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I've been needing a hair cut for a while now, but I'm way anxious when it comes to cutting my hair, plus I really just needed the dead ends trimmed off, so I wanted to wait for the front to grow out a bit before doing anything... Well my friend wanted to go get her hair cut, so I said to sign me up too =D I started asking my cosmetology friends I work with what they would do to my hair if they could, and they all said basically the same thing... more layers in the back, and layered to my face... So today that's what I did =) It feels so short, or thin or something... I mean the length is still there, but it's only there at the very back, most of my hair is a lot shorter than I'm used to, so it's something new to get used to for sure... But it should make my hair look really stunning when I'm too lazy to straighten it. So after we got all pretty, we were driving around (the hairdresser my friend goes to is quite a ways out) and saw this park on the side of the road... Well little did we know it was a huge park, with camp sites and cabins and miles of roads and everything... So we drove around for a little while before settling on this little wooded area to take some pictures in. I got several other shots from farther away, but I liked this one best because it showed off my new cut =D I may get around to editing more tomorrow, we'll see.
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This is a great shot all around. Easily one of your best. I had been thinking of suggesting that you try to incorporate some bokeh-related shots into your work, and you ended up doing it today. Notice how you're off-center a bit and how it adds to the shot. The greenery of the forest enhances your look and matches well with the color of your face, which happens to be very natural, thanks to the light. It only helps that your haircut looks very good on you <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />.

Your expression is perfect for the shot. I'd put this on your main page, or as your ID, because I think it captures your essence.
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You was wonderful in this photo :love:
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Nice cut -- very complimentary. :)
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hehe thanks =D It's a bit more high maintenance than I like (namely if I tuck my hair behind my ears it makes waves in my hair that makes my face look funky =P) but I like the movement it has =)
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welcome :)

Yea, my hair does the same thing but a straightening iron works well on it. :D
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You've always had such pretty hair :D
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aww thanks! I try to keep it all nice looking, though sometimes it's a mess =P (but I try to hide that as much as possible in photos :giggle:)
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Your color pallet is wonderful! As per usual. And the new haircut looks great!
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Nice Framing.....Excellent Depth of Field! =D
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thanks! I really wanted to have the woods in focus, because they were so neat, but I couldn't resist taking some closeups and letting the background fade away... And it made the haircut really pop, which is what I decided I wanted to show off more than the trees :giggle:
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I like it - and you certainly look happy with it :D
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hehe, it's taking some getting used to, that's for sure! But it's fun and should look awesome when I'm lazy and want to wear my hair curly =)
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You're gorgeous. :) Beautiful new hair cut!!
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aww thanks dear :flirty: how've you been??
iNN0CENTxKiSSES's avatar
Wonderful!! :) And you?
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I'm doing ok... just trying to figure out that life thing, I'm probably moving out of the mouse house at the end of May... Dunno for sure yet... But I'm sure things will work out =D
iNN0CENTxKiSSES's avatar
Aw. :) Where are you moving?
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umm.... that's the question, isn't it? :lmao: I don't actually know looks like I'm moving back home with the parents (to Mississippi) but I'm wanting to get a job in Birmingham, and Justin's parents have offered to let me stay there for a while... but my parents would prefer I stay in MS if I don't have a job, so we'll see... All I know is my lease here ends in late May...and there is a small chance I'll move to another apartment here in FL...
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Ah, cool. :) Glad to hear you still are in contact with Justin's parents also.
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Nice haircut but i still liked your zulu knots Are you a patient person because I'm sure the layering of your hair took Good photo and i love your expression on your face=) btw...that wooded area looks like a scene from some scary movie.
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lol! well considering the zulu knots took about an hour and a half to put up, I don't think it's very practical to have as an everyday style =P hehe it was a fun area, it was only a few hundred feet away from the road, but it was like walking into a fairytale :giggle:
Fabulous shot, and great haircut!
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