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wow o.o you can feel the atmosphere
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The mood/setting of this one is sick!
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That, sir, strikes my core. Right when I needed it to.
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it would suck if you were an organic outside the mech at that point.
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Nice idea with this legs protection armor. Why I never think about it?
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Looks like a bit more than a skirmish, if your not behind 12 inche of reactive armor.
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good Times, love the smoke launchers
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how tall is that thing? seems taller than 70ft...

i can imagine a Mobile suit stopping dead in it stracks and crapping out oil in awe...
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I love your style!
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Given that the angle of vision is somewhat eye level (or slightly worm's eye view), these mechs look freaking huge XD

My first thought was "walking fortresses!!" Second thought was "Helghast war crawlers/walkers!!"

Pretty surprising to discover that these are only 6 feet tall :|
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i also think it should be taller than 6 feet..
so i changed the setting now: this mech is 60 feet tall >▽<
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Awesome, love the burning ambers!
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