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Nostalgia Critic VS Ren Hoek DB by MaxFunnies2550

Nitri: Anger. It drives us to do violent things sometimes, and in cartoons, it is represented with explosions.

bIzARRO: Well, some characters embody that so well that they are way too dangerous to be around when mad- like Bruce Banner's green persona, The Incredible Hulk!

Nitri: But we aren't talking about the Hulk today- we're talking mainly about characters who were able to create town-destroying explosions with their anger.

bIzARRO: Ooh, I get it now! Like Ren Hoek, the brains of the Ren & Stimpy duo...

Nitri: ...and The Nostalgia Critic, reviewer of cartoons, movies, and TV Shows from the good ol' days. I'm Nitri, and he's bIzARRO, and it's our job to test their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

Ren Höek

AKA: Space commander Hoek, Mad Dog Hoek, Renwaldo
First Appearance: Ren and Stimpy: Big House Blues (Pilot episode) December 21, 1990
Age: 10 (70 in dog years)
Species: Chihuahua
Occupation: Fire Dog, Con-Artist, Nature show host, Rubber Nipple Salesman, President of Stimpy's fan club, Cartoon Producer, ect

Affiliation: The Army, Fire Fighters, Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, Barrette Beret Girl Scouts
Likes: Being angry, Women, Money, Fame, Smoking and drinking, causing pain, Hog Jowls, Stimpy


Along with Stimpy:

- Once became fire dogs and helped rescue a bunch of people and animals from a burning building (With Stimpy finally putting out the fire with a giant sack of Kitty Litter)
- Completed their army training and served their country by fighting in war
- Have survived spending the nights in haunted houses with ghosts and vampires
- Once braved the harsh out doors while working under the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen to find a Barren Wasteland to settle on
- Stimpy once gave Ren his Butt fat for pectoral implants, which Ren used to beat up a large bully on the beach and soon become a Hollywood legend
Once committed a series of crimes and got a total of 13 life sentences
- Once saved the space time continuum from Stimpy's time machine and the aliens who wanted to steal it
- Once met Spider-Man (and successfully grossed him out)
- Once helped a homeless broke mother and her headless son by stealing things for them (Such as food, money, resources, ect) and helped to build them a house 
- Once infiltrated Santa's work shop in the north pole, stealing his sleigh and his Naughty list which they used to bribe everyone

By himself:

- Once beat the crap out of his owner "George Liquor" and gained his affection by doing so
- Managed to resist and destroy Stimpy's "Happy Helmet"
- Once traveled around inside of Stimpy's body to save Stimpy's brain from was being strangled by Stimpy's "Ignorance Gland"
- Blew up an entire city with his sheer rage
- Once became a giant reptilian monster named "Dogzilla" and defeated a giant monstrous hairball, becoming a hero of the city
- After many years of trying, Ren finally managed to do something mean enough to make Stimpy break down into tears and made him kick him out of the house (and then straight up Murdered Mr. Horse)

bIzARRO: At first, Ren looks like a very huggable little puppy, but finding out that he likes smoking and drinking, causing pain, and being angry will make you realize that he is not at all huggable.

Nitri: In fact, he likes being angry so much, that he was able to resist a helmet meant to force you to be happy. 

bIzARRO: ...he became a giant reptilian monster? 

Nitri: Yeah, Ren & Stimpy is a pretty weird show- and if you thought it couldn't get weirder, Ren actually met Spider-Man at one point. Yeah, that means a Marvel X NickToons game is plausible.

bIzARRO: Enough about the strange crossovers and reptilian transformations- onto his physicality! 

RenBeating by Doctorworm1987
- Can take beatings from people bigger and stronger than himself
- Can reform from being smashed into goop, crushed, flattened, blown up, twisted and mangled, torn in two, torn into pieces, having his body parts torn off, being grounded into powder, and burnt to ashes
- Survived entering a black hole (Though eventually died inside of it via imploding)
- Can get a barrage of arrows shot through his body and barely react

- Can remain alive after having all his entrails/bones sucked out and being left nothing but empty husks of skin
- Has endured getting cooked alive while being impaled rotisserie style
- Head and brain can function even when removed from Ren's body
- Once tanked getting struck by lightening
- Tanked an explosion powerful enough to launch him into orbit
- Can survive after being crushed with 20 billion pounds of pressure
- Survived 167 days with out food or water
- Has some how come back to life after drowning
- Once fell into a beef Jerky machine and got tenderized, shredded, and dried up, and was still alive and now living jerky

Nitri: Since he is a cartoon character, he is capable of taking a lot of damage. 

bIzARRO: For instance, he survived being crushed with 20 billion pounds of pressure- and for a comparison, it takes 1,700 pounds per square inch to break a femur, so Ren took more than 11,700,000 times the amount of pressure needed to break a femur and lived.

Nitri: That's not all- he can reform after being crushed, blown up, torn in two, being ground into powder, and burnt to ashes. Basically, he is probably more durable than Deadpool, and a lot scarier.

bIzARRO: And in a similar fashion to someone who defeated Deadpool in a Death Gauntlet, Ren can remove his head, and it will still function. 

RenStrength by Doctorworm1987
- Can lift/carry heavy loads on his back
- Can lift horses, yaks, or really fat people three times his size over head (Some times with just one hand)
- Once lifted a bus off a woman and tossed it to the side
- Can easily tear off all of Stimpy's skin with one tug

- Can slap Stimpy hard enough to make his eyes pop out or completely re-arrange his face
- C
an hit people with enough power to send them through a wall
- Once swam all the way from Europe to America 
- Can run rather fast, especially when frightened
- Can catch up to a speeding car by running on all fours
- Once out ran a tornado while carrying Stimpy
- Is fast enough to run up walls
- Due to his light weight, he can't die by being hung (since he'll just dangle there
with out being strangled)
- Actually has a hook at the end of his tongue (Making being licked by him VERY painful)

Nitri: Durability is great, but you need strength, or else you're only useful for cannon fodder.

bIzARRO: Ren is so strong, he can lift fat people three times his size over his head- and sometimes, with just one hand. 

Nitri: He also can easily lift a truck off of a woman and toss it aside, and if you need to know speed, he has that covered.

bIzARRO: Yeah, running on all fours allows him to catch up to speeding cars, and he was able to outrun a tornado while carrying his friend Stimpy.

Nitri: And for good measure, he'll break the laws of physics and run up walls. 

"At last I have control of your TV set! Are you receiving me?"
- The smarter of him and Stimpy: Often comes up with the plans
- Seems to know how to take over television broadcasts (by using a sheep of all things)
- Rather skilled with breaking and entering
- Is notably a good con-artist and is good at fooling people for a quick buck
- Not afraid to cheat or resort to cheap tactics in order to win or get what he wants
- If he see's a weakness/weak spot, he WILL take advantage of it
- Has pulled off successful heists
- Has actually utilized disguises
- Skilled at carpentry: Once put together an entire house with plumbing/electricity

bIzARRO: Strength and durability is great, but you need intelligence, or else you're just a dumb brute. ...although, being smart doesn't always help people win...

Nitri: He may simply seem like a raging maniac at times, but he's really pretty intelligent- he's skilled at breaking and entering, and he knows how to take over television broadcasts.

bIzARRO: Imagine if he were to hack into me. Wouldn't that be somethi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i- *hit on the head by Nitri* sorry, I got some static from a radio wave.

Nitri: I'm not sure if that even makes sense... anyways, Ren is also a good con-artist, and he will take advantage of any weak spot he sees. 

bIzARRO: Oh, and he once put together an entire house with plumbing and electricity. I would trust this dog near my couch without any fear of him peeing on it.

Nitri: You don't have a couch.


Toon Force:
- Can constantly break the laws of physics with some light reality warping
- Gives him enhanced physical attributes/abilities (see below)
- Any injuries or damage suffered to his body quickly heal off screen (for the most part)
- Hammer Space: Can pull objects/weapons out of nowhere (See "Toony Arsenal" below)
- Also has pockets despite the lack of clothes
- Can use an air pump to inflate himself like a balloon and fly around while farting
- Can make his fist grow twice as big when punching some one
- Can unzip his fur like clothing
- Can hide inside of small places (like little jars of sugar) or slip through electric sockets to hide between walls
- If Ren's brain is removed, it can walk around on it's spine and blood vessels/veins
- Can breath under water and on the moon/other planets
- Can make his eyes pop out of his head to hit/punch enemies

- Can actually breath fire when he's angry and exhale a blast it while screaming
- When his anger is pushed to it's limit, he will explode with enough force to take out an entire city
- Can temporarily become big, muscular, and super strong from consuming or taking a dip in toxic waste (and can become giant with a large abundance of it)
- Has fourth wall awareness: Will some times interact with the narrator or the kids watching

bIzARRO: When his regular strength isn't enough, Ren will pull out some good ol' Toon Force.

Nitri: Ah yes, the thing that gave him the "exploding an entire city with anger" ability that put him in this battle.

bIzARRO: He has many useful abilities, such as growing his fist twice as big to punch someone more effectively, and somehow being able to hide in incredibly small spaces- like electric sockets to hide between walls.

Nitri: If he is at his limit, he will breathe fire while screaming with rage, and taking a dip in toxic waste allows him to become super strong... because as we all know, radiation poisoning isn't a thing.

Sleeper Hold:
- Ren bites down on the back of the opponent's head
- This causes them to immediately become sleepy as he holds on as they slowly drift into slumber
- However, if the opponent drinks coffee before they fall asleep, they'll re-awake and be rendered completely unaffected by the hold

bIzARRO: When he had a career as a wrestler, Ren used the Sleeper Hold move to knock someone out cold.

Nitri: He does it by biting down on the back of his opponent's head, and they'll soon drift off to sleep.

bIzARRO: However, it they drink coffee before they fall asleep, they'll wake up instantly and be unaffected.

Nitri: If you are made of metal, you'll most likely be unaffected without coffee.

FeralRen2 by Doctorworm1987
Feral Ren:
- Can go berserk, rapid, psychopathic, and beastly
- Becomes devoid of all sanity, logic, and humanity 
- Just straight up just murders his target with what ever he can find
- Will actually bite off pieces of people and devour them

bIzARRO: If Ren actually snaps, he'll become "Feral Ren-" a version of him completely lacking in sanity.

Nitri: This version of him doesn't think of plans- it just murders its target with anything it can find.

bIzARRO: In this form, he can also bite pieces of people off and eat them whole, as seen in that lovely gif. I could watch it all day.

Nitri: I wouldn't let that happen to you. 


- Bad-tempered, aggressive, impulsive, and emotionally unstable
- Actually loves being angry and enjoys making others suffer (Especially small creatures)
- While he usually tries to be easy going, he can still be quite grumpy and is easy to annoy
- Is also incredibly selfish, greedy, childish, and even perverted
- Is willing to do what ever it takes to get what he wants be it money, fame, women, ect
- When pushed, he will either break into a violent rage or break down into tears
- Can be a complete violent malevolent psychopath and sociopath: Will laugh like a maniac and take delight in hurting others
- However, he has once in awhile showed a kinder more empathetic side to himself (Like when he helped a mother and son who had lost their home and were living in a hole in the ground)

bIzARRO: If you didn't know by now, Ren is a bit... emotionally unstable.

Nitri: That's putting it lightly- he is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, and even if it doesn't bring him fame, he will delight other people's pain.

bIzARRO: that's mostly his Adult Party Cartoon self- in his original cartoon, he did show moments of kindness, like when he helped a mother and son who were living in a hole in the ground.

Nitri: Still, he is more commonly seen as aggressive, impulsive, and sometimes a bit perverted. 


Toony Arsenal/Hammer Space:
- Can pull out plungers, crowbars, axes, guns, jack hammers, mallets, spears, Scissors, baseball bats, whips, ect
- Can pull out a black jack to hit people behind/upside the head and knock them out (and leave them with long cartoony bumps)
- Can pull out a retractable harpoon gun
- Can pull out sticks of dynamite 
- Can pull out Beavers that are used like power tools to cut through wood
- Can pull out a crotch-mounted wood saw (It's as disturbing as it sounds)
- Can pull out a gun that shoots out foul smelling gym socks
- Usually has a lighters or matches to set things on fire (Or to light cigarettes/cigars) 

- Can pull out musical instruments
- Has even pulled out a robot double of himself to use as a distraction

bIzARRO: Wow, he cn use a beaver as a weapon!

Nitri: Well, he also has real weapons that can pull out of nowhere- like  axes, sticks of dynamite, and lighters to set things on fire.

bIzARRO: Don't forget about the harpoon gun! It's retractable!

Nitri: Even more useful than that is a robot double of himself, which would work on a stupid person.

- Can usually pull out costumes to disguise himself out of nowhere
- Can splash himself with "Dalmatian Paint" to look like a dalmatian
- Can pull out costumes of monkeys, babies, ducks, themselves, ect
- Can pull out a duck bill that talks with the voice of a woman (and seems to have some sentience)

- Can make himself look like a turd floating around in the toilet
- Also has an abundance of wigs and clothing

bIzARRO: Ren's disguises are never in short supply.

Nitri: For whatever reason, he has a costume that just resembles himself- which I'm sure would fool, um, somebody.

bIZARRO: More useful would be the dalmatian paint, which can turn him white with black spots, like a certain dog that some unlucky guy had 101 of.

Nitri: He also has way too many wigs, sort of like a certain grey alien.

Rubber Nipples:
- Are clenched between his toes
- Can be used to walk up walls and ceilings
- Also has many other uses (Such as being used to give great hickeys)

Catapault by Doctorworm1987
- An old fashioned wooden Catapult
- Flings large flaming rocks with enough power to destroy and a large prison upon impact

Fly Swatter:
- Used to hit enemies up close

Prized Bludgeoning Oar:
- Originally belonged to George Liquor (American)

- Was used by Ren to beat the crap out of him in "Man's best friend"

Shot Gun:
- Given to him by a cop
- Shoots a cluster of bullets
- Can leave people cartoonishly covered in holes (and dead)
- Can make cars swerve off the road by shooting their tires

bIzARRO: Wow, what a large cluster of items- like a shotgun, which he definitely used in the original Nickelodeon cartoon!

Nitri: Something he did use in the original cartoon was an oar, which he used to.. beat the crap out of someone. Wow, what a delightful show.

bIzARRO: For some reason, he has an old-timey catapult which launches flaming rocks that can destroy a large prison upon impact.

Nitri: And where would Ren be without those rubber nipples? Not climbing on walls!


- Despite his toon force/endurance, he can still feel pain or get knocked out
- Toon force is random, inconsistent, and can back fire on him
- Has actually died on certain occasions from: By being incinerated in the sun, imploding, being eaten/devoured, choking to death, starvation, a gas explosion of all things, and once exploded into mush after being sucked in the vaccuum of space with out a space suit
- Appears to be susceptible to sickness/illness/disease
- Doesn't have unlimited Stamina: Can get tired/exhausted from over working himself
- Can be impulsive and make poor choices
- Some times doesn't have common sense (Once whizzed on the electric fence) and can ignore warnings
- Prone to madness, rage, and insanity: Completely unstable and often loses his temper (or his mind)
- Seems to enjoy torturing his victims opposed to just killing them
- Can't tolerate pain as well as Stimpy
- Can start off initially very cowardly 

- Baboons
- Adult Party Cartoon

bIzARRO: How can Ren possibly have weaknesses? He can survive being ground into dust?

Nitri: Well, Ren may survive lots of stuff like that, but he still had a lot of ways to die: being incinerated in the sun, choking to death, a gas explosion, and he once exploded into mush after being suckedinto the vacuum of space without a suit.

bIzARRO: Aside from his ways of dying, he also is- big shock- prone to madness, rage, and insanity.

Nitri: But despite his impulsive nature and complete lack of stability, Ren is still one of the most iconic NickToon characters out there- and you definiely don't want to violate his collection of uncurable diseases.

"I'm gonna hit ya, and then you're gonna fall... and I'm gonna look down... and I'm gonna LAUGH... But first... FIRST... I gotta take a whiz!" - REN

The Nostalgia Critic, the Reviewer of All Things N by YellowFlash1234
Real Name: Douglas Darien Walker
Also Known As: Critic, ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, Sparky Sparky Boom Man, the Ava-Jerk
Species: Human
Age: 35
Height: 5'11"

Occupation: Internet Reviewer, Former Dictator of Kickassia, Former Ghost of Christmas Past

Has reviewed some of the worst movies of all time
-Some examples are The Room, Batman and Robin, and Foodfight
Has caused nuclear explosions through sheer anger alone
Ghostbusted Casper the Friendly Ghost

Murdered most of the cast of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Survived the Stephen King Drinking Game, which has been known to kill people

Took over the country of Molassia
Killed Dr. Insano and Santa Christ
Battled the Angry Video Game Nerd
-Only lost because the AVGN had help from Super Mecha Death Christ

Went on a quest to find Malachite's Hand
-Would have gotten it if someone didn't replace it with a Power Glove
Merged with the Plot Hole, saving the universe from being destroyed
-While inside the Plot Hole, had complete control over the universe

-Eventually, escaped it, returning to his normal universe
Befriended the Devil and babysat his daughter
Destroyed Happy Madison's production building during a psychotic rampage
Got Dante Basco to stop trying to kill him
Learned Firebending
-Not as impressive as it sounds
Repeatedly killed M. Night Shyamalan
Gained the power of Ruining and defeated the Strangers
Has had a literal portal to Hell inside his asshole
Caused the apocalypse through sheer Christmas spirit alone
Broke through a light barrier, warped time, and shattered every conceivable ozone layer
Obliterated a planet with his Christmas spirit

bIzARRO: Don't let that 'Human' label fool you: he is not an ordinary human.

Nitri: Yeah, he did obliterate a planet with his Christmas spirit.

bIzARRO: He also befriended the Devil and babysat his daughter, which is not something I would ever say out loud.

Nitri: He also has an ability that landed him in this battle: causing nuclear explosions through sheer anger alone.

-Knocked out someone with two punches
-Broke through his ceiling and walls a couple times
-Lifted a giant Jagermeister bottle
-Shattered every conceivable ozone layer

bIzARRO: Nostalgia Critic is a pretty tough guy- he's been shown to knock someone out with just two punches.

Nitri: Not only that, but he also managed to shatter every concievable ozone layer... okay, what?

bIzARRO: Here's a feat you'll understand better- he has broken through his ceiling and walls a couple of times, which shows how powerful he is.

Nitri: I'm going to be busy figuring out what it means to shatter an Ozone Layer.

-Once caused a sonic boom when taking off

-Can fly from Earth to space in seconds
-Can seemingly teleport through jump cuts
-Dodged several fireballs from Dante Basco
-Dodged a bullet while sitting down, with the person who fired it standing around five feet away
-Flew fast enough to break through a barrier made of light and warp the speed of time

bIzARRO: Yeah, he's so fast, he can dodge a bullet while sitting down, from five feet away. That gives him a reaction time of five milliseconds.

Nitri: He also has flying speed that allows him to fly from Earth to space in seconds, and cause a sonic boom when taking off.

bIzARRO: on the topic of flying, he flew fast enough to warp the speed of time... which surely means he went faster than light.

Nirtri: Oh, and he can teleport through jumpcuts. So, why bother flying? For the cool factor, of course.

-Survived being smashed through buildings
-Survived his head exploding
-Tanked a point-blank Hadoken
-Tanked being slammed into a wall by an explosive fireball
-Survived being shot in the head

-Frequently survives the nuclear explosions he creates
-Took a blast from Super Mecha Death Christ and got back up
-Took being punched into the comments section of his video, smashing through several comments in the process

-Survived an explosion he created, which caused the apocalypse
-Was perfectly fine after burning himself alive
-Survived being in the epicenter of a planet-busting explosion
*Which he caused

bIzARRO: He is so durable, he survives the nuclear explosions he creates through anger.

Nitri: Yeah, I'm impressed too. He also got smashed through buildings and survived, and took a point-blank Hadoken without a problem.

bIzARRO: On a bigger scale, he survived being in th epicenter of a planet-busting explosion. He caused it through pure love of the holiday, which will surely come into play in this fight... I mean, Christmas was a day or two ago.

Nitri: Head explosions? No big deal.

Decently Clever
-Good at stalling people who want to kill or attack him
-Intelligence varies depending on the occasion
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
-Fought the Angry Video Game Nerd
Decent Marksman
-Gunned down most of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog's cast
-Can shoot himself in the head, point-blank, and manage to hit someone in the complete opposite direction instead

bIzARRO: The Nostalgia Critic is a pretty clever guy- at least, when it comes to stalling so he isn't killed.

Nitri: He managed to fight AVGN and almost win, and to be clear, AVGN is strong enough to throw Superman 64 into the sun and cause it to explode upon making contact with the Sun, and he can survive several explosions.

bIzARRO: He's a decent marksman as well- he once shot himself in the head point-blank and manged to shoot someone in the opposite direction. Really , that's a good thing.

Nitri: Good job killing Sonic, man. Now who will stop the notorious- oh wait, you killed Eggman too. Nevermind.

2988674-1239331478-12844 by YellowFlash1234

-The Critic's signature weapon
-Can blow off someone's head in one shot
-Never seems to run out of ammo
-Apparently can function like Judge Dredd's Lawgiver
*Changes ammunition and function by voice activation
*Has modes for Armor Piercing rounds, Rapid Fire, massaging Critic's back, and playing lounge music

Baseball Bat
-It's a baseball bat
-Used to destroy the Neverending Story 3 DVD
Suburban-knights-still by YellowFlash1234
Master Sword Replica
-Used when dressed as Link
-Has broken in the past
BB8XoW by YellowFlash1234
Proton Pack
-Used to bust Casper the Friendly Ghost
-Usually wears a Ghostbusters uniform while using it
-Can fill it with Ecto-Cooler and spray people with it
Avgn Vs  Nc  Light Saber Fight By Fogrotten by YellowFlash1234
-Green blade
-Doesn't know how to use it
O2rjyk by YellowFlash1234
People Who Don't Like Darkwing Duck Gun
-Resembles a shotgun
-Used on people who don't like Darkwing Duck

bIzARRO: Let's go through his weapons real quick: a proton pack for busting ghosts, a lightsber he doesn't know how to use, and a replica of the Master Sword that once broke.

Nitri: He also has his signature pistol, which can blow off someone's head in one shot and even mortally wounded Mickey Mouse.

bIzARRO: Nostalgia Critic also has a shotgun that he uses on people who don't like Darkwing Duck... oddly specific.

Nitri: Also, his pistol as a mode for armor piercing rounds, and he also has a baseball bat and a crowbar.

Mqdefault by YellowFlash1234
Power Ranger Suit
-Makes him pose randomly and do insane hand gestures whenever he wears it
-Unknown if it grants him actual Power Ranger powers, since he never fought hand-to-hand while wearing it
-Lets him summon Mega Big Voltronimus Primo
Maxresdefault by YellowFlash1234
Mega Big Voltronimus Primo

-Giant robot that the Critic can pilot
-Taller than mountains

bIZARRO: These two things go together nicely.

Nitri: Nostalgia Critic has a Power Ranger Suit that we never see him use with actual Power Ranger powers, but the main perk is that it summons a giant robot.

bIzARRO: this is Mega Bg Voltronimus Primo, and it is taller than mountains. So, taller than 1,000 feet.

Nitri: that's a bold claim. *punched by a laugh track*

R6MBzq by YellowFlash1234
Explosion Generation

-When he's angry enough, can cause explosions by yelling
-Destructive power ranges from enough to blow a door off its hinges, to enough to wipe out a city
-After being hit with weird science beams from a meteorite, can cause them at will, without being angered
PsalB9 by YellowFlash1234
Christmas Spirit

-Loves Christmas so much, that his Christmas spirit acts as an actual power
-Gives him a resistance to tranquilizers

-Caused the apocalypse with it
-Blew up a planet through sheer love for the holiday

pYRVEr by YellowFlash1234
Size Shifting

-When powered by Christmas spirit, grew bigger than his studio
Hqdefault by YellowFlash1234
Maxresdefault by YellowFlash1234
-Can summon the Burger King by shouting "Elephant!"

-Can fly fast enough to cause sonic booms and reach space in seconds
Video Editing/Fourth Wall Awareness
-Can teleport through jump cuts
-Can interact with pictures edited into his reviews in post
-Has hidden in the YouTube comments section before
-Used YouTube comments as projectiles

mI5kLr by YellowFlash1234

-Lets him shoot fireballs from Super Mario Bros from his fists
-Don't seem to do much against most people
Critic Electricity By Maxfunnies2550-d9ocoi9 by YellowFlash1234
Electricity Manipulation

-Can channel it through his fists for enhanced punches
-Fires bolts of it from his fingers
-By pointing with his index finger, summons a disturbing or creepy image
tumblr maqhcj5Tou1qfgpjoo1 400 by YellowFlash1234
-Can transform into a muppet
-Turned into a South Park version of himself
M8lJE1 by YellowFlash1234
Reality Warping
-Gained from his time in the Plot Hole
-Summoned a smaller version of the Plot Hole to defeat the Strangers from Dark City
-The power to ruin a perfectly good idea
-Used it to reverse the changes that the Strangers made to the world

bIzARRO: He has many powers that we will happily skim through. He can manipulate electricity for enhanced punches, summon a creepy image by pointing, and shapeshift... with nothing useful coming out of that.

Nitri: He can also reality warp by summoning a smaller version of "the Plot Hole" and he has the ability to reverse changes that some strange beings made to his world.

bIzARRO: With his anger, he can summon explosions that can wipe out a city, but he can summon small explosions at will after gaining superpowers.

Nitri: With fourth wall awareness, he can teleport with jumpcuts and interact with things edited in-post. He can also clone himself, and like mentioned before, his Christmas Spirit can be destructive.

Nostalgia-critic by YellowFlash1234
Easily angered
-Prone to psychotic rampages

Not very bright
Not used to fighting
Firebending is pathetically weak
Pretty cowardly
-When he finds someone stronger than him, is quick to beg for his life

bIzARRO: Despite his incredible powers, he still has his weaknesses.

Nitri: Like Ren, he is easily angered, and is prone to psychotic rampages.

bIZARRO: Unlike Ren, he isn't very bright, and is not used to fighting.

Nitri: Despiet his cowardly nature, he is still one of the most popular internet reviewers out there. But can he take on the dog Con-Artist of NickToons?

bIzARRO: Find out next time on DEATH BATTLEEEEE!

(Nostalgia Critic: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it, so you don't have to.)
...for some reason, I have to submit this as a Journal, but that does'nt mean I'm not happy to submit this to you guys! 

I know some people are gonna be hyped about this battle!
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I am so hyped for this!!! I've wanted to see this battle happen for a long time! My bets are on the Nostalgia Critic!
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So are mine! 

One factor that might come into play is that, while Nostalgia Critic isn't very bright, Ren is pretty smart when it comes to tricking people and finding weak spots to take advantage of. Ren might try to take advantage of one of Nostalgia Critic's weaknesses- like how he is not used to fighting, and how cowardly he is.
MaxFunnies2550 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
While I DO see Ren playing on Critic's fears I don't believe Critic is dumb enough to be fooled by Ren. Mainly because the Critic is actually a pretty smart guy. He always provides analytical reviews and has outsmarted a few people from the bad movies he's reviewed. I don't see why he's put as dumb. 
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Student Writer
I'm not sure. I feel like I might remember a scene where he fell for a pretty obvious trap. I do have to admit, I don't think the Critic being described as "not too bright" is entirely accurate.
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