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Prof. Zamn's LF Shinies - Gen VII by ProfZamn Prof. Zamn's LF Shinies - Gen VII by ProfZamn
last updated on 17/11/'18


Quick news - I'm still a batshit crazy shiny hunter [part time but don't judge me] - U better believe it :-3
[currently in Pokémon Moon / Ultra Sun - Gen VII on the 3DS that is]
[... I still use Gen IV for PokéRadar and Gen VI for Friend Safari & Hordes & Chain Fishing & Sneaking too tho DUUUH ^^#]

You see this red, green, blue and black image up there?
Continue reading to find out how it works - it's rather simple.

LF [table keys] >------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So, this image above shows the collection of shiny Pokémon I am currently working on.
I currently own 452+ of the 728 I am looking for.
Here is how to interpret the above table to understand how far along I am in my endeavour:

medium BLUE CELL = "WANTS" =  that shiny Pokémon I currently do not have - if you have one for trade, please do contact me (y) :-)
   the yellow circles indicate the creatures I still lack that can be caught using Friend Safaris
        ... it's for my GF, she's giving me a hand in my adventure <3 :-3

clear BLUE CELL = "WANTS" = I already alreay have 1 but it's not so legit - so if U have a spare of those, I'll gladly trade for it :-3 <3

dark BLUE CELL = "WANTS" = BUT BE CAREFUL 'cause that's a shiny I'm currently hunting sooo chances are I won't be lacking it for long ^^#

ORANGE CELL= "MEGA WANTS" = that shiny I currently do not have AND I'll have to Masuda breed it which is llike boooriiing ^^# so if you happened to have a legit spare for that one critter I'd be PARTICULARLY interested :-3
    N.B.: I have a spare legit shiny Charmander so... just putting it out there ;-)


clear GREEN CELL = "CHECK" =  that shiny Pokémon I already own - not interested in your spares for that one sorz not sorz

dark GREEN CELL = "pro~CHECK" =  that shiny Pokémon I already own - also I caught it myself :-3 <3 

YELLOW CELL = "SECRET FRIEND CHECK" =  that shiny Pokémon I already own - I got it thru a trusted source :-3 <3

Then again as you may have noticed they're organized by evolutionary family sooo OBVIOUSLY if you got a spare unevolved Poke from a family that I already have BUT that I don't currently have the evolved version of said Poké, do contact me... OBVIOUSLY! [I really shouldn't have to write that stuff down but hey, you never know].

all other cell colours such as red, black, red or pink are for decorative purposes only jaaah :-3

LF [trade rules] >----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maybe you have a shiny collection of your own. Great!
Oh, you have some shiny Pokémon on Pikémon Go?
Even better, in this case I invite you to get the fuck out of here right this instant before U coat this entire post with your casu slime - EW!
[*siiigh* also maybe look up "transferrability" in Bulbapedia or something... and do something with your dang life god damnit ^^#]

... Now if you actually have some shiny Pokémon in REAL Pokémon games [aka on Nintendo handhelds - gosh I shouldn't have to say this neither, this feels wrong - and yet ^^#] and that you may be ineterested in trading,

here are some specific guidelines for trading shinies with me:

I got like 200+ spare shinies so, plenty to bargain with on my side ^^#

1st, those I caught myself

-Grumpig x10
-Audino x10
-Quagsire x7
-Swellow x3
-Heliolisk x5
-Helioptile x2
-Lombre x5
-Altaria x4
-Curstle x5
-Swablu x2
-Swanna x2
-Barbaracle x5
-Hippowdon x4
-Drapion x4
-Floatzel x3
-Stunfisk x3
-Yanmega x3
-Medicham x4
-Magcargo x2
-Diggersby x2
-Vanillite x2
-Meowth x2
-Mankey x2
-Tyrogue x4
-Wingull x12
-Mareep x8
-Ekans x3
-Petilil x5
-Throh x4
-Lickitung x2

Then, there's those I got thru trades

-Audino x2

... there's more but the rest is VIP-only :-P - this should do for now :-D

Looking for:

[like lvl 50~70 grand max - I am NOT interested in lv100 shinies]
-LEGIT [like unaltered by PowerSave or Action Replay or whatever it is you kids use these days]

... shinies.
Like those that were caught using skills, blood, sweat & tears ONLY - you dig?

like the way I do it basically lol the struggle is real y'all

contact >--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If you don't know me and that you stumbled upon this and that you can dig it, drop me a line

on FB ---> Yann Roar,
or on Discord ---> StrangerYann#1119

kthxbai :-3 >----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2019 B THE YEAR OF GEN VIII YEAH BOIII WHAT WHAT peace out y'all :-3 *dab*
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