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You Obtained the Big Red! by ProfessorSodaMan You Obtained the Big Red! by ProfessorSodaMan
I made this entirely for fun. I don't draw for money, just to entertain the people who read it. If you dislike my drawing, I have no problems. Just don't go insulting me about my art if you can't draw any better (I am not insulting anyone in particular, just people who act like this). You don't need to comment on my drawings if you hate them. 

For those who like this, thanks. I was mostly taking inspiration from Legend of Zelda in this, which you can tell from the title, and the drawing too. This, to me, seems like the drawing I put the most effort in so far. That doesn't mean it is my best drawing, it is just the drawing that I put the most detail in. 

p.s. For those of you who are about to comment about the person holding the amazing Big Red, let me explain the style: I can't draw fingers, at all, because when I try I end up with monsters. So instead I just draw fingerless, glove-like hands (and balloony bodies) in the place of that. I have been drawing like that for a long time, so long it became my style. I don't have a name for it, and people might already draw this way, but it is how I draw. If you can draw fingers, congratulations. Just don't insult me about my finger drawing disability. 

And I think that little person right there, with the orange striped shirt and blue jeans, is probably a balloony interpretation of me. I will name him Soda. wow 
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January 19, 2014
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