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Axeraider70 Winter Breeze

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Set: Winter Breeze
Artist: Axeraider70
Artist's deviantART Page: [link]
Original Photoshop Brush Set: [link]
Converted by: fence-post
Converters deviantART page: [link]


Many thanks go out to Axeraider70 for letting me convert these Photoshop brushes to Gimp.

Any and all Comments-Favorites-Suggestions should go to the him, not us. Please take the time to stop by his site and let him know you appreciate his efforts.

Additionally, there may be usage requirements which you will need to follow.
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Amy-chan1Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg thank u i love the winter breeze brushes so much *0*
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MacSpeedRacerHobbyist Digital Artist
I tell you what...AxeRaider70 has made some gorgeous brushes.  But, for some reason, the ABR collections have always slowed GIMP down for me.  So, I'd like to thank you for taking the initiative to convert these wonderful brushes to work natively inside of the GIMP.  Obviously, AxeRaider70 deserves a hell of a lot of credit for creating the brushes initially, but, you deserve a lot of credit, as well for doing this for GIMP users everywhere.
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Pokegirl1116Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful brushes. Thanks! :D (Big Grin) 
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tails-truthgemHobbyist Artist
beautiful simply beautiful
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Okamix3Hobbyist Digital Artist
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LivingDeadSmurfHobbyist General Artist
These are great brushes, im going to use them :)
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decompressorHobbyist General Artist
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RoboTheRPGRobotHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work!
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I love these brushes. Thanks so much!!
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now that is cool thanks
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webbb82Professional Digital Artist
We just featured this brush on our site Digital Ink Magazine in our 50 free gimp brushes, here is the link to the article, great work by the way keep it up
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igaltHobbyist General Artist
Thanks ;)
I will use them for a new sign.
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only have this brushes?
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Sy-DenHobbyist General Artist
Thanks!! I needed this!! You are awesome!
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Awesome, these brushes are incredible, I love it
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to install these brushes, extract them to "C:/Program Files/GIMP-2.0/share/gimp/2.0/brushes" this is at least where mine are located. you want to install it into the brushes folder. click "Extract..." or "Extract to Specified Folder"(depending on your version of windows) find Gimp-2.0 (Mine is in "Program Files," and the rest should be easy... "share" folder, "gimp" folder, "2.0" folder, highlight "brushes" folder, click "ok." I hope that's simple enough. i'll try pasting this on all the pages for each individual brush

It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
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ANBUGreninjaHobbyist General Artist
This is really cool.
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BouncyRingoStudent Traditional Artist
I used these in [link] awesome brushes btw
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Nice brushes
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eraweraHobbyist Writer
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