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Just another mech

Long time no see, guys.
ACCD eat out my time... I finally got some free time on thanksgiving days
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100. Comment lol

Well just another super awesome mech of destruction and doom.

Holy Dodo-Jesus-Internet-God-Imperator will love it lol.
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Excelente trabajo :D
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it look like Zoidn, but this awesome.
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awesome design great work :)
I love your Mech's i'am a mech Veteran from the game Mech Warrior & i'm currently getting into Hawken
so I pick up any good Mech pics i see and yours are some of the best i have come across
PartidoDeLaDesgRacia's avatar
something different, looks nice
MadScientistCompany's avatar
excluding all the amazing artwork and time put into this piece, if this machine was in real life, it simply cannot walk! it will just be a mere sitting duck. But, good work anyways!
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All your mechs are amazing.
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this is ridiculously awesome..lots of details..
StormagedonDarkLord's avatar
reminds me of a T-rex.
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Really like this but excuse my ignorance, what is that attachment to the right (off his left shoulder) looks like a big eyeball, camera to drive perhaps or a separate computed vision to let loose rockets without having to interrupt the pilot.
spookpaint's avatar
Kinda like a T-Rex.
doka248's avatar
wow, i love it :D
looks like a big mechanical killer t-rex, with muuuuuuuuch firepower .... i wish i will get one as pet~
MrTBSC's avatar
bit of madcat influence here?
ImmanuelWolf's avatar
Just plain awesome! I just love this kind of mechs (that is, inhuman-like).
Did you took your inspiration of the Mechwarrior Vulture or is a whole original concept?
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i hope to get that level bro ...amazing..¡¡¡ all ur work
The-Under-Network's avatar
Looks like a cute dinosaur mech. :3
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I think this is my favorite mech in your gallery.
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