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It is Time
The breaking is complete.
All I need to do now is wait
For the dust to settle
And see what remains
When all that I hear
Is the silence about me
That will be the moment
To take a sharp blade of
Obsidian and Moonstone
And cut away all the pieces
Of my former life
That are toxic to me
That no longer serve me
Or my best interests
And use what is left
And whatever comes next
To create a new Robert
That stands in the ashes of the old
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It Will Happen
It will happen
Of that I am sure
Whether it be the first time
Or the hundredth
I do not know
But do not mistake
It will happen
Every chance it has
The things I cannot accept
Will eat at me
Batter at my defenses
Until the tipping point is reached
The critical mass
Where it becomes
And when it does
It will all turn inward
The Final Countdown begun
When the zero hour hits
Then I
And only I
Will never have to worry
About it ever happening
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Noble Heart by Proforce Noble Heart :iconproforce:Proforce 5 2
They Never Really Go Away
They never really go away
No matter how faint they get
Or how much you forget they exist
They sit there
Under the surface
Waiting for their moment
To make themselves known
Once more
Usually at the worst times
The happiest times
When things are going well
And you are least prepared to handle
Their return
But yes
They never really go away
I know this for a fact
For when your Heart is Scarred
It always will be
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A word thrown around so much
That many do not think about
What it truly means anymore
A loose connection of people
Bound by the same goal or
Pursuing the same dream?
Collaeagues and coworkers
United by shared hardships
Or working under a tyrannical boss?
But at the same time
It yet means so much more
In a brother you find
Someone who you can share things with
The highs and the lows
In a brother you see
Someone you admire and respect
And in certain ways aspire to emulate
In a brother you have gained
A bond beyond mere friendship
That will stand the test of time
In a brother you know
That things will not always be perfect
But they are better than it was without them
A brother can be many things:
Inspiring, compassionate, and supportive
Strong, witty, and caring
Also forgetful and hurtful
Though not intentionally so
And regretful when it occurs
But one thing a brother always is
As you are, my brother,
Is loved
:iconproforce:Proforce 2 2
Everything changes
That's the one truth of life
Nothing is permanent
Things come and go all the time
Our wants and needs as they are now
Are not the same that they used to be
What was once a necessity
Could now be a burden
Or an obstacle
To true happiness
Do we have the perception
To recognize when this happens?
Are we aware enough of our true needs
To know when something no longer is?
Do we have the strength
To put those things aside
Instead of letting them drag us down?
Then there are the times
When you recognize yourself
As the obstacle
To another's happiness
The question becomes
Can you step aside?
Or do you continue to hold on
And deny them what they deserve?
I will not be an obstacle
Not to anyone
Not for anyone
No one should have to
Place their lives
Their happiness
On hold for fear of
Disappointing me
And if they do not have the strength
To tell me so
Then I will find it
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One more thing
One more thing
I can handle that!  
I can help you!
One more thing
Added to the list
Added to the burdens
One more thing
Gleefully giving
Keeping nothing
One more thing
The stack gets higher
The weight gets heavier
One more thing
One more thing
Always just one more....
Until you stumble
Your grip shatters
Dropping your load
Upon the path before you
One more thing
Was one thing too many
And in the rubble
All you can do
Is pick up the pieces
Of the things that truly matter
:iconproforce:Proforce 2 6
How could I have what was never truly mine?
People said I had it always with me
Yet I could not hold it in my hands whenever I needed it
People say it belonged to me and me alone
Yet time and again I was forced to watch it within the grasp of another
And I still believed
Throughout it all
Promises made and promises broken
That one day it would be truly mine
And then the need to have one of my own
The desire to truly have one that belonged to me
Grew so great that my mind would wander
Seeing others that might perhaps come to me
But never for very long
Or ever for very seriously
For I still loved that which was supposed to be mine
But a momentary acknowledgment
Of my desire to not be alone
Even though I had never stopped loving
Stopped wanting
Stopped needing
Above all others and most of all
Caused it to fly from my grasp
Shattered and ruined
And now I sit here
Surrounded by memories
And might have beens
Told it is for the best
That I will find one that will actually belo
:iconproforce:Proforce 4 2
You claim to be disappointed in me
Yet why should I care?
You are not honest with me
I've caught you in a lie
How can you be behind
Because of my inactions
When we both know that
The information you gained
For me to work with is not
Supposed to be yours
For another three months?
You know this!
It has been told to you
Many times
By many people
And yet you persist and nag
Throwing your weight around
Until you get your way
Disappointed in me you say
What a joke
I have done nothing for you to be
Disappointed in
I, on the other hand
Am very disappointed
In you
:iconproforce:Proforce 0 3
Where there's smoke
It was a bright and sunny summer day, perfect for taking a nice trot outdoors or enjoying a picnic with loved ones.  At least that's what it was scheduled to be; a malfunction in the cloud-making machine in Cloudsdale's weather factory had changed that plan.  The machine had been shut down for emergency repairs, but not before the sky had been covered in dark and menacing thunderheads.   The plans of almost every pony in Ponyville were threatened by this unfortunate glitch.
And that was the reason weather pegasi were streaking through the roiling masses, doing their best to break them up into smaller, more managable pieces.  Once that was done, they could be moved out past the town's borders and drained of their rain and dangerous lightning.  The only problem was that those little clouds shot away fast, looking to cause as much mischief as they could before they were corralled.  
Or it would have been a problem if Rainbow
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I Quit
How much can one man take
Before his mind breaks?
How much can he withstand
Before his soul withers?
How much can be placed on him
Before his heart gives out?
How much you ask?
Look at me and find out
Every time I try to catch my breath
In between waves of tasks
My feet are knocked out from under me
For daring to think of myself
The day never ends
Going well past its time
But what else can I do
When the work is ceaseless?
For weeks I have gone above and beyond
To try to stay atop the load
Yet it is not enough to those
Who care about nothing else
Perhaps I care too much
And thus do I toil
Far beyond my limits
To allow myself to survive
How much?  How long?  How can?
I've asked this many times
I thought the answer was infinite
But I know now it is not
I never thought it would come to this
But now I must face the chance
That to preserve my sanity
I finally must say "I Quit"
:iconproforce:Proforce 1 3
Otakon Cosplay 2011 by Proforce Otakon Cosplay 2011 :iconproforce:Proforce 6 16
The Nightingale and the Rose
The Nightingale and the Rose
Two beings who could
Scarcely be more different
One soaring in the skies above
Revered for its trilling song
The other tethered to the ground below
Legendary for its artistic white beauty
And yet despite their differences
Or maybe because of them
They have found a love beyond description
Beyond boundaries
Two souls forged from the same one
Incomplete halves on their own
Yearning to be whole together
But there are those who would
See this love be destroyed
Afraid of what such a union could mean
That two so wildly apart
Could find such beauty together
An incomprehensible truth
Made even more so by stubborn disbelief
And it is not without its pains
For the nightingale has beak and talons
And the rose has thorns
Both supposedly for protection
But capable of inflicting so much pain
Unintentionally so
Leaving each other bleeding and weeping
But theirs is a love that perseveres
Through the fires which have tried to destroy it
But only forged it stronger
Trust that
:iconproforce:Proforce 4 7
Personal Boundaries
Does no one respect the
Personal Boundaries
Of their fellow humans anymore?
Are we all so self-absorbed that
We can no longer see
How we affect those around us
For our own sense of importance?
When did it become permissible to
Bump into someone without
Acknowledging that it was
Your fault
And instead shift blame onto them
For being too slow or
Not watching where you're going?
When did it become allowable to
Lean aggressively over someone
And force them away from their work
Without asking permission
And instead attempt to justify
Your actions by claiming that
You know better anyway?
Just two examples among many
That most people have to deal with
In the course of their day
Why do we let it happen?
Why are we afraid to speak up?
Because nothing will ever change
Until we find the courage to
:iconproforce:Proforce 1 1
Why all the hate?
Everyone likes who they like
And doesn't who they don't
Which is perfectly fine!
Human nature even!
But why must we hate?
Why must we spread hate?
What is the point?
People work hard at their art
A reflection of what they like
Revealing a piece of themselves
Even if it depicts a scene,
A character, a coupling
That you don't care for yourself
Why must we show hate
To what they hold dear?
Every time I see an anti group
I cringe in disappointment
It doesn't matter who the character
Or what the series is
Whether I like them or not
I know that someone does
And so my soul cries
And my heart breaks a bit more
Hate is such a dangerous emotion
Destructive both without and within
And yet self-propagating:
The more we give, the more we get
Isn't it better to spread positivity?
Feelings we would like returned to us?
Joy, kindness, happiness, and love
Wouldn't the world be a better place?
I know I ask a lot
It is so easy to hate after all
But if we must be anti something
Why not b
:iconproforce:Proforce 0 4
When did telling people
What they want to hear
Become more important than
Telling them
The truth?
Little lies to spare
The feelings of those you
Care about
When do they stop being about
Their protection and
Start being about
Your own?
For lies will eventually
Be discovered
And when they are
No matter how
The hurt is only
Is it worth the breach of trust?
That small moment of peace
Tenuous as you know it to be
Fragile as an eggshell
Is the sacrifice of
Worth it?
There is a reason
That sayings exist
Even ones such as
"Death before Dishonor"
:iconproforce:Proforce 9 23

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