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Nitri: You can't become a master if you have'nt been an apprentice first.

bIzARRO: And these two females were specifically trained to use their swords by their slightly attractive masters.

Nitri: There's Pearl, the graceful member of the Crystal Gems...

bIzARRO: ...and Ahsoka Tano, the previous apprentice of Anakin Skywalker.

Nitri: I'm Nitri, and he's bIzARRO, and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

(:iconyellowflash1234: made the bio for Pearl.)
Pearl, the Spear-Wielding Crystal Gem by YellowFlash1234
Species: Gem
Age: 5,000+ years old
Occupation: Guardian of Earth, Crystal Gem

Despite being designed as a servant, is still a talented fighter and technician
Fought in the war between the Crystal Gems and the Homeworld Gems as Rose Quartz's most trusted partner
Regularly fights off giant monsters
Holo-Pearl, a holographic clone of Pearl that she uses to spar against, cut a tree to pieces with a balloon sword
Held her own against Amethyst
-Despite being made as a servant, while Amethyst was designed to be a warrior
Defeated Sugilite, who can easily smash through buildings
Built a spaceship and a giant robot out of scrap
Punched Peridot in the face

Nitri: Long before the Crystal Gems we know today roamed the Earth, Pearl was a rebel against Homeworld, with her master Rose Quartz leading her.

bIzARRO: After an event that lead to Garnet being formed, Pearl and Rose ended up settling down on Earth, where Pearl would be for much of its history.

Nitri: With how old she is, you can only guess what she has seen.

bIzARRO: Onto her feats: Pearl regularly fights giant monsters, and she fought in the war against the Homeworld Gems long before that, which proves how much experience she has.

Nitri: She's proven her expertise in construction by building a spaceship and a giant robot out of scrap- specifically from a barn.

bIzARRO: McGyver would be proud.

DangerousIdealisticKissingbug by YellowFlash1234
Superhuman Strength
-When clashing with Holo-Pearl, caused a small shockwave
-Smashed a boulder with a kick
-Can hold back Amethyst's whip, which can easily split a dumpster in half
-Threw a baseball hard enough to break a bat in two

Nitri: Don't let her ballerina outfit throw you off; she is not lacking in strength.

bIzARRO: Definitely not; she was able to create a shockwave that sent Steven onto this back while fighting her hologram, and she could smash a boulder with a graceful kick.

Nitri: And as if she was trying to rival Goofy, she can also damage a baseball bat with a baseball pitch.

GivingDaringBunting by YellowFlash1234
Superhuman Speed and Reflexes
-Outran Lion on foot
-Fought against two clones of herself at once
-Dodged a barrage of attacks with her eyes closed

bIzARRO: Yes, her eyes are closed, and no, they are not closed because of any disabilities she has. She's just showing off.

Nitri: In basic speed, she was able to outrun Lion on foot, and if Lion is as fast as a real lion, that makes Pearl capable of running over fifty miles an hour. 

bIzARRO: Not the fastest feat of speed I've seen, but it's impressive compared to a normal person.

IllinformedComfortableBluewhale by YellowFlash1234
Superhuman Durability
-Tanked hits from the building-destroying Sugilite
-When Ronaldo punched her hand, he got hurt by it
-Took an explosion head-on with little signs of injury from it
Endless Stamina
-Can't get tired

Nitri: If you can survive attacks from someone who destroyed buildings, you shouldn't just be protecting a beach town.

bIzARRO: I'll skip that Ronaldo feat to touch upon how she showed little injury from an actual explosion. I don't know why I'm starting to think about what would happen if Goofy fought Pearl.

Nitri: Along with her impressive durability, she has endless stamina. This means that she could run a 5K without stopping... and under four minutes, because she can run faster than a lion.

Imgres by YellowFlash1234
No need to eat, drink, or sleep
-Pretty much immortal
Can't die from aging or food poisoning

bIzARRO: If she wasn't such a great person, she'd make a great villain.

Nitri: That's true; being immortal would allow her to enact a thousand year plan without having to pass it down to anyone.

bIzARRO: Food poisoning probably wouldn't come up in a DEATH BATTLE, but it is a good thing to note.

Ship by YellowFlash1234
Very intelligent
-The smartest of the Crystal Gems
-Easily repaired a destroyed van
-Built a working spaceship out of scrap metal
-Built a giant robot out of scrap metal as well
-Built an EMP device that took out most of the town's power

Nitri: As mentioned before, Pearl was able to build a working spaceship AND a robot out of scrap found in a barn.

bIzARRO: I'd love to know where she learned how to do that- and repair a van. Did Rose teach her about vans?

Nitri: An EMP device that powerful wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands, so it's a good thing Pearl built it.

Images by YellowFlash1234
Amazing Fighter
-Has the most fighting skill out of the Crystal Gems
-Can fight with spears, swords, axes, and other weapons
-Relies on grace and poise in her fighting style

bIzARRO: I want to see Pearl start chopping people with an axe.

Nitri: As you should know, Pearl fights with grace- she is a ballerina, after all.

bIzARRO: Unlike ballerinas, she has fighting skill instead of just dance recitals.

Images by YellowFlash1234
The source of power for all Gems
Located on her forehead
Takes the form of a pearl
If she's taken to much damage, Pearl can retreat to her gem to regenerate
-Usually, takes around two weeks to finish
Can store and summon objects
-Pearl stores a lot of weapons inside her gem

Nitri: The most important part of Pearl has to be her gem- which is a pearl.

bIzARRO: This is where she stores all of her weapons, and where she takes her power from. It's like a car battery- ON HER FOREHEAD. WELL-

Nitri: If she were to take too much damage, she would retreat into her gem to regenerate. It takes her more time to do that than it takes Wolverine takes to heal, but she's not in the same league as Wolverine.

Images by YellowFlash1234
-Pearl's main weapon
-Summoned from her gem
-Very skilled with it

Pearl Dual Wielding by YellowFlash1234
-Can summon two to dual-wield
-If it breaks, Pearl can summon a new one
Pearl Rapid Fire by YellowFlash1234
-Can fire energy blasts
Pearl Spear Blast by YellowFlash1234
*Energy blasts can be fired rapidly, or charged up for a more powerful shot
Imgres by YellowFlash1234
Various swords, axes, etc.
-Stored in her gem

bIzARRO: That's no ordinary spear- that's a gun!

Nitri: Sort of. this spear, while also used for melee combat, can also fire energy blasts from the tip.

bIzARRO: Great for blowing up sentient watermelons.

Imgres by YellowFlash1234
-Changes a Gem's physical form
-A Gem's body isn't their actual form, letting them manipulate it into whatever they want
-Pearl doesn't like shapeshifting
Cheeseburger Backpack Pearl Hologram by YellowFlash1234
-Projected from her gem
-Can be used to form maps
Images by YellowFlash1234
-Can form Holo-Pearl, a sword-wielding hologram of herself, to distract enemies or gain an ally
-The ability to control sand
-Unknown how much skill she has with this

Nitri: Let's go through her last abilities fast.

bIzARRO: She can shapeshift, but she prefers not to for some weird reasons.

Nitri: She can project holograms from her gem, like maps, and also a version of herself that could be used to help her in battle.

bIzARRO: She's showed some... sand controlling, but it is not known if she has much skill with it. That'd be neat.

Nitri: With her abilities, who could take her down? Well, anyone who could take advantage of her weaknesses.

tumblr inline nc5vsbmJdj1r1ba1h by YellowFlash1234
If she takes to much damage, Pearl has to retreat to her gem and regenerate
If her gem breaks, she dies
Gem Destabilizers
-Forces her to retreat into her gems for a couple hours
Not built for fighting
-As a Pearl-type Gem, is made to be a servant
-Physically the weakest of the Gems
Easily lets out information when interrogated
Gets extremely distressed in bad situations

bIzARRO: You may not think so, but she is the physically the weakest of the Crystal Gems. It says a lot about the strength of the rest of them.

Nitri: When it comes to being interrogated, Pearl is bad at it. Or good at it, if the goal of the interrogated is go give information.

bIzARRO: If her gem breaks, she will die, but her worst weakness is her tendency to get stressed in bad situations.

Nitri: Despite her weaknesses, she has been able to protect Beach City with much poise- but can she protect herself against Anakin's first apprentice?

Aliases: Snips (Anakin Skywalker); Kid (Clone Captain Rex); Commander Tano (Clones and Tarkin); Padawan Tano (Jedi) and Little Soka (Plo Koon).
Species: Togruta
Age: 16
Homeworld: Shili.
Age of birth: 36 BBY.
Occupation: Jedi Padawan (Formerly)
Affiliation: Jedi Order (Resigned) and Galactic Republic (Formerly).
Eye Color: Blue.
Skin Color: Orange.
Hair Color: None.
Appearance: August 15, 2008 in "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (Movie Pilot)

-Survived deadly duels against Asajj Ventress and General Grievous.
-Defeated Pre Viszla and Hondo Onhaka in her lightsaber duels.
-Killed and defeated some Death Watch Soldiers.
-Killed Trandoshan Hunter Garnac.
-Survived and escaped near-death situations.
-Defeated Jedi Hunter Aurra Sing on Florrum.
-Defeated Zygerrian Slaver Darts D'Nar.
-Manage to defeat an entire legion of Shock Troopers with the aid of her rival Ventress.
-Apprentice to Anakin Skywalker, the famed Chosen One of the Jedi Order.

-Murdered Osi Sobeck, saving Tarkin's life. Thus being indirectly responsible for Alderaan's destruction.
-She was about to ascend the rank of Jedi Knight after her name was cleaned. But she resigned instead.

bIzARRO: Who is partially blue and white, and orange all over? I can't think of any good jokes, so the answer is Ahsoka Tano. 

Nitri: At the age of 16, she has accomplished a lot for someone who isn't even old enough to drink... in America, at least.

bIzARRO: What a country we live in where 17 year old can not get wasted.

Nitri: You shouldn't be disappointed about that. 

bIzARRO: So, why didn't she ascend to the rank of Jedi Knight? Did they have to end the series without raising anyone's hopes for a followup series? 

Nitri: Maybe she didn't think she would be able to accomplish much more.

Form V Shien.
-Redirect Blaster bullets back to the shooter.
-Utilized the Reverse Handgrip version of the form.
-Ineffective in single combat.

Form VI Niman
-Jack of all traits style.
-Balances both Force Abilities and Lightsaber sequences
-Entry to the dual blade Jar'Kai variant.

Form IV Ataru
-Acrobatic lightsaber combat.
-Effective in single combat for a short burst since this form takes a lot of stamina from the user.
Fast, powerful strikes from multiple directions.

Form V Djem So
-Strength oriented lightsaber combat.
-Quick defenses and strong counterattacks.
-Produces stronger kinetic strikes.

-Dual Lightsaber Combat.
-Utilize Niman version.
-Takes pieces from previous lightsaber forms

Unarmed Combat
-Able to land powerful kicks and punches.

-Both her lightsaber and her shoto.

bIzARRO: Ahsoka Tano has many forms of combat that she practices- and none of them have real words.

Nitri: That's debatable. 

bIzARRO: Well, the first form is called "Form V Shien", which involves redirecting blaster bullets back at the shooter. In single combat, this tends to not work very well.

Nitri: In her next form of combat, called "Form VI Niman", she balances her force abilities and lightsaber tricks, and she tends to use dual blades in this form of combat.

bIzARRO: Form IV Ataru is about acrobatic lightsaber combat, suggesting that she does a ton of backflips while swirling some lightsabers around.

Nitri: It does take a lot of stamina, though, which is why it is usually effective only for a short burst. And in single combat.

bIzARRO: Form V Djem So is about quick defenses and strong counterattacks, and uses lightsaber combat to prodcue stronger kinetic strikes. Yes, that's all the things that are listed.

Nitri: The most popular form of combat among badasses is Jar'Kai which is all about using two lightsabers during battle.

bIzARRO: Her weapons, of course, are her dual lightsabers. These help make someone look very badass.

-Force Push
-Jedi Mind Trick
-Force Augmentation
-Force Jump
-Force Wave
-Force Stealth
-Force Illusion
-Force Perception.
-Force Vision.

Nitri: As previously mentioned, Ahsoka Tano uses her force abilities in battle, and these are those abilities.

bIzARRO: All the abilities you'd expect from a Jefi, along with... Force Wave. I guess it is a shock wave.

Nitri: It's pretty obvious why she would use these abilities in battle.

Skills and Abilities
 - Much tougher and flexible than humans
visuospatial awareness
 the ability to sense the proximity and movement of physical objects around her.
 - Skilled pilot
 - Fairly decent strategist
 - skilled survivor and adaptor
 - Sharpened teeth

bIzARRO: Bear Grylls would be proud of her surviving abilities.

Nitri: Even without the aid of her master, the clone troopers, and her lightsabers, she was still able to hide from the group of Trandoshans hunters that captured her.

bIzARRO: Visuopatial awareness isn't just some weird word- it is the ability to sense things moving around you without needing to open your eyes too wide. Plus, she can find you with your heartbeat.

Nitri: I doubt she'd the kind of person to bite people in battle, but if she did, that would be effective.

-She relies too much in her secondary weapon.
-Lost to both Barriss Offee and Asajj Ventress on certain ocassions.
-Weak Force Wall.
-Has been captured many times by Non-Force Using groups, such as Pirates and Trandoshans, or knocked unconcious by Lux Bonteri or Commander Wolffe.
-Can't keep up long fights due to her low stamina.
-Limited scope of her Force Abilities.
-Lost her weapons at times.
-She is very impulsive and has been outsmarted at times.
-She remains unexperienced.

bIzARRO: Despite how awesome she is at the force, she does have weaknesses- like having low stamina. 

Nitri: Even though she has impressive skills, she is still unexperienced, and she can be very impulsive.

bIzARRO: Someone with her abilities shouldn't be able to get captured by non-force using people, but she has.

Nitri: Despite her impulsiveness and low stamina, she is still able to serve as a great Jedi Apprentice. But will she be able to serve as a worthy opponent against the most poised Gem? Find out next time on DEATH BATTLE!
WeeklyBattles Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Pearl should take this after a good fight. She's much stronger and more durable than Ahsoka, but Ahsoka is faster and has some decent force abilities. However, Pearl doesn't have a limit to her stamina, whereas Ahsoka does. Pearl can outlast Ahsoka until she wears herself out and then beat her once she's exhausted herself.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016  Student Writer
I'm happy to hear your thoughts, and it'll help me write the battle!
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