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Two Choices Hahaahhhahaha by ProfessorSodaMan Two Choices Hahaahhhahaha by ProfessorSodaMan
Imagine you are in a cafeteria, waiting to get some lame lunch, when someone walks up to you. They have this hairdo with their hair all up, or maybe it is just a hat, you can't tell because of the lighting. Anyway, he is holding two cookies in his hand. He says, "Have one!" You are at first excited, but then he continues, "One is poisoned, the other is not! Which one is poisoned, and will you eat it anyway? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" You are frightened, and back away slowly. He is angered, though still smiling, and he grabs you by your shirt collar, pulls you forward, shoves the cookies into your face (and into your mouth) and shouts, "THERE ARE ONLY TWO CHOICES!" You suddenly notice the wall change into a gray brick style, with blood splatters all over it, and you see for a few seconds an alley way that you might be in. You then pass out into unconsciousness, either from the cookies or purely from insanity. You still hear his laugh as you are asleep. It sounds like a puppy trying to laugh like a human. Cute yet unsettling. 

That was my attempt at a Creepypasta starring Cute Killer, I might try to stretch it out into a full creepypasta. This drawing and story is based on an rp with RaccoonTwin3.
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May 23, 2014
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