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Feral Humans - Krogg Warriors

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Published: January 23, 2009
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:new: Gorkamorka campaign over, new bases will most likely be built straight after or along side my mechanicus cult army after I finish uni.

A Gorkamorka campaign is being held at my local club, it is a very old Games Workshop game from the early 90s which features gangs of orks, grots and humans fighting it out for pieces of scrap on a desert world.

I choose to play with a Digga mob (feral humans that worship the orks) because it would give me an excellent chance to convert a large group of feral humans. Which would allow me to see how a mob of them looked and decide wheather or not to continue with my plan for feral human themed ork army.

What do you think, should I build them up into a large 40k army?

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PokemonMaster250Hobbyist General Artist
That game sounds interesting...

Awesome figures too. :bounce:
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marinostyleStudent Artist
There like skylanders
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what parts did you use 
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PyreshardStudent General Artist
I ounce thought of doing something like this myself. :) I think it would make a great army ! (These models look really neat by the way, kind of like a squad of ten mini Banes)
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DiabloArt316Hobbyist Writer
intresting units:)
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Hey, a little late in seeing this - but what pieces did you use to make this? I'm interested in making some feral soldiers myself.
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ProiteusHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Chaos Marauder/catachan bits with ork weapons and pistols with 'Pig Iron Productions' heads
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Ahh, thanks for the repy.
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DraskyVanderhoffHobbyist Writer
Ok , i don't fav you :P , I really love your work , you have a web page or something to organize this better ? Because it would be really cool to read a whole summary of it with the picture added on it.

Thanks a lot for your awesome work!
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kriegerherz15Hobbyist General Artist
how have u modelled the brown gasmaks?
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ProiteusHobbyist Artisan Crafter
small space marine head.
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I like the idea of a feral human army/warband, it would make a great unique army, i've got some ideas that may help:

Background Infomation: The Krogg are a feral human warband led by Warlord Humongous; a towering giant of a man, even by Krogg standards, they are knitted together by a pack-like bond often conducting Viking-esque raids on armoured convoys and settlements. The average Krogg Warrior stands 6 foot, 10 inches tall and has a toned, muscular body suported by toughened skin, forged from the deserts of their homeworld; Alger. The Krogg normally shun techology, prefering swords and axes over firearms but some individuals embrace the use of blackpower weapons like muskets and blunderbusses.

Army List:

HQ: Krogg Warcheif

Elites: Krogg Nailers

Troops: Krogg Warriors, Ork Mercenaries, Krogg Battle Trukk

Fast Attack: Krogg Warbikes

Heavy Support: Krogg Battlewagon

If I think of anything else, i'll let you know! Hope all this helps you!!!!
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kriegerherz15Hobbyist General Artist
hod did ya made aldd these gasmaks?
kriegerherz15's avatar
kriegerherz15Hobbyist General Artist
this would be a great second unique army
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is the shield of the 3th from left a ogre bellyplate?
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wolfiuzHobbyist Writer
yes, doe any other fantasy army have a shield like device with teeth on it?
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the blackrock orks...
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ProiteusHobbyist Artisan Crafter
ShadowHyperreal's avatar
YES. Go for it. Excellent work!
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vkucukemreProfessional Digital Artist
they look great!
i'll say keep it up.

only thing that i'd suggest is adding a little bit of humor to the mix. but that's all about preferences.

real good job
Proiteus's avatar
ProiteusHobbyist Artisan Crafter
My grots have all the humor, I want these guys to be completely evil.
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DrhozHobbyist Traditional Artist
very old? How about back when they were still producing roleplaying games, or stuff like Block Mania? Hell, I've got copies of Realms of Chaos on the shelf here...
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LukasEnricBSHobbyist Writer
of course!!!
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