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Oktoberfetish 2015 Logo By Ceeaybee-d97qej7 by ProfessorSodaMan

Marsha and her friend Davis both entered the graveyard, a chill going up their spines as they heard the sound of a wolf howling. They had heard legends of how people had entered the graveyard and were never seen again, and they wanted to see if these rumors were really rumors after all. Marsha turned to Davis and gestured to a strange tomb. It stood out from the other graves, because instead of a plaque saying the date of birth and death for the person buried, the plaque just said "The Tomb of Nanmon Tenioenai," Apart from the official looking text, there was some stuff written in reddish paint. They seemed to warn about the horrors inside the tomb, with vague phrases like 'BEWARE HIS TOUCH' and 'LAUGH UNTIL THE END'. This frightened the couple greatly, but they were determined to get in that tomb and snap at least a few photos of whatever might be down there. It would definitely be put in the newspaper, that's for sure. So, without further waiting, they gathered all their courage and opened up the tomb.

As they stepped foot in, the door immediately closed behind them. They didn't need much help in knowing that there were a lot of stairs below them, so they made sure to use the walls to their sides to keep their balance. They walked for at least ten minutes, and they grew tired of it. Then, they heard the distant sound of howling laughter from more than one person, along with footsteps that weren't being made by either Davis or Marsha. Marsha turned to Davis and asked him nervously, "D-do you think we should go back?" She heard no response from Davis. She thought he was trying to scare her like he usually does when they enter graveyards, so she began berating him for being such a jerk, when she felt something grab her leg. She shrieked and almost lost her balance, leaning forward a little. Thankfully, someone grabbed her shirt collar and pulled her back before pulling her to the left. She was being carried by someone, or multiple people, toward a light. She prayed that she was dreaming, and that her parents were right about evil spirits being fake. If only she knew of the laughably spooky things to come.

It seemed she had gotten a little drowsy and fallen asleep, as the next thing she knew, she was being slapped in her naked ass with a flyswatter. She yiped and opened her eyes. "I'm awake, please stop that!" She begged, before looking around to see where she was. Torches hung on the wall, and she was sort of tied up like a ball hanging from the ceiling. Her feet stuck out, with the rest of her covered in cloth to keep her warm. She then saw the figure who had given her that rude awakening. He seemed to be a short and old man, with not much hair on his head. What stood out, however, was his black clothing, pointy ears, and fangs. Plus, he was also incredibly pale, like he hadn't been out in the sun for a while. She then saw two other men who were almost identical to the first one, with the only difference being where they were standing. She breathed heavily and asked worriedly, "W-what's going on?!"

This question made the three old men all laugh at the same time. "Oh, darling," They condescendingly explained to her, "you were warned not to enter the tomb, but you chose to disobey. Disobeying leads to punishment, you know," They all then laughed much more menacingly, sounding sort of like the laughter she heard when walking down the stairs. She struggled in her binds, but realized it was useless; not only was she tied tightly with rope, but the cloth helped in keeping her in place. She was about to ask how they would punish her, but one quick look at the feathers mounted on the walls made her think otherwise. A new question went straight from her mouth; "Are you vampires?!" This question made them laugh a little more, but they answered seriously. "It depends on what kind of vampire you are picturing. If you imagine a six-feet tall Dracula person, then you are sadly mistaken. We don't drink blood in the usual fashion; instead of sucking it straight out of your neck, we make you laugh until you pass out, and then we take blood from you for us to share," Despite how polite the vampires seemed, she was still rather unexcited about being tickled like this. She didn't get much of a chance to beg, though, as they quickly grabbed the large feather and began the process.

The feather glided up her foot, making her squeal with delight. She secretly enjoyed being tickled, but didn't admit it, because she didn't want to make them think she wanted to stay here any longer. Nevertheless, the vampires took her laughter as a sign that it was working, and continued to glide the feather along her feet. It brought out more light squealing from Marsha, which was very cute, but not exactly satisfying if you want to tickle someone until they faint. So, they sped the tickling up, making her go from squealing to giggling excessively. This was even better to them, so they continued to tickle her feet at that speed for a while. This was pure torture for Marsha; though she enjoyed being tickled, she didn't enjoy being tickled against her will. Davis would sometimes tickle her while they were watching cartoons, but at least then she wasn't tied up and hanged from the ceiling like some kind of human punching bag. Heck, she'd find that to be better than this, and that probably says a lot about her.

While she was having her feet tickled, one of the vampires was eyeing her rear contently, waiting for the slightest sign of stimulation. "I think we should speed this tickling up a notch," He told his two tickling buddies, "She looks ready to, uh, y'know..." The other two giggled at his hesitance. "You can say 'cum' if you need to, no one is judging you." The vampire giggled a little in embarrassment, and Marsha had a sudden thought. "Um, which one of you is... Nanmon?" They were surprised by the question, but one of them piped up and answered, "Well, we all sort of are. Each of us are apart of his personality. That one with the heart necklace is the loving one, that one with the feather tattoo is the most devious one, and I am the smart one, because I have this pen..." He raised an empty hand and was surprised to see no pen was there, and turned to see the loving vampire doodling smily faces on Marsha's cheeks (the rear ones), making her giggle. The pen was snatched out of his hands, with the smart vampire berating him, "We aren't supposed to show her a good time, we are supposed to make her pass out so we can get our fill of blood for the month!" The other one quickly apologized, and she sighed, knowing that the torture would surely start back up now.

She was definitely right with that hypothesis, as she began to feel two feathers tickling both of her feet at a faster pace, making her attempt to curl her toes, only to figure out that they were held back by the cloth. She was laughing loudly now, the sound echoing throughout the room. If you could see her at the angle that the vampires could, you would notice that she was a bit turned on by the tickling. For one thing, she could be heard moaning inbetween her laughter. Another way to see this was by looking at her visible rear end; you'd notice that some precum was beginning to drizzle out of her pussy. One of them grabbed a feather and cleaned that up with it, only making her more turned on. The only reason she didn't want to cum was because she feared what would happen if she did. She had every reason to, but she really wanted to do it, which made this especially conflicting to her. She was moaning louder and louder as the tickling went on, and they all enjoyed the sound of it, so they swirled their feathers faster and closer to their toes. This drove her crazy, and she kept struggling until she couldn't keep herself from cumming anymore. It made quite a mess on the floor, which was a bother to clean, but that didn't matter to them at that moment. She was now tuckered out from her orgasm, giving them an oppurtunity to birage her with tickling.

One of them tickled her rear end, and the other two each tickled one of her feet. They tickled her as fast as they could, and since they were vampires, that was pretty fast. She was laughing hysterically, not able to get a word out. She tried to keep herself awake, not wanting her blood taken in her sleep, but the tickling overpowered her, and she passed out. When she woke up, she was  outside the tomb and lying next to Davis. She turned to him and asked him, "What happened with you?" He details how three vampire women tickle tortured him until he passed out, and then he woke up there. She pretty much tells the same story, and they both giggle about it a little. I think getting some of their blood taken must've made them a little loopy.
For :iconceeaybee:'s OktoberFetish 2015 contest. I'm not sure if i'll win, but I'll enjoy writing this story for him to read. 

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September 29, 2015
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