paint Tool SAI too?
Armor-of-Fire's avatar
I used these in my group's icon :iconhorroranimefanclub:
and gave credit here
Nebelelfe-Art's avatar
I've used it here: [link]
Thank you very much!
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