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Just found out about artist :iconmatugi:

Didn't get to know him much but he seemed like a charming guy when I've seen him on a Telegram server and twitter made some really impressive stuff that inspired me.

Glad at least his works are still here for the world to see.…
Finally made a new list on RYM of my favorite post bop, hard bop, jazz fusion, etc.…

Sounding just as good as they did 17 years ago, imo.

A surrealistic, dreamy post-punk album from the 80's.  Such a frosty atmosphere...

26 May 1938 – 22 January 2017

watch?v=qU91VvSo0gQ  (watch youtube vid at your own risk)

A whole album with br00tal guitar chugs and growled lyrics about being fucked by crocodile, including an audio sample about crocodile dicks. Despite those shitty guitar riffs and drumming, there are so many things here to like I don't even know where to begin.

Might be the greatest Slam Death metal album I've come across so far.
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Today's generation of music just doesn't have this great, ever lasting quality of the older days.

Just found today the founder of the progressive rock band Gong passed away a few months ago.…

Never forget.

Got tired of seeing a lot of SJW shit from people I shouldn't have been following on my other blog.

Update 4/25

Decided to change it to, I don't know why.
I dream of one day setting up several devices all over several malls in the US and the devices set up like time bombs. It'll have a counter set up to detonate in December 25, and when it reaches zero however, it wont blow up.  Instead, it will actually play audio saying "MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS" three times. It will offend hundreds of thousands of people and will be remembered as one of the most tragic moments since 9/11.
I’ll never forget the impact your band had on “you say [insert radio pop artist or band here] I say [insert generic rock band such as Static X] here (repeat three times)  like/reblog/etc if you are the 15% who still like rock” comments on youtube, deviantart, and where ever else teen kids like to comment at.
I'll never forget the day I lost ten hours watching towers when I was ten.
I don't really deserve to be on anyone's friends list, or being called "best of friends".…

Kim is a trans-woman I talk to in a group in once in a while who's going through a hard time and says that even her mom is preventing her from getting any help for her mental health.   I'd like anyone reading to at least spread it around and let others know about this fund and to help her reach her goals and .


I'm pretty surprised no one has made this group, or at least didn't find a group dedicated to furries who dig metal (and not just Dragonforce, Opeth, McTallica, etc.)

Anyways, if you're a furry and you dig stuff like Morbid Angel, Cynic, and Death: