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Bizarro By Proffessorsodaman-d72gu76 by ProfessorSodaMan


Aliases: The Annoying One, Biz

Age: Over 3 years old (since being thought up by me)

Height: 7'

Feats: Hosting/Co-hosting an MST3K ripoff and a 
Death Battle ripoff
Destroying a grocery store when he couldn't find his favorite cereal

Manages to avoid dying almost every day 

Broke out of a Maximum Security Prison 

Will always stay determined to complete a goal, no matter how dangerous it is to 
anyone else

Is not fazed by dangerous situations (mostly because he knows he can survive it)
and prefers to annoy his enemies  rather than fight directly

Does not take anything seriously 

Short attention span 

Seems to not like other people who act random, since that is his shtick 

A bit destructive
 - States he would simply blow stuff up if his reputation is on the line

Besides those common traits, he will usually act different depending on the situation, since he tends
to switch personalities a bit 


 - Can lift his metallic body with his noodle legs
  - Granted, most of it is a bit hollow to make room for important stuff, but metal 
is still heavy
 - Can bend a street-lamp into a right angle, and can lift most things that are his size
above his head
  - He is actually, probably strong enough to lift his time machine (see below), with him being half as tall as it
 - Can pull a door off of its hinges
 - Can punch through a brick wall, leave a dent in a metal wall, and will probably break
some of your bones if he punches you
 - Punched a giant, anthropomorphic shard of glass hard enough to actually break it 
 into a million pieces 
 - Knows knowledge of everything, and his knowledge database is updated 
  - However, bIzARRO himself doesn't understand most of it, and usually only uses
knowledge to make a few references
   - He is capable of looking at any book and figuring out how it ends (through 
Insane Troll Logic)
 - Is good at deceiving people 
 - Knew how to break out of a maximum-security prison 
 -  Once invented a time machine (see below)
 - Can run fast enough to create tread marks into the ground (similar to motorcycle tread
marks), no matter if it is dirt or concrete
 - His noodle legs allow him to bounce many feet into the air and give him extra 
 - Will run right through a brick wall without slowing down
 Able to dodge spinning, spiky traps easily
 - Bullets simply bounce right off of him 
 - As long as his head remains intact, he will live through anything
 - Can remove his limbs in order to use them as weapons (along with his head)
 - Has a slight resistance to heat
  - Wasn't harmed by a red-hot, blazing fire that was almost touching him, and the only reason it didn't was because he was balancing on one foot to avoid it

 - Limb Elasticity
  - Limbs can stretch up to twice his height before snapping back
 - Luckiness
  - A bit lucky, when it comes to thinking his way out of a situation he got himself into
 - Slight Reality Warping
  - Able to hear things that have not yet been said and then react to them, which allowed him to wake up before someone because he heard them sing in the future
  - His slight warping of reality allows him to store as much stuff as he wants in his head, despite it only being the size of a Minecraft block 

Time Machine by ProfessorSodaMan
 - Was smart enough to build this once
 - In order to charge back up, it needs to rest for the same amount of time that it travelled 
  - This can explain how he can be found in different time periods and still end up back in his same time period

 - Being struck by lightning will cause him to shut down
 - If he is completely submerged in water (or covered in a lot of it), he'll short-circuit
and then shut down. He must be rebooted in order to come back on
   - Water on just his limbs is fine, but any on his head is not safe
 - If his head his completely crushed or destroyed, he will be a bit dead
 - Doesn't take any danger very seriously, preferring to make jokes rather than try to 
 - Doesn't pay attention
 - Has trouble learning from mistakes, and can tend to repeat them
 - Lacks in combat experience
 - As I once said in the description of one of his pics, all of his plans tend to blow up in his face
 - Despite having knowledge of everything, he doesn't use this immense knowledge to his advantage, except for random moments
  - 2 + 2 was a stressful math question to him 
 - He tends to have more bad luck than good, which gets him into bad situations
 - Actually using his time machine would be hard in battle- mostly because it is always at his house
  - Its whole 'must charge for the same amount it travelled' deal won't work too well for a battle 
Before I start the Battle Royales, I want to do some bios for my characters incase anyone wants to use them in a Death Battle. I doubt anyone will, but who knows?
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ForceOfNatureAndCorn Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
For a canon opponent for him, I could see him fighting Mettaton, or possibly Boomstick.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student Writer
thank for for that suggestion! I can see why you say Boomstick- both him and bIzARRO are fans of being destructive and can act random sometimes. 
ForceOfNatureAndCorn Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Actually, I have been thinking about doing a bio for my hosts once I get a sketch of them I can look at without vomiting at for how horrible I am as an artist. Maybe they could fight.
ProfessorSodaMan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Student Writer
Ooh, that would be interesting! I'll have to think about how bIzARRO and Nitri can work as a team in a battle. 
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