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can i call this "fan art"? lol
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AT-TE: "Dad, is that you?"
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Random stuff is sooo way cool!
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After seeing… a walking Hummer seems entirely plausible.
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I think many of you are missing the concept of this design.  It's most likely intended to travel in conditions and environments in which wheels cannot traverse...aka-mountainous terrain or extremely muddy zones.  Might be slow and bumpy but if I were infantry I'd much rather be in this thing scaling a hill or crossing a swamp than on foot.
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It's pretty good, but for the sake of battlefield versatility it would probably need wheels (the honeycomb puncture-proof kind) as well as legs.
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Legs... because Wheels are too mainstream :)
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Who needs wheelz?
I love the helicopter style chin gun on this and really a manned turret doesn't make any sense with this kinda tech Humvees already are using remote control weaponry.
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I love it. I can see a new, smarter military taking advantage of old resources and retrofitting old vehicles like this. Hell, I'd buy one to drive to work in.
It seems unexpendables on battlefield...
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Why are they not making these!?
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The slowest hummer ever conceived. :lol:
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This is cool, gret technical drawing
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what an insanely awesome and clever design! D: very great!
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woah metal gear much?
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Reminds me of a game series called "Metal Slug"
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Fan art of a Humvee..HAHA
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oh cool, it is clearly more than the current Hummers traversed!)))
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