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Thanks everyone for allowing droz and I to be able to assist you with your GIMP endeavors through this brush conversion project.  As you are probably well aware (especially if you read my last journal ;)), GIMP has been supporting PS brushes since version 2.4.  With every version, GIMP just gets better and better, I have yet to find a PS brush that GIMP doesn't support.  They may be out there, but they're few and far between. At any rate, I won't be posting any more brushes, and I suspect the same can be said for droz (I can't speak for him directly, but I believe he'd probably concur with my opinion.  If not, he'll tell you! :D)  That being
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IF THE PROJECT-GIMPBC SITE BOTHERS YOU, JUST PASS ON BY....YOUR COMMENTS ARE NOT WELCOME! Alright, people, listen up!  Evidently stupidity is starting to set in throughout the GIMP community and I think it's time to shut the ignorance down before it begins to spread like wildfire. I've been getting messages frequently over the last several months about the need for brush conversions from PS to GIMP.....after all, GIMP SUPPORTS PS BRUSHES! No kidding, really?!?  You're pulling my mean I can actually download PS brushes right into GIMP and they work fine?!?  YES....I KNOW THAT ALREADY!  I DON'T NEED TO BE TOLD NOR INSULTED ABOUT TH
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I'll be taking a little break from brush conversions for awhile.  Nothing major, but I want to focus on some other areas of my graphics for a bit....most notably, GIMP scripting.  I probably won't be on dA much during this time, so even if you stop by my regular dA site:, you won't catch me.  Even when I do stop by, I won't be taking the time to answer questions. So, everyone behave yourself while I'm gone (no parties, keep your feet off the furniture, and clean your room! :D). See you when I return. Art
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Can you watch me?

WOW.. you have an extraordinary collection of brushes here!!!  Thank you
Are you still active
This is great.  I may get my tablet yet, but in the meantime. . .
thanks for all brushes! I used a few of them here:…
Thanks for all of the amazing brushes!