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bIzARRO by ProfessorSodaMan
I orginally came to DeviantArt to show people my drawing skills- or, more likely, my ideas. My first ever drawing was of Beemo. The drawing you see above is my first original drawing of bIzARRO, who I plan to use in my future cartoon. I am a lot more talented in writing than in drawing, but I don't draw for money or fame. I draw simply for fun, and hopes that people will see it. Eventually, I got friends on here: One of the first person to watch me and have me watch them was PrincessPeachFan10, who I remember doing a drawing for. I slightly made her OC look like a robot, but I don't think she hated it too much.

Princess Haylee: My Version by ProfessorSodaMan

My next friend was :iconaquaseashells: who shared an interest with me: Adventure Time and Regular Show. So we became friends soon, and we both talked to each other about stuff we loved like Adventure Time and annoying DeviantArt trolls.
Lady and High Five Ghost by AquaSeashells

 My next and best friend was :iconraccoontwin-3:, who shared two interests with me: Happy Tree Friends and tickle art. I'm no longer afraid to admit my interest thanks to her and other people. We roleplayed, I made her happy, she made me happy.
Luna and Wheatley by RaccoonTwin-3

 It was great. Eventually I gained a ton of more friends, and people who watched me, with one person saying my art was great. I watch people back when they watch me, as I think that makes us friends. Another one of those friends includes RaccoonTwin3's brother: :iconlunodevan:, who was also a great friend. 
I'm coming up with KIRBY videogame ideas!  ^^ by LunoDevan

I realized then DeviantArt was not just about art: it was about making friends and sharing interests with them. That is what makes people love DeviantArt. Sure, some people do it for popularity or points, but I do it for my friends. I had a thought one time: "If I lose my real life friends, I still have internet friends. If I lose my internet friends, I still have my enemies. If I lose my enemies, I still have myself. If I die, I will be in heaven with all my friends." So, happy 14th birthday, DeviantArt. Happy birthday to yoooou.
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August 7, 2014


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