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Raj Koothrappali

The second in a series of characters from one of my favorite TV shows, Raj Koothrappali, from The Big Bang Theory. Here he is shown along with Aquaman who he dressed up as (reluctantly) in a very funny earlier episode.
The drawing was completed with Verithin colored pencils on plane white Strathmore paper.
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Apr 22, 2014, 10:03:08 AM
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I love your idea of combining the portrait and the background.
professorwagstaff's avatar
Thanks. It was a lot of fun.
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LOL... I just think of him saying "Aquaman sucks!" in the show. LOL
SonnyReb's avatar
Love the show.  Aquaman lol

They got him good!
professorwagstaff's avatar
Yeah, he looked just terrific in that Aquaman get up.
Muggle-Gem-Princess's avatar
He's one of my favorite characters.
fireytika's avatar
Hellooo, Professor~ I'm from :iconprojectcomment:
I can't resist commenting on your artwork because it's really great! Aaaand because this is my fav show, too! Man, I'm still remember that episode when Raj cosplaying as Aquaman. He can't even sit down. all his complaing made me wonder, is Aquaman is that suck?? LOL
Anyway, let's back to your drawing.
Your skills on traditional art is always amaze me. And realism is something i always have troble with. And, you draw him with colored pencil! One thing i know about this tools is they're hard for blending. But, you did an excellent job on shading & blending. As a portrait,  having a consistent shading is a must, and you nailed it! Also, his facial expression portrays him very well. Especially his eyes~ One thing that concern me is aquaman on the right. I'm not really sure, maybe his pose? The other characters seems more serious, and it's make the right aquaman disharmony? Well, this is just a personal preference. But, what if we change the pose, maybe with his face looking to the right so he back-to-back with raj?
But of course,  don't take it personally. Also, for presentation,  maybe you can edit the level. You can use photoshop or free editing online program such as pixlr.

Overall, you did a splendid job on this.The details on this drawing are amazing. And especially on the clothes shading! I love it! Keep it up your good work and happy improving! ^^
professorwagstaff's avatar
Hi thanks for the commentary.  For future reference I take nothing personally, always give me your best shot. I'm very open to any criticism good, bad, or indifferent.  I agree about the editing.  It's something I'm trying to address so we will see.  Thanks again for your extremely thoughtful words and it's nice to hear from you again.  Have a terrific day.
professorwagstaff's avatar
This was extraordinarily kind of you.  Thank you for your generosity.  Huggle! 
fireytika's avatar
Aww you're welcome! ^^
audieleigh's avatar
I like the design and detail you put into it, it looks very nice.
professorwagstaff's avatar
Thanks I appreciate you saying so.
MyonArt's avatar

What a wonderful portrait! I love this series. The episode in which Raj was so upset because of this Aquaman costume was so much fun. :D

I think this piece is just right. I love the facial expression of Raj, you did a great job on him. I like the composition and the more comic like style of both Aquamen as well, which makes this drawing more interesting. The colours are well chosen, shading is very well done.
All in all: You know how to use pencils. :clap:

Go on with your amazing portraits!


professorwagstaff's avatar
Thanks for the amazing comment.  I really appreciate your input.  Have a great day.  :)
Legion-001's avatar
Hi I came from Project comment...
Dude 100 watchers?
Some MLP erotic deviants have twice as much, are you kidding me?
You are one of those old school talented artist that are becoming less common :c
So many people have sadly turned their backs on classical portrait, I mean, me included, and I ain't proud
I really like this and have nothing to complain....
You earned my watch!
professorwagstaff's avatar
Actually I have 340 watchers.  However, as much as I appreciate you watching and your kind words most watchers will not be watching my art a year from now.  Watchers are like "friends" on facebook. What really matters is I get my art out there and some folks appreciate it.

And you are correct I work with a pencil, most do not today.  The wonderful thing though is that DA is a place where all artwork is accepted, the new and the old style, and it can be appreciated by those who want to appreciate it.

Thanks again I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment.  Have a great day.
Vittarius's avatar
This is so epic. The anatomy, the shading, everything is perfect. I love your art.
professorwagstaff's avatar
Thank you I really appreciate you saying so.
Kaotic-Cass's avatar
Hello! I'm here from ProjectComment's "comment tag" game.

My word was "cold", and I couldn't really pick a picture that represented the word well, so I chose this one because of the Atlantian aspect (cause it's cold and the sea and all). I remember this episode so well, haha - poor Raj, poor Aquaman.

Overall this is a fantastic piece. It's well put together, proportionally very accurate and just all around awesome! I really like how you used the border behind them to give some depth to the picture without distracting the viewer. My art teacher used to talk about the different ways a picture is layed out - horizontally, vertically, diagonally, circular and in a triangle formation. Most art uses the triangle formation to add more weight at the bottom of the image, but I'd say this was more of a diagonal piece, which is quite nice to see and very pleasing on the eyes.  I also really love the softness of your coloring, it's got a really smooth and calm feel to it, which is nice to look at.

A little bit of advice though, I feel that with the detail in Aquaman's hair on the left side (our left) - I expected a little more detail in the other Aquaman's hair as well (and maybe a bit more with Raj's but black hair is hard to get a good sheen on it). I would also suggest adding a little more detail to Raj's lips and just under his nose. They're a little pale in my opinion.

You do amazing work my friend, and this image does not disappoint, it's got great color, excellent proportions, and a fantastic composition. Great job.

Now it's your turn to finish off this tag by going to ccrazyisme's gallery and finding a piece to comment on with the word: "colorful." Have fun!
professorwagstaff's avatar
Hey Cass we meet again.  Thank you very much for your as always in depth commentary.  I always feel that you really give some serious thought to your comments and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.  Have a great weekend.
Kaotic-Cass's avatar
Indeed, we keep running into each other, haha. Kind of fun though.

I try to give my best in all the comments I leave and I try to aim the comments not to just rattle off all the good and bad things, but to start them thinking and moving in the right direction.

I am so glad that I have been of help. Have a great weekend as well. :)
TigerRose1329's avatar
I remember that episode.  He looked so funny with that seahorse attached to him when he had the costume on.  
professorwagstaff's avatar
Thanks. I just had to draw Aquaman with Raj. He hated the idea of being Aquaman so much.
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