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You Obtained the Multiverse Crystal! by ProfessorSodaMan You Obtained the Multiverse Crystal! by ProfessorSodaMan
Babing Baboom. This is Soda after... well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone wanting to read the actual fanfiction, so I will link to it.…;

So, he has a Multiverse Crystal now. Okay, for anyone who has actually read the story, here is an Epilogue for it. 

-I was saddened. He had lost the one thing in the world he cared about. I knew it was for the best, but I thought it may have been better if Beemo had stayed. I had no idea if Beemo still remembered me, but I remembered Beemo. Maybe that means Beemo DOES remember me. It is a possibility. So, I was just sitting on my Computer Chair, still programming that game Beemo was making, and also posting something on the Youtube saying that the webseries Beemo was making was on hold. Things were so different, yet the same. I still had a job, and I still had memories of Beemo, the thing that made me happy after... my loss. I was thinking I should move back to Tennessee, because Kentucky seems boring. I took a look at the TV. I saw something peculiar. It was a glowing light, in the box, on the TV. The box that had the crystal that sent Beemo back to Ooo. No, it couldn't be possible. I was just imagining things, I thought. I laid back down on the chair, about to take a nap, when the light got brighter. It seemed to shine through my eyelids and burn into my brain. And an image of something Teal flashed into my eyes. I rushed out of my chair in a daze and looked into the box. I saw a crystal. It was big, as big as my hand. It looked exactly like the one Beemo used to go home, except with a different pattern. I took hold of the crystal, and I heard a voice. "Dad, I miss you. I want to see you again." That was Beemo's voice. I would recognize that robotic tone anywhere. I whispered into the crystal, "I miss you too, Beemo. I want to see you too." The crystal then shined even brighter than before, and the room seemed to evaporate into dust. I closed my eyes, because I saw flashing lights everywhere. I opened my eyes, and felt something on my leg. I looked down, and saw Beemo hugging me. I looked around, and I saw everyone else: Ice King, Gunther, Princess Bubblegum, and Finn & Jake. They seemed to be smiling, but I wasn't sure about the Princess. She always looked like she was conducting a test, which she probably was. "Greetings." She greeted me. "We see the crystal's power works like it should." I walked up to her, and asked, "How did this crystal take me here?" Princess Bubblegum chucked. "You see, the crystal has the power to take whoever is holding it to whatever universe they desire, anywhere in the multiverse. It just so happened that Beemo's crystal is connected to yours." I smiled weakly, which is strange, because I should have been grinning from ear to ear. I guess I was just too sad to smile so big. "So, you're saying I can see Beemo now?" Princess Bubblegum nodded. "But only on Fridays. If you spend time here too much it might cause something catastrophic." I nodded in agreement, and looked down at Beemo. He looked pretty happy. "Beemo, I'll love you forever." I told him. "I'll love you forever, dad." Beemo said back. I hugged him goodbye, and gave everyone else a more cheerful goodbye than last time, and then warped back home.-  

If you want, we can roleplay on this Multiverse Crystal idea. Comment below if you want to.
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May 10, 2014
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