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Before Submitting or Joining

Please read the Group Rules, found on the widget below this banner

x DO NOT submit art using the green "+ Submit" button from our Gallery page. This will trigger a bug and your submission might be declined.

tick DO: To submit art, go to the deviation page and select Project Expose from the Add to Group dropdown menu there. To find this:

- On your own art: It's the icon on the left that looks like two people

- On others' art: It's under the "..." menu on the right

:heart: rvmp Members who regularly suggest other people's work to our group gallery will have some pieces of their own work featured on our front page.

Group Rules

RULES AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please read before joining or submitting art A strong focus of this group is helping others to gain exposure for their work. This means that we expect you to also suggest the works of others to be submitted to our galleries Because of issues in the past, we do not accept accounts with empty galleries. Please don't hesitate to come back when you have added some work to your gallery. Suggesting Art: Submit to the 'Other People's Work' folder (limit = 2 per day) Only art that has less than 200 faves One artwork per artist per day to avoid spamming them Submitting your own work: “Member’s Own Work” is there just for you! (limit = 1 per week) Journals The "Feature Journals" folder is only for journals showcasing work by other people. All other journals go into either "Members' Own Work" or "Other People's Work"

🌟ACCEPTED ART: tick All mediums and skill-levels are welcome tick Artistic nudity is allowed if it is marked appropriately. The admins reserve the right to decline mature content if they feel it is not appropriate for the group. We do not accept art with a primary focus on displaying a character as a sexual object. 🌟PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT: x Work that violates the DeviantArt submission rules x Hate art x Art which features or links to non-artistic nudity/excessive gore/overly suggestive images/fetishes x Selfies, unless they have an artistic quality x AI-generated images. This includes paint-overs x NFTs x Work that is difficult to see (blurry, dark lighting, largely obscured by a watermark, etc) x Premium and Watchers Only deviations, since the admins cannot review them x Work with comments disabled. We are a community and interaction focused group :)