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4 feet mech

not really sure about its function..
maybe a transport mech? or a moving energy shield generator?
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ooh now that's a stable looking pile of iron. Shame about it's teeny little gun. You'd think it would have room for a heavier weapon. There must be something very important in that large structure on the top. From it's aircraft tower like shape I'd wager these mechs coordinate the other mechs.
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It has light guns and a lot of cameras, so I'm thinking more of a heavy armored scout.
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How bout a freaking bad@ss killbot that eats it's enemies for breakfast?!?
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Good question. Maybe heavy artillery support?
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Depending on size, seems like it would it serve as a mobile forward operating base. lower guns covering for infantry, maybe armor piercing rounds. Upper guns are for anti air/long range artillery bombardment.
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Possibly artillery; the size and sturdiness of the legs would support a massive amount of recoil, and it doesn't look fast enough to be a frontline combat unit. Alternately it could be a multipurpose mech, with a hardpoint on top for mission-specific turrets such as anti-aircraft or missile battery.
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Does it come in both standard and automatic? Because I'd like to drive this baby off the lot right now! XD

Dude that is great.
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function? It's a big** tank for Kriff's sake! Give it a maingun, and "come at me Bro!" It could even be a command post, or perhaps a piece of walking artillery. How big is it?
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Forget practicality and function, f***ing giant robot, son!
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I think it would be more of a mobile command post
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Gorilla-ish, anyone?
bulletbarrage's avatar
It delivers pizzas
with overwhelming force
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Looks like walking fortress. Great work!
Looks like a command vehicle to me.
Put a cannon on it and it could be tank of sorts.
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Could be an enhanced cow. Nyaha! Just pulling your leg. Nice work.
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moving awesomeness :D
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Awesome! Its legs kinda remind me of a gorilla! :D
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Wooow i mean Woow
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Could be like a land battleship with broadside cannons and the like. Either that or an orbital defense mech with artillery cannons that can bring down spacecraft approaching low orbit :XD:
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I think it's a walking fortress. But in this case it must have very big size :)
If it's a little... well maybe it's a walking tank :)
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jesus, the way you've drawn this its like I'm coming out of a building or something looking up at this huge ass goliath.

wicked stuff
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Awesome mech! Those legs could be used to move through uneven terrain such as the jungle, or for moving up low mountains.
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